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  1. 0ctane's Leukemia Lottery v2.0

    The prizes: (winners names follow in red) 1. 1000 titanium ore Stark 2. 500 titanium bars Acelon 3. 10k red rose, 10k red snaps, 10k sulfur Moebird 4. 5k Fire essences Marc 5. 5k Health essences LilBear 6. 10k cotton extrapolation 7. full iron plate Moebird 8. Crown of Mana Moebird 9. 10 Rings of Disengagement LilBear 10. 10 Rings of Damage ryddler 11. 5 Binding stones Moebird 12. Universal Hood and Thermal Serpent Sword (thanks to Entropy) Moebird 13. C1 ring set (10x IP, 10x Naralik, 10x VotD, 10x Portland, 10x DP, 10x WS) Shallara 14. C2 ring set (10 of each) ValeriaOfCapri 15. 1 medallion set (Sun, Moon, Stars, Unicorn, Life, Harvest, Heavenspawn) Gampa 16-20. 5 sets of 3 Sun, 3 Moon, and 3 Unicorn medallions anonymous, LilBear, Moebird, ValeriaOfCapri, boognish 21. Monster Magnetism Cloak Moebird 22. Tricorn hat set (blue, brown, and black) Britney 23. Feathered hat set (green peacock, brown and black buccaneer) Cara 24. Yellow robe and skirt Krrick 25. Red robe and skirt ValeriaOfCapri 26. Brown robe and skirt ValeriaOfCapri 27. 1000 titanium bars FairyDragon 28. 3k mullien, 3k nightshade, 3k dandelions Fluj 29. 3k henbane, 3k poison ivy, 3k poppies Moebird 30. 3k wheats, 3k mugworts, 3k valerians ValeriaOfCapri 31. 3k blue berries, 3k red currants, 3k mugwort jizzy 32. 3k white chanterelle, 3k ogre toes, 3k tree mushrooms Britney 33. 3k blue quartz, 3k red quartz, 3k white quartz Raz 34-38. 5 sets of 10 A/D indicators Shallara, Crom, Moebird*2, CherUT 39. 1 set of 4 rings of power Crom 40. Coordination removal stone Moebird 41. Will removal stone Moebird 42. Reasoning removal stone FairyDragon 43. Instinct removal stone Shallara 44. Red Dragon Armor set and Dragon Blade ryddler 45. Black Dragon Armor set and Dragon Blade Dreyan 46. Ice Dragon Armor set and Dragon Blade Elveron 47. Black Tunic and Black Red Striped Baggy Pants Moebird 48. Black Tunic Green Shirt Elveron 49. Blue Tunic White Shirt ryddler 50. Black Tunic White Shirt umbrena 51. Lavender Tunic ryddler 52. Red Tunic jizzy 53. C2 ring set (10 of each) larrystorch 54. Red scarf, Black Tunic Red Shirt, Black Red Striped Baggy Pants, Night Visor Elveron 55. 1 set of 50 Bear summoning stones LilBear 56. Books (Crystal mining, Titanium mining/molding/smelting, Silver smelting, Potion Manu, Crafting Potion, Magic Potion, Gargoyle Summoning, Cyclops fighting, Troll fighting, IP ring, DP ring, VOTD ring, Naralik ring, PL ring, Dis ring, WS ring, Sun Medallion, Weapon, Iron Axe, Titanium Short sword) anonymous 57. 1 set of 10 (Aug Armor, Aug Pants, leather boots) plus 5 steel shields and 6 steel long swords ValeriaOfCapri 58. Crown of Life Marc 59-60. 2 sets of Enhanced Iron Plate (Enhanced Iron Plate Mail, Enhanced Iron Greaves, Enhanced Iron Cuisses) Elveron, CherUT 61. 1 "stone mix" (Binding Stone, Serpent stone, Enrichment Stone, Rostogol Stone) Elveron 62. 1 green robe, 1 brown buccaneer hat, 8888 sulfur, 8888 gc extrapolation 63. 1 Book of Titanium/Steel Long Sword of Thermal, 10k Chrysanthemum, 10 iron helms, 5 moon meds, 5 star meds, 50 pots of coordination, 400 raw meat, 1k silver ore, BP cloak, 2 titanium/steel alloy long swords Moebird 64. 100 essences of Health, Magic, Matter, Air, Earth Shallara 65. 1 Conjurer Cloak and 1000 "bunny kits" (LE, bones, meat, rabbit fur) guinevereanne 66. Tailor set (Books of (fabric weaving, fabric dyeing, orange dye, red dye), 1200 thread, 600 square vials, 120 looms, 10 scissors, 200 Feasting pots, 600 air essences, 1200 water essences, 8600 red roses, 8600 sunflowers) Marc 67. 500 Body restoration pots and 1000 Potion of Feasting ryddler 68. 500 Body restoration pots and 2000 Spirit restoration pots CherUT 69. 500 Body restoration pots and 500 True Sight pots Moebird 70. 500 Body restoration pots and 1000 Antidote pots Moebird 71. 1000 Creature Food FairyDragon 72. 1000 Ashes and 1000 Saltpeter Rauch 73. 1 Full Bronze Plate set (helm, plate mail, cuisses, greaves, shield) extrapolation 74. 50,000 gold coins Dreyan <eight additional prizes donated by diabetes> The cause: The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is a not-for-profit, voluntary health organization whose mission is to cure leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma and Hodgkin’s disease and to improve the quality of life of patients and their families. The Society provides funding for research, public and professional education, patient aid, and community service programs. It is estimated that leukemia and related cancers will strike approximately 114,530 Americans this year and kill 54,480. Globally, the numbers are vastly higher. Thanks to research funded by The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, the survival rate for the most common form of childhood leukemia has improved from 4% in 1960 to over 80% today. I have joined a very special Team in Training group of more than 35,000 volunteers nationwide. Last year I competed in a triathlon for the cause. Now I am competing in a marathon on January 11, 2009 for a reason much more important than the personal challenge of completing these events. As members of the Team, we participate on behalf of local patients and survivors and are raising funds to battle blood cancers. The rules: Lottery tickets are $5 US each. If you want to participate, you need to 1) send me a forum PM with your real name and dollar amount of donation, and 2) make your donation at either http://pages.teamintraining.org/soh/wdw09/jwilsonj11 or Paypal donation page. You must do 1 & 2 in that order to prevent someone else from claiming to having made the donation. Attempting to claim someone else's donation will get you banned from EL. The first option if preferable since Paypal likes to take a 4% cut. The prize list will increase before the drawing, but it will not decrease. The winners: Winners will be chosen by lottery. For every $5 a person donates, they will get get one ticket. I will use a random number generator to "draw" the tickets. Yes, you will have to trust me. Prizes from the list will be awarded in the order that the names are drawn. Winning one prize does not preclude you from winning another (assuming you have purchased multiple tickets). Remember, this is a charity fundraising event that just happens to have prizes as an incentive. The money goes to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Donations are tax deductable in the US. If you do not like the terms, don't participate. This event has been sanctioned by Entropy, who has graciously a universal hood and thermal serp. Additional donations to the prize list will of course be accepted. Last Year the lottery was able to raise over $2000, and I raised over $6000 total. Hopefully, this year will be just as successful! Last day to purchase tickets for the lottery is December 9. The drawing will be held on December 10 at 9 PM Eastern time, USA and take place in the Whitestone Town Hall. A winners list will be posted in this thread. Prizes will be "hand delivered" in-game. For more information on The Society or the Team in Training program, please visit the following websites: www.lls.org/soh www.teamintraining.org/soh Many thanks to contributors of items (hops, Krrick, lilcnoot, Melchloren, Awn, Moebird, bromber, rayna, Annatira, Guddu, Ferny, Shallara, MagpieLee, Michic0_oL, Elveron, the TROY guild, Marc, peach, Hex, ...).
  2. 0ctane's Leukemia Lottery v2.0

    Yeah, Dreyan, you made out pretty good. Except for two late donations, all the funds should be now posted on my fundraising page.
  3. 0ctane's Leukemia Lottery v2.0

    You should have been there. You won a bunch of stuff. Thanks to everyone for a fantastic event. Thanks to diabetes for providing additional prizes at the end. The first post has been updated with the winners posted next to each item. I will be contacting the winners in order to deliver items. You are all awesome! Now, I have to get back to training...
  4. 0ctane's Leukemia Lottery v2.0

    Well, the event generated more donations than last year, so I count it as a success! I am only a couple hundred dollars shy of my total fundraising goal, and I hope to make that up through other sources I am tapping. Statistics: 60 ticket holders, 4 of which donated multiple times 490-512 tickets sold (waiting on some e*checks to clear) $2560.56 dollars raised (the $$ per ticket does not perfectly equate due to Paypal's 4% cut for some donations) Again, the drawing will be at the WSC town hall, 9PM Eastern US time, December 10. You do not need to be present to win. The very first post in this thread will be updated with the winner beside each prize following the drawing. If you are present, I will be able to give you your prize immediately after the event. Also, depending on if I have anything left in storage, there may be consolation prizes. Thanks everyone!
  5. 0ctane's Leukemia Lottery v2.0

    With less than two days to go, we got another great donation. Thanks to jen_marie38 for donating 50,000 gc!
  6. 0ctane's Leukemia Lottery v2.0

    Just added, Full Bronze Plate! Thanks for the RIVA team effort on putting this together.
  7. 0ctane's Leukemia Lottery v2.0

    Donations by paypal don't show up in the "thanks to" list on your page?(Not worrying about my donation since you responded, just taking a guess why people don't show up there. ) Very true. I have to combine all those donations and them submit them via snail mail. It takes a while, but all paypal donors will eventually appear. That is another reason the direct Paycor donation is preferred, but I will accept all donations. 48 ticket holders and now 70 prizes! Thanks for the potions Marc!
  8. 0ctane's Leukemia Lottery v2.0

    We just got an amazing donation from the Troy guild. Check out prize 66. It is a full starter set for tailoring.
  9. 0ctane's Leukemia Lottery v2.0

    I just replied to a donor about Dejan's first sentence. While the L&LS is an American foundation, the benefits of the research will have a global impact. EL players from not only the USA, but also Canada, Germany, Poland, Finland, and elsewhere have already supported my fundraising efforts. This is amazing, especially considering practically none of us have met face-to-face. Yes, EL is much more than just a MMORPG. We are now at 35 contestants with one week to go!
  10. 0ctane's Leukemia Lottery v2.0

    Yes, it is still possible. Just barely a week to go in the contest....
  11. 0ctane's Leukemia Lottery v2.0

    Will only 30 current ticket holders win the more than 60 prizes? Looks like someone is going to win more than once....
  12. 0ctane's Leukemia Lottery v2.0

    *donated* A man of his word! And hopefully a winner too. Less than three weeks to go....
  13. 0ctane's Leukemia Lottery v2.0

    We just hit sixty prizes with the addition of two sets of Enhanced Iron Plate. Thanks to RIVA for the donation!
  14. 0ctane's Leukemia Lottery v2.0

    I have not decided whether-or-not to list the current ticket holders, but we are now up to 9 people. And a big thanks to Moebird for donating items 44-46... three sets of Dragon Armor and Blades!
  15. Macintosh OS X client 1.7.0 bugs thread

    Who told you that I had a PhD? I can understand your frustration. Not having a MacBook makes this pretty difficult. While I am still trying to figure out the problem, here is a shameless plug: All Mac users please read! We developers have put in a lot of effort to give you a free game. It took me a year to get the game playable on Macs. Hopefully, you will contribute.
  16. Macintosh OS X client 1.7.0 bugs thread

    You have not missed anything. The problem still exists. Sure.... When the game first loads, you are given the optin to either log in, create a new character, or change options. Can you change your font at this point? I have a feeling that the problem may have cropped up when the font positioning changed in various dialog boxes. For instance, the number of items remaining is sometimes at the top or bottom of the item in the manu window. I wonder if creating a fontless build would "solve" the problem. Of course, the game would be very difficult to play, but it might give an indication of where the problem truly lays.
  17. Macintosh OS X client 1.7.0 bugs thread

    S7EVIN was helping me out a bit today trying to crash his MacBook. He did get a crash when trying to do the individual manu rather than the macro. Interestingly, his crash report was quite a bit different. Here is the relevant info: ... Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV) Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x0000000040415e80 Crashed Thread: 2 ... Thread 2 Crashed: 0 ??? 0x40415e80 0 + 1078025856 1 SDL 0x00d5973a SDL_Delay + 506 2 SDL 0x00d4a14d SDL_Linked_Version + 397 3 SDL 0x00d59341 SDL_SemWait + 49 4 libSystem.B.dylib 0x96c566f5 _pthread_start + 321 5 libSystem.B.dylib 0x96c565b2 thread_start + 34 ... Thread 2 crashed with X86 Thread State (32-bit): eax: 0x00000000 ebx: 0x00d21e4b ecx: 0x00000000 edx: 0x00000000 edi: 0xbe39d000 esi: 0x409cab40 ebp: 0xb0146ee8 esp: 0xb0146e9c ss: 0x0000001f efl: 0x00010282 eip: 0x40415e80 cs: 0x00000017 ds: 0x0000001f es: 0x0000001f fs: 0x0000001f gs: 0x00000037 cr2: 0x40415e80 What we see here is that there was a problem with a SDL call. Since the eip was the same as the exception code: That is according to Apple. For poppeke's crash, things are a bit different since the eip and exception do not match. Again, according to Apple, this means: Since these crashes both happened while trying to manu (yellow lines across the screen and then a crash) it seems they are related. So, I am still looking into the problem. That is about all I can say for now.
  18. Macintosh OS X client 1.7.0 bugs thread

    That's draw_char_scaled ('_', cursor_x, cursor_y, displayed_font_x_size, displayed_font_y_size); Yes, that is going to be a tricky one to figure out. I put some printf/log_error lines in, and it spammed my logs dramatically. For those of you that are getting this crash (ie, crash log says that a Thread crashed with a glVertex3i and draw_char_scaled trace), what font are you using in the game? Also, please provide all the other font settings you might have. Does switching font type still cause the crash? Tell us what kind of Mac you are using. Also, what bank account should we charge.
  19. Macintosh OS X client 1.7.0 bugs thread

    Well, it apparently did not fix things, so don't worry about it yet. The next binary will have detailed instructions.
  20. Macintosh OS X client 1.7.0 bugs thread

    This is progress. Now you need to post the crash report so that we know what is going on. Look in ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter for the most recent EternalLands crash report. "~/Library" refers to your home Library and not the main system Library. Or, you can use Spotlight to find the CrashReporter directory.
  21. Macintosh OS X client 1.7.0 bugs thread

    Was there a popup window that said something like, "The application crashed. Send report to Apple"?
  22. Macintosh OS X client 1.7.0 bugs thread

    Is there anything in the error logs? Does a crash report appear? A "blue stripe" suggests a graphics problem. Previously, would trying to manu immediately freeze the game, or could you click on it a few times? What graphics chip is in your macbook?
  23. Macintosh OS X client 1.7.0 bugs thread

    Okay, I have a new binary available that runs (at least for me) on OS X 10.5.5. http://www.0ctane.net/files/EternalLands.zip Take this file, unzip it, and replace the EternalLands.app/Contents/MacOS/EternalLands binary file from Fedora's distribution. If we get confirmations that it works for others (10.5.5 and prior) then Fedora can add it to his public distribution.
  24. Macintosh OS X client 1.7.0 bugs thread

    Congrats on taking over the "official" bugs list. I will help out when I can. I saw the same crash after login that others have noticed with your client: Process: EternalLands [7757] Path: /Volumes/EternalLands/EternalLands.app/Contents/MacOS/EternalLands Identifier: net.0ctane.EternalLands Version: ??? (1.7.0) Code Type: X86 (Native) Parent Process: launchd [116] Date/Time: 2008-07-15 09:31:42.877 -0400 OS Version: Mac OS X 10.5.4 (9E17) Report Version: 6 Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGBUS) Exception Codes: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE at 0x0000000000000000 Crashed Thread: 0 Thread 0 Crashed: 0 ??? 0x16ab5cee 0 + 380329198 1 GLEngine 0x1659631a gleDrawArraysOrElements_ExecCore + 266 2 GLEngine 0x1659880d gleDrawArraysOrElements_VBO_Exec + 1341 3 libGL.dylib 0x96159b08 glDrawElements + 120 4 net.0ctane.EternalLands 0x00127eaf cal_render_actor_shader + 1425 5 net.0ctane.EternalLands 0x00015dbe draw_actor_without_banner + 466 6 net.0ctane.EternalLands 0x0012a5f3 reset_under_the_mouse + 1415 7 net.0ctane.EternalLands 0x000a7696 display_game_handler + 384 8 net.0ctane.EternalLands 0x0003e82e draw_window + 611 9 net.0ctane.EternalLands 0x0003e974 display_windows + 94 10 net.0ctane.EternalLands 0x000342a9 draw_scene + 259 11 net.0ctane.EternalLands 0x000ca04a start_rendering + 394 12 net.0ctane.EternalLands 0x000ca329 SDL_main + 47 Might I suggest that you alter the distributed el.ini file so that the animation program is turned off by default? This will save some headaches. Cheers.
  25. 170 OSX and Linux versions

    I have a Mac client ready. Just waiting on the data files.