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  1. Crashed?

    i was thinking about loging on
  2. An unlikely couple

  3. I'm stupid

    wb vanyel !
  4. server down?

    On my way !
  5. This is a market?

    i have to say that you score a point there.
  6. Chatting with memebers of *CO*

    I couldn't say better !
  7. Way to Idaloran

    not a hint but a warning : you'll have to pay 1k (or 2.5k) to go there.
  8. Selling

    I'm sure he was serious.
  9. Fantasy Rock/Metal

    Most of the bands i posted there ( i didn't saw this topic... which is more accurate ) are fantasy metal bands. I'll just add one more. Luca Turilli (he's the guitar player/composer in Rhapsody). (edit : typos)
  10. Whats your favorate band?

    I have lots of "fav bands". Rhapsody, NightWish, Symphony X, Stratovarius, Dream Theatre, HammerFall, Manowar, Sonata Arctica, Rammstein, Nirvana, U2, Queen, Noir Desir, Berurier Noir, Indochine, Dire Straits, Guns 'n Roses, Metallica, Pixies, Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, Anthrax, Ram Jam, Muse, Placebo, Radiohead, AC\DC, VRP... And lots other that i can't recall at the moment.
  11. The rollback

    you said contest ? *runs there, as usual* ^_^
  12. crowns!

    as i asked, will it be possible to nail a crown to a helmet, like medieval kings did (remember sean connery, in robin hood movie) ?
  13. i agree with that. but instead of making leveling up easier (and take the risk, as said, of high level items flooding the market), why not making items that give much more exp points... and have a much higher failure rate, for instance ? mass production would probably stop, but everybody would be bitching. this way, you'll need to produce less items to level up... and a bit of luck aswell. ^_^
  14. crowns!

    just a question. will it have the same armor level as iron helms (or will it have any def level at all) ? if not, will it be possible to "nail" one to a helm ? ^_^ anyway, it looks great !
  15. Nouveaux joueur

    perso, j'ai essayé la version française. sympa, mais peu "peuplée" pour le moment (devait y avoir 20 ou 25 joueurs en ligne... bon, ok, ça venait de commencer. )... pis j'ai mes petites habitudes ici, maintenant et pas le temps de refaire un perso (même si mes stats sont tout sauf pharaoniques). donc libre à toi, si tu débutes. pour le chan @888, j'avais essayé aussi, mais il est désert la plupart du temps. balade toi, tu trouveras quand même quelques français ou québecois... p.s. : don't be sorry, roja, you managed quite well ! ^_^ p.p.s. : si tu cherches des francophones, fais un saut sur ce topic.
  16. Random Events

    nah, at this time of day, around 200 players seems pretty normal to me. and anyway, random days are supposed to be sort of annoying, so... wait and see what the other ones are, instead of constantly bitching. that game isn't designed to fit with one and only sort of player.
  17. Forgotten Kingdom

    i'm on too (luckilly) !
  18. Items cooldown

    ever heard about teleport rings & spells ? ^_^
  19. reaper_one

    i just noticed i can see me on the screenshot. ^_^ i wonder if this scam ever worked...
  20. The big treasure hunt

    Same for me too.
  21. Forgotten Kingdom

    I still have your db, brain, btw. ^_^ I'll be on this evening, i'll pm you asap ingame.
  22. Forgotten Kingdom

    Yay !
  23. Forgotten Kingdom

    Well, count me on, Vanyel... As usual.