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  1. Communication

    I didn't see an Official EL Discord channel. You could charge guilds to have their own chat channel and let everyone have a free for all voice chat channel. Each guild can do their own Discord of course but perhaps once a month direct voice contact with Radu for participating guilds would be okay. I have been away too long to stir up trouble but I always believe that the more you communicate the better your circumstances.
  2. Bigger Channel Limit

    I do not think Radu cares to make any channel improvements whether they are easy or not. Player communication is not a problem unless it is not happening at all. If something new gets put in that needs a new channel then that is just one more choice you are going to have to make in channel choices. Think of it as role play. Your character decides who is benefiting or who is suffering based on your choice of channels and conversation. This can be a daily decision if your character is fickle or it can be set in stone if your character has certain goals. Mix it up, push it around and have fun with it. EL has survived this long with the system in place. Written in stone and quantifiable to the last bit is the kind of improvement you have to present to provide a reason for change. Only more channels would do that and that does not seem likely to happen so lets forget about channel changes shall we?
  3. Bigger Channel Limit

    This is a very good idea. We could add a mentoring channel where players can ask for help and chat as well. The channel description would say to PM if your question is missed in chat. This way newbies could get help and chat at the same time. There would be no flames and no harassment of newbies for asking 'stupid' questions. Mid-level players could ask questions too. The idea being that you are in the channel for one of two reasons: you need help or you want to give help. It should be easy by reading the chat to tell who to PM for help if your question gets missed in chat. This would really be a massive help to all players and if we had more channels open at once then players would not have to miss out on one part of the game to have this channel open. There are players now who have to choose between channels already. Give everyone a chance to enjoy access to more parts of the game and add this mentoring channel to help grow the community. Sounds helpful to me.
  4. That is a very important point to me. It looks like bad game mechanics or sloppy work by developers who do not care when you see something that makes no sense like the diamonds being different. Some persons see things like this as easy to fix bugs or programming errors and think the developers don't care about consistency or common sense within the game world. It is something with a simple fix that really drags down opinions of the game. This diamond thing is a perfect 'sound bite' for bashing the game in a review IMO.
  5. Favorite Game Of the Moment

    Civilization V. Absolutely awesome game!! TirunCollimdus GM of PATH
  6. lack of resepect!

    I just came back and the players who are still here seem to be the ones who respect others the most. I don't think it can be that bad but I am willing to listen if you have a coherent argument. TirunCollimdus GM of PATH
  7. Repairable Dragon Armor

    I voted the same way SinS did. Getting repairs started as part of skills is more important than how often you need to repair something. TirunCollimdus GM of PATH
  8. Teh_Master

    Great work Dogbreath. Any chance you can have it post special days? Don't know if they are posted on another website or not. I know it can be emailed but a website would be better. TirunCollimdus GM of PATH
  9. City building

    Well 2010 is almost here. I would suggest that there is only one amount to contribute and therefore a set number of players to start a city. This would truly make everyone equal. One person would hold the money but elections for positions would happen directly before the city was purchased so that no position would ever be given for any reason other than public support for the person in question. Equality is what makes this different than being a guild so equality has to be maintained. The rest of it I think we should wait on making suggestions for until we are asked for them. TirunCollimdus GM of PATH
  10. NMT idea

    I am guessing the topic is done but if not then making the ingredients to repair a damaged NMT is two damaged NMTs then you keep your price up and get them out of game and items are still protected. No need to do anything else. No one has to hoard them. All you have to have is 2 at a time. People who want to risk having the advantages and letting them break can do that too. This idea would mean you get 3 NMT for the price of 2 and with the low brake rate it should take a while to get 2 NMT into a degraded state. Still breakable but has the benefit if you are willing to risk it and you can repair it by using another one until it breaks too. Yes that does mean you loose your NMT and loose 2 to get one back but then you can start again. Being able to just repair the same one over and over is great but what will the formula be and if the object is to get them out of game so drops can increase then repairing the same one over and over doesn't help. This is the third time Entropy has asked about NMT breaking. Hope it is the charm instead of the straw breaking the horse's back. TirunCollimdus GM of PATH
  11. Depletable resources and multiplaying

    The idea and reasoning behind both the depletable resources and legal multiplay are both rock solid. I support these ideas 100%. There is almost no harm done with implementing them. Yes some closer to storage harvestables will be gone when you log in but I already know 2 spots for very nearly every in game item to storage. To top it off you can go just make stuff on site if they have a site left for you. Lots of those have been removed. You can harvest something else to storage. No item takes only one thing to make and since the items are depletable you never have enough of anything on hand. This is good for EL and good for radu and roja. Please support these ideas. That have shown it is fair and a other than guilds jumping on resources I don't see any possible problems. That problem though is actually kind of a good thing. It makes more player interaction. The whole idea creates more player interaction. Great job team. I hope to see these done some day. TirunCollimdus GM of PATH
  12. About TSP changes

    True sight potions were useful for money and for leveling. I know of at least 4 NMT cloaks that were paid for by TS potions. They took a long time to harvest for but with help from guildies and friends a player could level their potions for quite some time on it. My problem with any newbie item is that you don't have enough newbies to make the potions worth making. They just don't kill enough deer and even if they did they wouldn't pick up the antlers as they don't stack and weigh a lot. The best idea I have seen since I started EL 4 years ago is the newbie storage Zamirah suggested. All of the bones and furs from IP would actually be used. Getting started in the game would be fast tracked. Newbies would have plenty of money selling furs, bones, and raw meat to players and they would get to interact with the higher level players while doing it. This would make the game far more attractive to new players and it would get them into the community a whole lot faster. They could feel like a part of the economy after just a few days or a week and that would encourage them to get others to join even without having played for a while yet. Even if the newbie storage took only animal parts it would be worth it. Medium to high level players should never, ever have to depend on newbies for stuff they need. Newbies don't know enough about the game to be that integral to it. The endless bag spam on IP shows that every day. Newbie storage would give new players a way to make money and would not massively cut the supply lines for items needed by players who are in there 50s or higher in their skills. Give formulas for items you can make in your 20s and 30s ings that newbies can supply. Then their customer base will be nearby instead of in C2 or in maps that would instantly kill the newbies. It should even build a player to player market base that could go all the way to the top eventually and everyone can stop complaining about bots. lol TirunCollimdus GM of PATH
  13. Would you like to have more quests available in game?

    The barn door has closed and the horse has already left. The quests already in game give advantages that can be obtained in no other way. Cheap wine and leather, god quests, and the skills quests that give rewards of free stuff. You cannot get these benefits by yourself in any other way. The point of quests in this game are specifically to give advantages that are not had by players who do not do them. The chance this will change is near nonexistent considering all of the quests they already approved under the same system. I love quests. I love getting benefits that other players who don't want to take the time and effort don't have. I love the stories and interactivity of quests. I started D&D when it first came out in the Blue Box a very long time ago. I have been RPGing ever since. Teach me how to code the quests and I will code every single one of them for you. I will do it quickly too. :ninja smiley: lol TirunCollimdus GM of PATH
  14. Is my character locked?

    TirunCollimdus cannot be logged in but I can create a new character. Can this be explained to me? I have done nothing against the rules. I didn't see a message in the ban forum about me so I would like to know what is going on please. Tirun
  15. Is my character locked?

    I always do my best at everything I do. I will do my best to try to please everyone all of the time. Perfection is unfortunately not a mortal concept so I can't promise I will succeed. Hope that is good enough. TirunCollimdus
  16. Is my character locked?

    Yes I understand that only TirunCollimdus will be returned to me. The people who don't like me can put me on ignore. If someone does not like me and decides to let me know that they don't then I will put them on ignore. What I say to my friends is my own business however and I won't censor myself in conversations with them. The #ignore command is our friend. I will spend a lot less time arguing and a lot more time playing that way and that suits me just fine. Trying not to irritate anyone is not possible. You can't please all the people all the time. You agree with that don't you Entropy? I will just avoid any and all direct confrontations. That is enough isn't it? TirunColldimdus
  17. Is my character locked?

    If unbanned I fully intend to deal with the problems myself. I would not have it any other way. Some people need to be educated and I am ready to start classes. I don't let lies and slander stand and I never quit. No one is going to get away with harassing me or mine especially when it is done unjustly. I don't need the mods to help me deal with attacks against me as I have proven more than once in the past. This just might be the last time I need to prove that attacking my character is not worth the results after all is said and done. I blew the RICH guild out on the forum. I blew Ateh and his entire bunch of buddies out on the unofficial forums. I will not have any troubles dealing with this new problem. The truth will out. It shall set you free. The people who have chosen to side against me are the ones who have a problem. They wanted it to get ugly so it will. That is not my doing. I didn't start this fight but I will finish it and I will do that without the help of any mods or anyone else for that matter. I don't want help and I don't need it, so you don't have to worry about me asking for it. TirunCollimdus
  18. Is my character locked?

    Yes I did apologize for breaking rule number 5 and ask if I could be unbanned. It would be greatly appreciated. I will definitely never do it again for any reason. TirunCollimdus
  19. Is my character locked?

    Abuse of power is the most abominable of all human failings. Having the ability to help others and instead hurting them is the lowest form of behavior. Whether that power comes from authority granted or trust given makes no difference; betraying the trust implied by either relationship makes you nothing more than scum. When Lanora was trying to get things ready to move here to be with me I could have told her to get online to help me move the stuff in game. She would have done it because I told her too and had to deal with anyone who was asking why Icy's original owner was not running the character. She would also have taken time out of what little she had before the move to get ready. If I had done this we would not be having this discussion right now as no rules would have been broken. The exact same results would have come to pass without a rule being broken of any kind. You are right Aislinn about this not being about intentions. I did give the character to Lanora and she is the only one who played it after the name and color change were put in place. This is about what actually happened. Nothing was gained that could not have been gained more easily by following the rules. I simply chose to place more importance on Lanora's feelings and convenience as I knew what I was doing did not gain me anything that I did not already have without breaking the rules. The trade in question would have been easier not harder if I had let Lanora help me. How is it that you are locking up both characters when all I got from the trade in question was more of my own time used than was necessary since Lanora could have and would have helped me. The rule against multiplay is to prevent abuse and unfair advantage. Why are you locking my character for multiplay when I did not get this? I could have had Lanora help me do exactly the same thing you are banning me for and saved myself some time and trouble. Yet here you are punishing me and Lanora when in fact Lanora did have control of the character when you banned it? This is not about intentions. It is about realities. The fact is that I could have done this with Lanora's help and no rule would be broken. The fact is that doing it the way I did inconvenienced me more than asking Lanora would have done. The only thing I got out of breaking this rule was some peace of mind for Lanora and extra time on her hands to get ready for the move. This was not an in game benefit. The 'peace of mind' you claim I got as a benefit was not an in game benefit either. You are going to bring real life into the game and say my state of mind in real life is what I am getting banned for Aislinn? The fact is that in game I got nothing out of this trade other than less time to actually play the game. No benefit and no intention of breaking any rule. I do apologize for breaking the rule. I cared more about Lanora than the game and if that makes me a bad guy then don't unban me. I have contributed to this game in a positive way both in game and monetarily as well. If you choose to keep both characters locked I won't bother to ask again for them to be unlocked. I want to play the game with Lanora because she has lots of friends here and so do I. There are some very nasty and abusive players in game who are in fact currently harassing us while I am locked. We can ignore them if their actions are not allowed to stand. I should be able to do something if I am unlocked but I can't do anything if I am not. Please let me know as soon as you can what your decision will be on this ban. TirunCollimdus PS As for my acceptance and appreciation of the rules I happen to be one up on a lot of your mods. The EVTR cave was used by a lot of them while the coal was still there. I talked to a mod who hadn't been there and figured out that the coal should not be there and helped bring it to Radu's attention. This won't help me make any friends but it shows that I put the game before my own personal gain. When I was GM of RICH we made a great deal of use of the cave until I found out it was not supposed to have the coal there. When I did find out I did something about it instead of continuing to use it to my and RICH's advantage.
  20. Is my character locked?

    Please note the highlighted part in bold red. Now: 1. You did benefit by the trade. You got the "satisfaction" of knowing that even if Icy managed to get her character back (which you did seem to think was a possibility, at least according to your story), she would still come away empty handed. At least partial revenge for you. How do you see that you are not trying to gain advantage over Icy with these actions? 2. From the rule 5 section about legitimate multiple people on one IP: "Abusing same IP trading and/or lying will result in severe consequences." I would absolutely call this abuse of same IP trading. 3. Once you log onto a character and use it for any purpose, it is considered your alt from that point on and ANY trading between those characters by any means is illegal, along with the other forms of illegal multiplay laid out quite clearly in rule 5. 4. I have no personal grudge against you. I don't even know Icy other than a hello or two. People are saying I am mean because I have already told her she cannot get her character back. You can't have it both ways. I am for the rules and what is right. I am for the spirit of the rules. I am against breaking them, especially when it is blatantly and intentionally done, and when it is depending on loopholes. 1. I was trying to keep Icy from getting an advantage over me. Once I changed the character's password it was mine. My intent was to give it to LaNora which I did. I was trying to protect what had become my character to give to LaNora. The advantage over Icy was done perfectly legally because she let me know her password. Satisfaction is not an in game advantage which is what I understand the rules are meant to prevent. I was not aware my feelings were covered by the rules. I apologize for the oversight. I had never heard of anyone getting in trouble for how they felt about something. 2. It was not abuse of same IP trading because I could have just told LaNora to log onto the character as it was meant to be hers and have done exactly the same thing without breaking the rules just as Entropy posted. Yes it did break the rules because I did without getting LaNora to log on to her character but my life and LaNora's lives were drastically changing. I am sorry I let my personal troubles make me get impatient but as I and Radu pointed out the abuse would not have been one if I had just let LaNora log in instead of doing it myself. 3. If a character is your alt forever than no one can sell accounts or give them to other persons. This has not seemed to be the case in the past. I have seen lots of people sell and give away characters. I had not heard they could not then interact with those characters if someone else was running them. It isn't against the rules to give away characters or sell them to my knowledge. There isn't a rule section I have seen that states you cannot interact with a character that you have sold or given away if someone else can be proven to be playing them. I could have as easily told LaNora to log on to the character and change the password so that I would never have logged on to it. I would have done so if I had known giving the character to her was going to be problem. If there is a rule that says you cannot interact with characters run by other person when you have logged onto it in the past I am not aware of it. I apologize for not reading the rules well enough to understand this if there is such a rule. I thought as long as there were different persons running characters it was okay. 4. I did not break the rules to get any advantages. I could have inconvenienced LaNora by having her log on to the Icy character and made the trade then as Radu said without breaking the rules. LaNora was in the middle of trying to get ready to move down here to be with me. I am sorry I put her convenience and our real life futures ahead of the game rules. That was not my intent. I was just trying to take care of the game and my real life at the same time. It took longer to do the way I did it then it would have taken to do it without breaking the rules. TirunCollimdus is my main character and Isiltari is LaNora's main character. I would appreciate it if we could have them unlocked after the month wait. I am very sorry I made this mess. I don't feel I violated the intent of the rules because I made it harder on myself to do what I did than it would have been if I had LaNora log onto the character and do it without breaking them. I was just trying to take care of LaNora and give her as much time as we could to get organized for her move. That is the only reason I did it the way that I did. I apologize for letting my impatience keep me from doing what I did in a way that would not have broken the rules. I could as Radu has pointed out done the trade without breaking the rules. I didn't get any advantages that I could not have gotten by taking time from LaNora to have her help instead of letting her get ready for the move. If you feel that my putting what I felt were her needs before the game rules requires treating us as cheaters then please let the characters be locked for a month. We will not be causing any trouble for anyone going forward. We just want to be able to play EL together with our main characters. I am hoping that the real life circumstances involved will mitigate my mistake and allow us to simply be put on probation since I didn't do anything that I could not have done legally in the first place. Taking the character from Icy should not in any way be considered here as I did that without breaking any rules. The character was meant for LaNora and she has been playing it as her main. We just want to play as a family like everyone else. Tirun
  21. Is my character locked?

    Aislinn you used the labels given to make a personal attack against me. That is a fact. You passed judgment against me for something that has nothing to do with this ban. Yes I took the character but as I pointed out in the post you once again deleted I gained nothing by breaking the rule in question. Things are exactly the same as they would be if I had waited and given the character to LaNora before any of the stuff was traded between the characters. I find it just another bit of standard practice here in EL. Doesn't matter if someone benefited from what they did because you have a chance to settle a personal score. Did I get anything I could not have had by taking the storage out of the character? NO. Not one thing. Did I benefit from breaking the rule. No not at all. The fact of the matter is that I broke a rule and gained nothing by doing so. My intent was not to gain any advantage over any other player illegally. That is what the rule is there for in the first place isn't it? To keep people from getting unfair advantage? How does it apply to me since I didn't get any advantage? As I have stated in both deleted posts 'I gained nothing I would not already have had legally from what I did.'. I fail to see the point of keeping characters locked when the end result of unlocking them would be exactly the same as if I had simply waited and given the character storage and all to LaNora before we traded any items. Radu's post here backs up the fact I should be getting attacked for taking the character. All that should be looked at here is if I gained an advantage by breaking the rule. I didn't. The storage was available to me in full as soon as LaNora took over the character just as mine is to her. We play the game together. There is no rule breaking involved. You are using my unintentional breaking of rule 5 to punish me to serve your personal beliefs. That is what is going on here. You told me to name one positive effect on the game I have had and you would unlock the character. I did just that and you left the character locked. When I reply to defend myself against your baseless accusations you delete my posts. When I show that I did not gain anything I wouldn't have anyway by breaking the rule and no unfair advantage was had, you delete my post. Tell me how can I have provided you with what you requested to unlock the characters and still be here defending myself for taking the character in the first place instead of for taking the storage before LaNora could get here to give it to me if I wanted it anyway? Tirun
  22. Is my character locked?

    Actually no. I was not intending to break a rule at all. I have already told you that I was intending to give the character to LaNora intact. To do that I needed to make sure all of the stuff on the character was there when I gave it to her. If I had not been afraid that the character password could be hacked I would not have taken anything off of it in the first place. It was a freaking pain in the a$$ to do and then I had to go giving back the stuff once LaNora had possession of it. Everyone knows I would rather work smart than hard. I wanted to follow the rules and just give the character as it was to LaNora. No rule broken at all. No trading needed except what we could do together when she moved in. No rules broken and having someone there in control of the other character. Legal and easy. That was my intent and it was what I would have much preferred to do. LaNora shares with me just as I share with her so taking the stuff off of the character was the last thing I wanted to do. The fact is that even if I had not taken it the end result would be exactly the same. LaNora would have had the character and we would have traded items to fit our styles of play and I would have helped her and she would have helped me. All perfectly legal. I did not feel I could break a rule. There was no need to break a rule except for my paranoia about being hacked. I didn't even think about it as breaking a rule because the character was already promised to LaNora. I was just waiting until I had the money for the color and name change and for her to get here. Why should I face consequences for something I could have done legally and more easily after I gave the character to LaNora? The only thing I did wrong was think that if I could do it legally then it was okay. LaNora getting the character means we are helping each other which is legal. That I moved the equipment prematurely and had to give it back in mass quantities should not be held against me. The spirit and meaning of the rule are not broken. They both remain completely intact. It was not intended to be mulitplay by one person. The goal was two people playing together. That is what we would have if the characters were unlocked. LaNora has everything she wants and needs and so do I. I help her get things and she helps me get things. I don't see why timing should be an issue. If the act can be completely legal and wasn't do to a simple matter of timing then why is there a problem? There is nothing I got or that LaNora got that we would not have if I had waited till she got here and given her the character with the storage intact. Nothing was accomplished by the 'multiplay' that was not going to be accomplished completely legally if I had waited, Learner. How can I be so callously breaking a rule when my intention was to speed up something that was legal in the first place? How can it be breaking a rule badly when I could have just waited and done exactly the same thing that I did completely legally? I could have given her the character early and let her run around with Icy's name and look but I didn't want to confuse anyone or get anything started with other players. I had the character it was mine to give but I was trying to avoid LaNora having to deal with any pressure from other players. Is that so terrible? I didn't do anything that I was not legally able to do if I had just given the character to LaNora and let her run it right away. That is badly breaking a rule? Tirun
  23. Is my character locked?

    No. The fact that any of my ideas have been used for map making proves I have had positive input for the game. The amount of use on my help section doesn't imply how much I think my opinion is worth. It directly states how many EL players thought my opinion was useful and helpful. That had a positive impact on the game or it would not have been used so much right up until the attribute cap. Unless every idea of mine that Acelon used has been removed then I have in point of fact actually do have an ongoing positive impact on the game. That is not an opinion because there has been more than enough time for any useless ideas to be removed. I have made purchases from the shop so I have supported the game financially. Another fact. You did not say I had to give you give you a 'fact' that I offered something to the game that was essential to the existence of EL. You said I had to give you ONE fact that I had made a positive contribution to EL and I already have provided more than one. Tirun
  24. Is my character locked?

    When I have the money to pay to get my website fixed I can send you the hits on the help section. It is a fact not an opinion. You can check the post in the outlaw section between Pookies and Antio. Fact not opinion. I have not backed down in threads when I thought Entropy was wrong (RoT being no cooldown) and I have backed him up all the way when I thought he was right even against the odds(cooldown). Facts that are verifiable by my posts. Not opinions. I am not a coder so I cannot give you things I have literally added to the game. If you want to ask Acelon how many of my ideas he has used in his map making you can get some extra facts for your list though. There I have literally and directly helped this game. I can't tell you which of my ideas he has used because he never tells me which ones he used and I don't keep a list. Yes I do contribute directly to the game in a positive way. Not sure how much my ideas have helped but at least a couple of them have been used. I have been on the test server to help find bugs and posted them. You said one Aislinn and I have given you more than one. Tirun
  25. Is my character locked?

    Aislinn all you can see is what you want to see. When I had my forum up before the attribute cap a lot of people went to it for help on character building information. I helped take RICH from a guild with one of the worst reputations to one of the best until Amorzka ripped it apart. The RICH guild parties got some of the other guilds to start trying harder to do the same. I worked my but off to get cooldown put into the game and before I started trying it was loosing in the poll. Cooldown is positive. It has brought a lot more strategy and interesting things and items into game. I may have returned flames against people who flamed me but I also always apologized when I was wrong. I helped warn other guilds about semgilman/benhe and I posted one of my returning guild members in the outlaw section because she bagjumped. You may not like me Aislinn but I have not done anything against the rules intentionally and I did not pick fights with other players. I finished them but I didn't start them. I may have been nasty when I flamed back at people but I always fought for what I believed in and have been straight forward with everyone. I offer this game a view that puts game development first. I had a NMT and no chance of getting another and I fought hard to make them breakable. I have always put the game first on the forum and no one else can say I haven't. There are quite a few people who actually know me in game outside of the forum who are aware that my forum persona is not the real me. The only part of the forum that is the real me is the part that shows I care more about the game than I do about my character. I could have taken the easy way out on the forum a LOT of times but I stayed in the fight trying to make the game better. As for the signature it is because of real life stuff and it is accurate. You may not like that I let my real life CRAP invade the game but I have also helped out when others let their real life crap get into the game. I took Pookies side when Antio was threatening real life stuff even though I barely knew Pookies at the time. Probably spelled his character name wrong but I don't have time to look it up. He asked me for help and I gave it to him. The simple fact is that whenever anyone asks me for my help I give it to them. That is one positive thing I bring to this game too. I am a good friend to those who can be trusted and I apologize when I make a mistake. I may not go out of my way as far as mods do to help but I offer help even when unsolicited. I think there are a lot of positive things I bring to this game. I know some people who agree. Tirun PS I would like to apologize for loosing my temper as I did not understand the reason for the ban at first. When it was clearly pointed out what was specifically the reason I hope I started to calmly make my case immediately. If I didn't then I apologize for that too. I made a large mistake when I assumed that the ban was for the play that has been ongoing between LaNora and myself with her new character. The 'no drama' part of my signature is something I will personally have to work on. Hopefully my friends will help in that department. I know LaNora will.