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  1. What happened to No drops day?

    I agree.. This day used to be fun..letting those pkers slaughter me at will..but since certain High level players started using BROD it spoilt that day for me.. Now it just means a day to catch up on some alching/manu/pots/harvest.. (no point training...no drops !! ). Or just do some other RL stuff..or other internet stuff
  2. Legolas_O

    I wonder if this is the same legolas that we know and love from before?? looks like similar attitude/// just search name legolas... and see the outlaws connected to the name....
  3. Who is your arch enemy?

    I love to hate those who think outlaw behavior is cool.. Oh and I also really love to hate those A**holes that find it amusing to spoil peoples fun on no drop days by using a BROD.
  4. What was your first guild?

    DAO ...Back in the good ole Beanmaster and Wolfmom days.....
  5. cavern wall

    Yeh.. then you could sit next to the people that are afk... and kill them ... effectivly making all the harvest areas psuedo PK areas...
  6. Harvester medallion

    I never really considered Buying a harvester med... then my guildie (sweetthang) gave me one that she made... I rubbed my hands together and said wheeeeee... free exp and gold... I only used the med during harvest hour (as i was aware of the breakage issue and the fact that MN only blesses during exp period).. On my second harvest session (at the NC fruit) the med broke.. And I had received ZERO benefit from it... I suppose in my case that it was a case of break even... I recieved back exactly what I paid for the med ............ With this in mind I think that I would be better off buying 7kgc worth of lucky dips off tinkerbell ...
  7. XcameronX is a bagjumper and a liar

    I wonder if this is the same cameronroyce that sent me an unsolicited forum PM asking if I was selling my character?
  8. Guild FURY

    I would like to declare any member of the guild fury as outlaws (as a pre-warning). As a self decalared guild of scammers/bagjumpers (and any other antisocial activity), it will be interesting to see if they survive as long as the LCS (lie/cheat/steal) guild..(or was that :LSC ?? either way..just another forgettable attemp to gain noteriety without actually having any members who could win a fight in PK ). Its good to have a guild that we can declare open season on.... By the way... If you doubt my claims, see their own homepage.. In paticular this post in their forum...(Mainly quests 4 and 5). Also feel free to steal their spawns as they will do it to you..(even though at best it would be a fem gob spawn.... ). http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?Guil...TopicID=4647206
  9. Compleat Idiot's Guide to Linux and EL with Linux

    Compleat Idiots Guide to Spelling. Sorry I could not resist... I humbly accept that I deserve a slap.
  10. price of vial mol and alembic

    Of couse this is not taking into account those people who have well paid jobs and can afford to just buy bucket loads of efe from EL shop. For the majority the scales just tip a bit more against them.
  11. when will bronze be used?

    SIGH... Do we need to spell out on every post that sarcasm is being used??? We need a new emoticon that indicates <sarcasm> He indicated that his bronze bars were worthless.. I gave them some value. I am well aware what is needed for the bars as our guild has made some as well.
  12. Medallion of life

    Probably a medalion that costs 50k gc to make/buy, doubles your HP but randomly breaks every 2nd or 3rd fight that you have... EDIT: For those that take all comments seriously...this post is stated with tongue firmly planted in cheek.
  13. New playable race unveiled!

    Why stop at Penguins? how about Pigs with wings??? Or maybe even a playable Shark..... (If I am a playable shark will I be able to eat the penguins ??)
  14. No rostogol stone day

    Too bad if you grue just as you attack a cyc... barehanded...regardless of magic exp... (I talk from experience.... lucky I only lost the rost).
  15. when will bronze be used?

    I will give you 12k gc for two dozen of your worthless bronze bars...
  16. Fighter Character - looking for opinions

    Or just Buy a Pre levelled character... Max out mums/dads/hubbies/wifes credit card by buying all the expensive swords and armour... and a few million gc (so you can buy all your HE, AE, pots etc). Then lean back in your chair...put your feet up on the desk...and say.."What a pr0 I am ! "
  17. Hyperlite tryed scamm me

    Fair Call... But in the context that it was used.. It could be any of them. Ed. And as the posts here may come from anywhere in the world (almost) it may have not been used as the homosexual meaning. Words have different interpretations depending on where you live. In Australia I put a Thong on my foot. But in America they would think I was perverted if I said that. To say it was a rule breach is assuming it was used as the offensive meaning.
  18. Hyperlite tryed scamm me

    queer /kwɪər/ Pronunciation [kweer] adjective, -er, -est, verb, noun –adjective 1. strange or odd from a conventional viewpoint; unusually different; singular: a queer notion of justice. 2. of a questionable nature or character; suspicious; shady: Something queer about the language of the prospectus kept investors away. 3. not feeling physically right or well; giddy, faint, or qualmish: to feel queer.
  19. yaserhameed

    And it will be interesting to see what happens when you get bagjumped of something of value... I bet you are in here screaming blue murder.. before the new hour has ticked over...
  20. max12

    Thanks trickarius... We now know to keep a watch out for you as well..as you seem to think that bagjumping is acceptable... You need to learn the difference between official rules and community rules. Break an official rule and you have to deal with a mod... Break an unofficial rule and you have to deal with 90% of the players.... Good luck to you on that one....
  21. Adaanu

    Well I disagree.. and as most players conform to the no spawn stealing unoffical rule.. the majority would see it as an outlaw activity as it goes against the general community way.. Even if I see an enemy guild training at a spawn I walk off... (of course if the spawn has more than 1 creature then it should be shared....but even in this case ..people usually ask if the person minds). Normally the people that do steal a spawn are the first to scream and shout if you jump in on one of theirs... Best way to deal with persistent spawnjumpers is to gather a bunch of friends.. and surround the spawnjumper and heal his fight.... (oh wait a min..wouldnt that be an outlaw activity?? well live by the sword..die by sword).
  22. misunderstood

    Errm actually the armed orc enters the fight with weapons showing... It is only the sneaky ones who hide the weapon down their pants... and pull it out when you back is turned..that are the ebul ones...
  23. "Rare Books" For Sale.

    I would hardly call them RARE books.. Most can be bought from npc (except axe books i suppose)... Where are the invisibility potion, true sight pot, magic swords (therms,fire,ice,magic), That one that you get from the rabbits (special sword manu).???.. Now they are the rare ones..
  24. misunderstood

    LOL ... This seems like a stupid statement considering that your guild leader (Jason) declared war on Dao.. So if any ALCH members get pked by Dao just ask Jason why...
  25. Cannot read Bronze armour books

    HI, I have read both the tin moulding and the copper moulding books.. I then bought bronze greaves and Bronze cuisses.... tried to read and was told I needed to read bronze plate mail..... so I bought that book and when I tried to read I got the same error... "You need to have the following knowledge: ['Bronze plate mail'] before researching Bronze plate mail. I have a screenshot showing my knowledge read popup (both copper and Tin moulding show highlighted ..thus read).. and the message as i clicked on the bronze plate mail book. Screenshot