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  1. BIG party

    count me on too.
  2. How old are you?

  3. The Eternal Race

    I'll probably be in too.
  4. bad death messages

    Am i dreaming ? Hey ! it's a game ! the creator of it has his own opinions/sense of humor/etc. if you don't like, don't come, nobody ever forced you to join. Do i boycott american films where frenchies are the baddies ? errrrr... no, i keep in mind that it's only a movie, even if it happens more and more often. not a big deal. I don't care. they'll get bored from this before me. ^_^ If these death messages are removed, why not erase snakes as well ? i'm affraid of snakes, it's impossible for me to play el knowing i may see one !
  5. Unicorns

    Killing a unicorn would make mother nature very cross : -no more harv exp for x ingame days (and/or harv exp reset, or loosing exp while harvesting). -mother nature could keep hitting you, like it would if you were harvesting constantly (bees, walls, etc. but no positive things).
  6. Francophones de tous poils !

    Rhoooooooo, quand même ! Je suis ça depuis 2002. ... P.S.: Kendai est trop fortE... si, si, j'te jure, Michic0_oL. Je suis bien placé pour le savoir, elle est dans la même guilde que moi.
  7. Legalus - Bag Jumper Thief

    yeah, i was there... i wondered why you were bagtrading in public conversation mode... i understood quite quickly ! well done !
  8. Francophones de tous poils !

    salut, bande de gens ! un de plus, mais on est pas beaucoup à trainer sur ce forum, apparemment. sur ce...