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  1. The Mechanics of Life

    no radiation requires another element to 'make' it you dont radiate nothing u have to radiate something . real question is where does the light come from as up to now all light in universe considered refected light original sources as yet unknown i believe ...just my 2 cents
  2. 3 word story

    hmm ok start
  3. Eternal Lands Bank

    perhaps the bank requires a complete revamp on thinking. such as instead of money lending and interest giving, why not a rent warehouse where folks can rent items for a week month etc at a cost. this amount to be debited automatically from their invs or item automatically returning to bank if proceeds unavailable. just a thought but i see a lot of folks unable to fund cloaks so perhaps a rental system may work. bit new to the ideas sketch so if kak i apologise blessings grin
  4. suggestions and help [SOLVED]

    Hi guys grinnbearit finally back on after discovering BT ip addresses where all in the banned section of el so Roja has whitelisted me so i can actually get on the game however... When i access EL i can play happily but if i try and access the internet after playing or whilst playing my internet access hangs, all net applications freeze but not the computor applications. The only current solution in restoring this is by restarting pc, then all works as before. I am currently running xp and my pc graphics card etc easily manage all the latest add ons in EL due to being serious gaming head (nice smooth graphics by the way ) plus easily handles all other applications in relation to the game such as fog blood eyecandy etc tho i dont bother with lamp thingy. frame rate no higher the 30 tho as more folks come on the game this does fluctuate up to 50-60. but mainly 30's i cant find any configuration issues but i am no computor buff i can find my round so know limited basics etc so i could easily have missed something so i am throwing it out to the community as i know out there will be someone with brillient ideas to share to aliviate this issue. my thanks in advance i look forward to hearing from you. ps after reading forums good to see a few familiar names out there still playing i am just about to unistall and reinstall to see if it makes a diffrence but after that i am all ears to suggestions! blessing and salutations grin
  5. suggestions and help [SOLVED]

    ok well i dont now what i did but it seems to have settled down, internet is not crashing as much ...so bug glitch i dont know but i wanted to say big thank you for assistence and suggestions. always know ya can bank on el community to get ya up n running blessings grin
  6. suggestions and help [SOLVED]

    Well i appriciate your answars anyway and i will try and see if there are newer graphics drivers tho i do update often. Trend Micro House Call is a new one on me so i will defo have a go of that tomorrow and thank you very much for the suggestion and will let you know how it goes . many thanks folks blessings grin
  7. suggestions and help [SOLVED]

    One other thing i have noticed to it keeps changing my screen size on clicking EL icon from 1024x768 to the 600 one which is way to big for my screen ! i have to wait till it loads and re-alter the sizing dunno if this all part n parcel of same issue or just another glitch but we fight on. thanks again folks grin
  8. suggestions and help [SOLVED]

    Yes, i have avast anti virus running with windows xp firewall, however both of them asked if i required EL to be added and should they trust its software. To which my reply was, of course, yes. So they should be ( i add that knowing that all things dont go smoothly with pc software ) causing no ill effects. Let me know if you can tell me anything different to this tho, i have also tried running EL without fire wall and it still locks up the internet after i exit it. Please be aware this happens only when EL has been played (accessed) and then closed. Whilst running internet access is fine and runs as normal...and yes i agree its the weirdest thing i have had happen in a while. thank you for replies so far i look forward with enthusiasm any futher assistence. blessings grin
  9. suggestions and help [SOLVED]

    hi guys any help out there i have down loaded the game now 3 times and reinstalled but game still crashes the net when i exit it. any clues please as i have to restart comp all the time. also if i exit EL by accident then comp must be restarted before i can continue. i have tried deleting internet history to see if that helps but no joy. assistence appriciated as this is most annoying. many thanks grin
  10. suggestions and help [SOLVED]

    my connection is ethernet 8mb broadband via service providers router
  11. why was i banned can i be unbanned

    Hello my in game name in grinnbearit i used to play eternal lands months ago. I was never rude or even highly interactive on the chat so i was amazed when i signed back in after being away to discover i have been banned. I wrote an email to the contact given on the website requesting information, mainly as i was concerned my charactor had been hacked. I recieved no reply but when i signed in again i was allowed to play and no red writing came up on my screen. I played for 2 days then when i went to sign in on the third day my screen again showed up the red writing saying my internet ip was banned then the pc crashed! Please tell me what is going on if someone is hacking my account i will need to know. I play a lot of net games i am 38 years of age mum 2 kids i am not into being abusive using bad language or anything else so i am totally at a lose as to why 1. i was banned in first place 2. after i sent email i was allowed back in game tho no reply was sent with any explanation 3. why after a couple of days i am banned again. Also when it came up that i was banned on the game it cause a reaction on my bt router to the point in crashed my entire network blowing up the BT router. BT are currently investigating what happened in relation to how software could cause such an issue to their product so they may be contacting you also as whatever the ban did destroyed their router! It took them 5 days to get my internet service up and running again and as i said to them accessing the game was the last thing i did. So please can you respond to this email as both british telecom and myself are at a loss as to what ip ban did that caused the router to 'fry', and, also i am at aloss s to why this has happened to me. sincerely grinnbearit. please note the email sent to you is from skarrak and full details of my name etc were on the email ok read a few mails BT was not my provider for the net when i first started this game i have only been with Bt 12 months and i notice you discuss some issues relating to ip ranges and some folks being part ot them? no idea what it means but either way i see a possible explanation but still dont explain how what where n why the router blew but perhaps you can enlighten me but thought i would add that so you at least know attempting to understand whats going on .
  12. why was i banned can i be unbanned

    Ok i will look in the help first to see if anyone had anything similar. I just tried ringing bt to see if they can change my ip address. They said the ip address they have given me is their dedicated online gaming ip..go figure! A lot of my friends have just switched over to BT in this area and i hope they are not going to have the same issues. Mind you i am a gaming head lol. BT did say if it wont configure then they could if you where to give me a port address, they can configure my pc from this end apparently...as i am not a computor buff (at all) i will have to hope you understand the meaning of that. meanwhile thank you again for your patience and responses grin
  13. why was i banned can i be unbanned

    wow Aislinn your fast lol ok i will try logging in again thank you for your time nope i can get to the log in screen but when i put my name and my password in nothing happens i click login nothing i hit enter same thing and if i log back out which i havent done as yet i know the pc will crash. Aislinn if this is not rectified will it not be possible for me to play el all because i have changed my service provider? concerned grin
  14. why was i banned can i be unbanned

    Hi Aislinn sorry to post again but any idea when i will be cleared to play and if i will be posted to telling me so. The reason i ask is if i try logging in to EL and red writing with ip ban comes up it still crashes the computer. (as i have tried twice with same result lol) so i am reluctant to even try it. so any advice or information would be appriciated many thanks grin
  15. why was i banned can i be unbanned

    oops didnt do that but will email again now many thanks
  16. why was i banned can i be unbanned

    my thanks for the promptness of the replies i have registered a new email on the forum and emailed roja with my requests ensuring the email is a pay up one not a yahoo freebie. will my daughter (well me for her) need to register with roja should she desire to join so i know or can she just enable hers when grins backup and working. my thanks grin
  17. why was i banned can i be unbanned

    yes raistlinn was another charactor i started but rarely played i swopped to grin so please feel free to delet that account, i think i tried to log on with that one when grin wouldnt work, also my daughter did play at the time as well she thinks it was 'lirael black' or something please delete that one also.i will look up the whitelist now and yes this BT line is the new provider for the service. am i to gather that if i can be 'whitelisted' my daughter would be unable to join as there would be no room for me to have more charactor, or, does it mean only one charactor from the same ip address at the same time so providing we were not on at the same time it would be possible?
  18. How old are you?

    38 and feeling younger by the minute
  19. server shut down?

    bin there dun that to lol
  20. server shut down?

    anyone getting in yet i keep trying but no joy. hope server hasn't done major flip again
  21. server shut down?

    no i cant either