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  1. Mac client, looking for someone to compile it

    As Sir_Odie found, it was a simple (and stupid) little problem. April Fool's joke on me. There are not really any public mac compiling servers that I know of. Apple's Developer program used to allow you to test software on a large range of systems, but that cost a yearly fee too. Thankfully, Sir_Odie has my back. I have a complete build uploading now (crappy server upload speed). Ready by 10AM Eastern US.
  2. Mac client, looking for someone to compile it

    New 1.9.0 build is ready. I was not aware that NEW_QUESTLOG was going to be a part of this release. This flag does not currently compile correctly, so I have left it out of my build. Linking / Symbol(s) not found problems. This has to do with the mixing of C and C++, and I am a bit too tired to work it out right now.
  3. Mac client, looking for someone to compile it

    Compiled and waiting.
  4. Trouble connecting to Server.

    Welcome to EL and the forums, officially. It is sounding like the problem is not related to the client, and is more likely your ISP or connection in general. However, this is tricky to test. How long have you been a Mac user, and are you configured with Bootcamp? Do you have any other computers at your location?
  5. Need help with sound

    If you pickup the latest build from my website, it should have the sound files included. http://www.0ctane.net/files/EternalLands.zip BTW, please tell us what type of Mac you are using, and what OS version. Read me.
  6. Trouble connecting to Server.

    Very thorough. I like it. Too often I have seen the "it doesn't work" one line posts, so a to you. Where and when did you download the client? If it was from my site and in the last week, you will have grabbed the 1.9 pre-release compiled with the most recent CVS code. Some of the map objects might not work as expected (I had trouble getting into one manu school). However, this should not present a problem with logging in.
  7. Mac client, looking for someone to compile it

    I still make builds. Latest is usually found at http://www.0ctane.net/files/EternalLands.zip
  8. Help!

    Going along with bluap, on a powerPC based mac, you should try the poor man option. Also, please provide more information about your hardware. What model Mac do you have, and what graphics card? http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=50857
  9. Macintosh OS X client 1.8.0 bugs thread

    That's kind of my fault, added at the request of Roja. Thinking about it now, the logic is the wrong way round as the #def should enable new behaviour. No idea why I did it that way round. Yeah, I discovered all this two nights ago. I have a current build available on my website here. I did update the project files. Unfortunately, Xcode does not read the make.default. The project file does have a text file (project.pbxproj) in which non-mac users could add the additional flag to GCC_PREPROCESSOR_DEFINITIONS. It gets tricky though since you have to watch out for the "target" (the one you want is Release). I suppose you could add new flags to all four of the GCC_PREPROCESSOR_DEFINITIONS sections.
  10. Crashes upon opening

    Okay guys. I have a current build available here. Let me know if it is running any better. This is just a current CVS build. BTW, I see some recent code that suggests this problem might be broader than just Macs, FWIW.
  11. Crashes upon opening

    Does the error/crash occur when poorman is turned on in the options? And PLEASE tell us what hardware you are using when posting.
  12. Quest not working anymore?

    The server tracks your progress on each quest. I believe SinS is right in that you should be able to pickup quest 1 where you left off. Of course, the big question is, where did you leave off? You might have to repeat a few parts of the quest to figure that out. Or, as SinS suggests, if you can find the quest log, you can read it in a text editor. Maybe use Time Machine to find the file. You are using Time Machine, right?
  13. Crashes upon opening

    As with your duplicate thread, try turning off shaders and turn poorman on. Yes, not a great option, but it should help until we figure out the problem.
  14. Log in and game crashes

    Sorry for your lost rosto, but this is a free game, and you are getting free support. The crash occurred due to some problem with the cal_render_actor_shader method. For the time being, I suggest you turn on the poorman option. What hardware are you using?
  15. Crashes upon opening

    Hutchy,That is very vague. Does the crash occur in certain locations? Times of the game day? Can you even log in? Please post the top 50 lines of the crash log.
  16. Some commands do not work

    By default, the function keys (F1-F12) operate special features like launching Expose, Spaces, adjusting brightness.... When your friend presses F2, is this what happens? What happens if your friend holds down the "fn" key and presses F2? The "fn" key might be named other things on non-US keyboards. My "fn" key is located at the bottom left of my MacBook Pro's (15") keyboard.
  17. Some commands do not work

    Please read the Forum posting guidelines. We need more information.
  18. Macintosh OS X client 1.8.0 bugs thread

    Post this over in the Current CVS errors thread please.
  19. Cannot walk in mac version

    Sorry we could not help you out in time.
  20. Crashes upon opening

    Please read the sticky thread at the top of this forum: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=50857
  21. I cannot recall if it was Fedora or Florian who created that ChooseELServer.app applescript program. You are not alone in not getting it to work, since someone else recently was asking me about it. However, you do not really need to use ChooseELServer.app at all if you want to play on the main server (which is where most people are anyway). Just start the game from EternalLands.app. Your el.ini file is stored at ~/Library/Application Support/Eternal Lands/main (or test, or pk depending on the server you are connecting to). It sounds like you can already run the game, so it is advisable to make any settings changes from within EL. If you manually modify your own el.ini file and make a mistake, there is a chance the game will not start properly. If this happens, delete your el.ini file, and it should get regenerated with default settings.
  22. Crashed! Can't save as el.ini file

    I prescribe patience. We are using our free time to help you for free. Please read the following thread, then come back here with the requested information. http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=50857
  23. Open mapeditor on mac

    There is currently not a Mac build of the map editor. You will need to run the Windows or Linux version under a virtual machine.
  24. How can log on in the test server?

    YW. You can also use this to login to the PK server. Just substitute pk for test.
  25. Crashed! Can't save as el.ini file

    While Aetius has good intentions, he does not understand how Macs work apparently. Apple is the only one that distributes new drivers for the graphics cards, so unless there is a system update, there are no new drivers. That being said, the integrated Intel graphics cards on MacBooks are known to be buggy. Please read the Sticky at the top of this forum regarding posting guidelines when asking for help. Knowing your system specs possibly will help determine the source of the problem.