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  1. Modified clients

    IF you don't report bugs about (or caused by) these, as far as i understood.
  2. Branch

    amazing how "peace messages" and "on topic please" are constantly ignored... as for the branch... well, as said it removes some itmes from the game (how would people loose nmt cloak, then ? it would end up cheaper than mm, and anyone would bitch anyway (like now, in fact)). it just adds people/guilds on blacklists, gives targets to strong players, etc. just one thing : it's not really compatible with rost, imo. having both so efficient isn't rignt. maybe make rost lower the drop rate to 5% instead of 0 (more or less, maybe cumulative with nmt... just throwing the idea, i don't implement these ), or lower brod's hit probability. i'd be just happy with that, and i guess some others too (well, except the ones who mass stocked rosts, but as said, it's still beta and you can't please anyone). *jinlge* this was a pityful attempt to move back to topic ^^ *jingle* (edit : some typos, maybe forgot some others. )
  3. Branch

    actually, i can't gang against him (correction : i could, but i'd become a collateral damage in about 2 secs ^^). and as i said, i'm far from being even a medium range fighter. someone will most probably catch him one day, but to be honest that's the least of my worries. and about the branch itself... yep, that was pretty much the idea i had in mind about it's utility. which is fine : the game needs items sinks as well as money sinks (well, not too much of both, please xD ). exactly. that's also a good day to "train" on monsters too strong for you, tho. or go exploring, mix in suddenly deserted storages, do guild projects, pvp, etc. there are lots of uses for that day. i was lucky and didn't loose anything (sorry for your crown, tho ), for the very reason you mentionned : i kept dying uber quick. that's why i didn't unequip. but now i think about it, it wouldn't make any difference against players who have at least 50 a/d levels more than me. ^^ a last question : does mirror perk/cloak have an effect against the branch ? (can it reflect its effects as well as damage taken, in other words ? )
  4. Branch

    as far as i recall, there are only two ways of destroying a nmt cape : branch of destruction and acid rain (and let it go poof in a bag, yeah... but i don't think this case is really relevant ). [edit]ooops ! i really wasn't fast enough... i should stop being on phone and trying to type, probably [/edit] and about the branch of destruction itself... well, i agree with what "top pkers" (no offense meant, to me, anyone who spends more than 1/10 of his ingame time in pk is a top pker ^^) keep saying when newbies (and/or low levels) get squished and start bitching : "don't go in a pk map with something you can't afford to lose". so, in my opinion, nothing really wrong with it. you can develop tactics about how tu use/counter it, strategy, etc (meaning forcing someone to unequip expensive stuff, for instance). not really honourable and so, but... all strategies can't be all sweet and clean, i guess. i just really don't get the point on using it on a no drop day, but well... i'm quite external to the problem : i'm by no mean pker ; i just used to join the berserk-party in kf, for the fun of it. i don't think i will anymore. no drama, it's a good time to train on monsters too tough for me, instead.
  5. Guess the player name!

    someone else can take my go (i'm not at home and have no ideas atm ^^). i'll make one when i'm back in one week.
  6. Guess the player name!

    DoubleK ? (well, i confess : the "old screenies" thread gave me a huge hint )
  7. Clearing my storage

    i'll take these. i'll try to pm you ingame asap.
  8. changing, improving harvesting

    as i understood it, better pickaxe -> better ores mined and a lower breakrate.
  9. fifa world cup

  10. What is your political compass score?

    teh froggy got it right.
  11. What is your political compass score?

    yeah ! meh wants revolition, now !
  12. What is your political compass score?

    Your political compass Economic Left/Right: -5.75 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.41 but some questions sounded weird to me, tho... we have health insurance from the government and full freedom in our bedrooms, here, for instance. ^^ (edit : typo)
  13. fifa world cup


    meh wants ale !
  15. Selling

    i'll take these, please.
  16. What is your favorite C1 map?

    favourite : tg. quiet, empty storage... least liked : dp. too big. ^^
  17. Treasure Hunt

    i've been doing that for one week !
  18. Whats you favurite music type?

    almost anything but rap, r n' b abd such. mostly metal, these months.
  19. Mini-Vanyel!

    and you wondered why you had groupies ?
  20. i'm selling a book of (general) thermal sword const. please post your offers here, i'll pm the highest bidder in a few days.
  21. selling book of thermal sword

    i'll be away 'till sunday. i'll make the deal then, i think.
  22. no more ros

    well, i'm by no mean pker (maybe i'll have the stats for that in a few years ), but i think this makes a good point. rosto's should "fail" a little bit. lower the 50% rate to 5-10% would probably spice things up a bit. i don't really like the idea of a full insurance. a bit of random "bad luck" could be nice.
  23. GM Family Reunion

    answered. i'll try to be online. or one of the other colearders, or several, or all of us. no idea yet. we'll probably start worrying about it at 6:57 gmt, as i see it. but you'll probably get at least one of us.
  24. Muppet's lotto returns

    one for me too, please.
  25. GM Family Reunion

    well, we don't have a gm anymore in dawn, we're 4 co-leaders there... should we all come ? ^_^