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  1. Greed & Blood, Invasion on 14/01/2017

    Was mostly fun. But no fun with mobs at inside storage in Melinis.
  2. Ranging doesn't count for low level killer? Bug?

    I do a lot with rang/sum., espeacially Yetis The thing is not to solve your problems with your skill, more, your skill is a fucking shit against a/d aka melee. You can kill all mobs with harm, but it doesnt count if you not atack or are attacked. And thats for a game what had no fightiig skills in the beginning, only magic. Thats stupid.
  3. Ranging doesn't count for low level killer? Bug?

    That's very bad. Ty
  4. Hi, ranging don't work for low level killer. That's a bug, or not?
  5. Would be graet, but with the specialdrop of invdrag in mind, i don't like it. How many chars got nex remo in how many days? I thinbkj this is thge fastest way for such shit., so, i don't need such a msg. sry for my crappy englisch.
  6. Ranging lock problem

    Ty, i'll try. But the monsters wasn't attacked by others, iirc. I'll test in the next invance.
  7. Ranging lock problem

    Iam using git client. and my wife told me, he had the opposite problem. She disabled ran lock, and could move, she has git client too. Both are playing under debian8.
  8. Ranging lock problem

    Ave, i was today in the invance as ranger. I activated ranging lock, and often after few seconds it was disabled. No weapon change or click on minimap. I did only shoot. Is there some bug, oder some missconfiguration? Sometimes ran lock worked for longer times, other worked for few seconds.
  9. X-mas gift Hyperbags.

    Santa Claus is inda House today/tonight I'll do a small Hyperbag event with different stuff, some is worthless , some is better. i don't tell or give hints which bag ist worthless or not. Maybe someone can support other items for doing this the next 2 days too, or make a own event ^^. atm i have: some mm-cloaks, 2 bronze swords, 1 nex-transfer, 1 mirror cape, 1 LBD Stone (high quality Stone, Made in Germany ) and some cheaper stuff like lots of warlock capes
  10. awesome Germans !

    Und bevor ich es vergesse, xyxy nur in ihren customs
  11. awesome Germans !

    Hmm,. mit Ă–siland gabs mal stress Aber nur wenn ich auch fette Mobs summen darf. .oO(racoons oder so )
  12. @ stronze: with 10 fingers xou can count up to 1023, and with toes added to 1048575 Some stuff with astro is serverdependend. And AE/HE is (i thonk) useless, coz you dont't know magic restistance of opponent, or mana of WT. And LE/SR is really easy, i never needed it, and my math is a crap. 1LD spell=> 1SR.
  13. Sure, it can be calculatet by yourself. But HE is not 4*SR . 1 Restore need 25 Mana, not 20. it is SR=HE/4*1.25.
  14. Whats about the integration of an HE/SR calculator like http://www.paradoxcomputers.com.au/el/hesrtake.php into the offical client? calculate the amount of HE for 40 SR #calc s40 =>s40 = 128 and similar for 100HE #calc h120 =>h120 = 38 With more modifications there could be the output better like "h120 38 SR". There is no new coding needed, working patch ^^: http://jebora.de/EL/pub/calc.patch Ah, i think the 3rd option EMU should integrated too.