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  1. whats your religon?

    The "Theory of Evolution" fails the test of being scientific. With the passing years, proponents of this failed theory are behaving more and more like religious dogmatists in their unwillingness to submit the foundations of their theory to open inquiry and discussion. Instead, they heap scorn and ridicule on their critics, insisting that anyone who has the audacity to question the truth of their sacred theory must be either stupid, insane or evil. This is the tactic, for example, of Richard Dawkins, who was reported by the New York Times as saying: ... It is absolutely safe to say that, if you meet somebody who claims not to believe in evolution, that person is ignorant, stupid, or insane (or wicked, but I'd rather not consider that). ... When the Evolutionist says that life originated without the intervention of a supernatural Being, he is making a religious assertion, not a scientific one. The fact that he may be a scientist by profession, or that he conducts his science in light of this presuppostion does not change the fact that it is a religious claim. It is no more "scientific" than the Creationist's assertion of an intervening Creator.
  2. My name change.

    Nice, I like it.
  3. Age survey!

    37 and been playing computer games since the begining. Where is the black and white screen and the bouncing dot....
  4. forum game

    two days till 4 weeks on EL
  5. Tarsengaard storage

    Some day all storage could be that way. I think there is intent behind the action.
  6. Lets decide- once and for all

    Read first post.
  7. Lets decide- once and for all

    I say get a game quality PC and forget rest. So I vote for Fox
  8. forum game

    I think people are waiting for me to say 10 , there I said it now rush in.
  9. OMFG, Not EL related but quite an issue.

    America accepted cash help from any nation for help unless that offer was at an extreem cost, (ie don't look next time we abuse human rites, get your nose out of the country we want to invade, etc) so to those we said no. The people in the middle the problem were afraid of others getting hurt and causing a bigger incident than saying no would. With the people freaking out and shooting rescuers I can understand why. I am not saying it was handled perfect by any means. I just wish people could be nice. Tomorow it could be your brother dead and then read all this.
  10. Which of these Orchans looks the best?

    1,2 serious 3,4 friendlier what is the intent?
  11. You have a problem with Dwarf construction? Not our fault you are too tall. Doors are fine. Leave them be.
  12. forum game

    I have been playing for 3 weeks
  13. Community

    I have been on for 3weeks now and find the game enjoyable. I would not have made it this long without channel 1. Now I have gotten help there and that was nice but far more than that #1 gave me a feeling of community. I was involved in more than a single player game but in a community setting. I have seen old rivalries, old friendships, and new of both form. And when people get out of hand I have been grateful for the intervention by those in charge or those that help. I thought that if #1 had this how much more then on the other named channels. I was wrong the channels I went to #4,#5 were dead I would spend 12 hours at a time with both open and get nothing. That is when I relised if that was what I had to look forward to this would get boring and lifeless fast for me. So I stick to #1. But I have to wonder since the rules state: how do I continue to enjoy the EL community I have come to like so much when I fear breaking the rules by having a short RP bout with other players on #1, joking, laughing, and in general bonding to a community. I hope this was were to post this. Thanks for listening. A guy who likes EL.
  14. More Spawns

    I greatly appreciate the work so far and think polls like this are a good feel of the opinions of the vocal minority.
  15. Community

    Well I have noticed several ppl read this comentary and channel 4 is getting more use than I am used to seeing. Not sure if there is a connection between the two but it is nice to see.
  16. Community

    I bet you could
  17. Community

    I have been trying #4 for a week and all I get is dead air. So if I want to talk to ppl I have to go to #1. Now I agree that other channels are good and would love to see them used. I just have not seen it yet.
  18. forum game

    But mommy I don't want to be King.
  19. To know or not to know.

    Dwarf Follower of the teachings of Glilin What I do most often is rip the guts out of mother nature. But for fun I chase gobblins out of the mines. Started: 4-September-05
  20. Anti+Wolfie

    Things like this show a community worth hanging on too. Congratulations to you two.
  21. Harvesting

    I am harvesting now so I guess my answer is post on the forum but mostly it is read/read/read the forum. Whew there is a lot to read.
  22. Tools

    I like it. I think the tools could take up space in your inventory so that would be a trade-off for making more (ie you could hold less).
  23. forum game

    Four my post I will post this four you...4
  24. reset?!

    If this was made into a rule there would be riots (in game, on forum and beyond) from frustration. Followed by a sudden loss of players. It is a suggestion, granted. It is not popular, granted. Your outburst (vulgar and name calling) just puts you in the catagory that you try to put others in.