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  1. To Whom It May Concern...

    To whom ever took the iron ore, quartz, rose quartz, blue quartz and veggies from my bag by Raven near Grahm's village, I hope you enjoy. Take care.
  2. Quest log

    in the meantime, type #jc 1 and then type @your quest question ... lots there will help you.
  3. Have two things you are working to level ... harvest you can work on until cap and the second you can work on until top of the hour (cap reset).
  4. Iron selling NPC

    hmmmm ... in though you could buy them, just not from the same NPC (like you used to be able to do from Gerald)? I could be wrong.
  5. Empty Vials

    You can first buy the quartz from Harvy for like 10 gold pieces, so vials are like 20 gp.
  6. Selling fur items

    Going prices is around 1K and they seem to be readily available from other players when you join channel 3 (#jc 3).
  7. LEXIC's Little Shop Of Horror

    /name message EXAMPLE: /LEXIC are you available to sell a battle hammer? You can the "autofill" the /name portion for the last person PM'ed you by typing //
  8. selling leather armour

    You can try to join channel 3 (#jc 3) and announce your item for sale there.
  9. skills levels

    manufacture items, harvest items, make essences, cast spells, make potions and summon creatures. As you do each of these things, you will will gain exp. At certain exp amounts, you will advance levels.
  10. Buying Gloric's book

    PM me when you are on and I will replace.
  11. of all the futher moking luck...

    Are you grounded from the computer?
  12. of all the futher moking luck...

    They know what you say about your life ... only you truely know your life
  13. EL Birthday contests

    people are starting to repeat what people already said! (sorry, seemed funny atm and i could not resist).
  14. of all the futher moking luck...

    So you got sick (nothing you could help) and missed school. Because of missing school, your grades slipped (i guess you were too sick to do the work they brought home for you to keep up) and so you are grounded. Either you have no hope because your parents genes are passed to you or there is something you are not sharing?
  15. of all the futher moking luck...

    Did you deserve it?