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  1. sMooMs support!

    you could train in order to do that. that guy probably got very bored too... but in a casino.
  2. The EL Tourist....

    yup ! just behind the house where the storage char is.
  3. i wanted to vote for rugby ! *used to play as #14*
  4. The EL Tourist....

    morcraven marsh, not far from north cave ? ^^
  5. Proper Typing etiquette

    to be honest, i don't even try to read demoncowboy's topics anymore (and some other's, but well, there's only one example showing here, and i'm too tired to search for others, sorry ! ). why ? because i'm not a natural english speaker, and i got really bored to have to read 3 times each sentence before roughly understand what it means. may look k3wl, but highly unpractical... for me at last. but i'd bet i'm not the only one. ^_^ for the matter "it's quicker". wrong (or maybe saves 0.3sec per sentence... big deal). but anyway, you're not timed while answering on a forum. that's even the purpose : take time, be understandable, clear, have time to think before answering... so yes, it's people's freedom to write this way... as it's mine to consider that as highly impolite and irrespectful. (and we have the same issues on forums written in my own language... some wrote special bots that don't let you post if you write too many abreviations ) [EDIT] typos (may have forgotten more)[/edit]
  6. teh offical car thread

    mine (i warned you ! ) :
  7. Dude - wheres my bag? (Plucker)

    i guess he got killed by mother nature and dropped his gc. i stopped taking chances with her after something similar hapened to me, i think.
  8. metal thread

    Rhapsody, Nightwish, HammerFall, Manowar, Megadeth, Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius, Rammstein, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Anthrax, Luca Turilli, and many others, i think.
  9. Greetings. Dawn of the Phoenix would like to invite those who are searching for a mature, respectful, fun-loving, helpful guild to visit the Citadel of Acheron and find out if Dawn is right for you. http://www.free-ftp.org/dawnp/ High skill levels are not required as we feel your character and actions are of more importance. An excerpt from Dawn Code of conduct: A Phoenix Guardian is pretty dedicated to this code, which basically says that Dawn of the Phoenix stands for fair, respectable play. In other words, we don’t tolerate scammers, cheaters, or anyone disrespectful to others. Well, it’s pretty high moral ground, but we’ve got a good history of making it work. - A Phoenix Guardian will never scam, cheat, or steal from a fellow player. - A Phoenix Guardian will always treat their friends and their enemies with the highest regard and respect. - A Phoenix Guardian will always help another in need. - A Phoenix Guardian will always contribute to a fellow guildie, as well as a stranger. - A Phoenix Guardian will make Eternal Lands a great place to come and have fun. - Above all, a Phoenix Guardian prides themself on Integrity, Honesty, and Honor at all times. Do you have what it takes to be a Phoenix Guardian? Find out...visit the Citadel of Acheron and read our Code of Conduct and Code of Honor. PM Cayuga, Asmodina, Misguided_Angel, Atavar or CelticLady for more information, or fill out a joining application on our forum under Joining Requests after reading Joining Dawn of the Phoenix thread. http://www.myfreebulletinboard.com/f/index.php?mforum=dawnp& From the ashes we are reborn....
  10. The next Eternal Race!

    count me in too.
  11. Is it a mere Coincedence

    99,9% of people do protest peacefully... trust me, 0,1% is way enough to create problems. i actually met some of them in an underground station... since they were chased by "crs" (sort of riot policemen), i had to step off the way damn quick ! lol well, part of the problem here is that people usually start to protest before thinking, just out of habbit, somehow. ^_^ i don't really care about the thing that make people protest actually, but i can say for sure that the majority of them never read the law they are fighting... as often in "civilized" countries, they blindly believe what's said on tv.
  12. ne sois pas désolé, c'était pas mal ! en tous cas, mieux que ce que je pourrais fiare en allemand !
  13. teh offical car thread

    no, they make good engines... but don't know anything about suspensions. wait until i post mine, you'll laugh.
  14. Is it a mere Coincedence

    riots ? damn ! i should park my car somewhere else, then ! to be honest, there's no such things happening here. some people will walk down the streets tomorrow, some idiots will join them to break everything they'll be able to find, policemen will charge them... only thing is that public transports are on strike, only 1/2 of them working. but except from that, nothing. power downs were in fact reserved to minister's homes in the past. so far never to games servers. edit : also on strike : teachers, piblic administrations, virgin megastores (i'm not joking ! ), and almost everything else... good thing i'm only 10 mins of walk away from where i'll have to be tomorrow.
  15. Connection Problems

    really ? *thinks about rugby, formula one, football, sailing...* *runs away* sorry, couldn't resist !
  16. Follow button/command

    same answer (as lee's) from me... for the same reasons.
  17. Lord of the flies day

    And Labor Day *and* Day of Fasting *and* Green Day are unfair to those who don't want to fight, then....so why do we need another? Tigs well, i think tigs scores a point there.
  18. time to go

    hey molime ! well, like ladywolf, i'm not that surprised. we had a few talks in the last days, and i felt that coming. i just hope you'll get back. you're the first person i really "met" in e-l (thanks to a common "contest fever" ), so you're a bit special to me. i'll miss you too. just take good care in real life, and at least, pop up now and then. i'll always be happy to see you.
  19. leader of knowledge

    it shows that much ?
  20. leader of knowledge

    contest ? count me in.
  21. exactement ! sinon, il y a officieusement un chan francophone, officiellement recencé (#jc 888), mais je l'ai toujours vu désert. sinon... bah prends un bon mois pour faire un peu le tour du jeu, voir un peu les différentes guildes, rencontrer du monde. y a quand même pas mal de frenchies... je suis même tombé sur trois d'un coup dans une mine de charbon y a pas longetmps !
  22. #Day Ideas

    it was on 1st page of suggestions forum.
  23. nan, y a plus de communauté depuis longtemps (j'ai cru compredre qu'il y avait une guilde francophone, avant. -ff-, je crois). y a toujours les spow (que j'ai plus trop revus depuis un bail, d'ailleurs), comme guilde francophone. donc on est tout un peu éparpillés. deux-trois par ci par là . mais hésite pas à m'envoyer un pm, si tu es toujours dans le coin.
  24. Thankyou

    well, i already said what i thought in events section. anyway, i'll say it again ! nice job, that was epic fun ! meh wants another one !
  25. The Shadow of Selain

    yep ! that was great fun ! i just felt sorry for the antiroot, when he was surrounded by... millions of people in portland. and had to sort all out. that probably wasn't that fun for him, at this point. well, see ya all at the awards ceremony !