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  1. Selling

    i'll take this i'll pm you soon.
  2. Everything flickers

    i have that problem sometimes too (objects dissapearing, colours changing... psychedelic/stromboscopic effects, in fact). reinstalling didn't change anything, i guess that's my videocard. i really need to upgrade my hardware, anyway... only thing i found to cure it is to change its refresh rate back and forth (100hz -> 80hz -> cancel change). changing resolution works too, but it takes longer. ^^
  3. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    Nightwish : i wish i had an angel, kinslayer; wanderlust... Rhapsody : march of the swordmaster, symphony of enchanted lands, unholy warcry... Hammerfall : templars of steel, glory to the brave, heeding the call... Avantasia : metal opera. Manowar : kings of metal, hail and kill, call to arms... Sonata Arctica ; Symphony X ; Megadeth ; Apocalyptica (stupid name, but funny band)... great pieces of poetry, in other words. (and bits of the pixies, muse, placebo... but seems like i'm on a metal period again ).
  4. qualify for THC contest

    me too !
  5. Brain Teaser

    9x9+9+9+9/9 looks better to me.
  6. Where am i ?

    oooops !
  7. Where am i ?

    one of the mazes in the isles of the forgotten.
  8. Anagrams!

    i'm late, but you were right, tanyia. just find one that matches.
  9. Hyperbag hunt

    just found cho's 2nd one : in pl.
  10. Anagrams!

    Armageddon ilhngnit
  11. Anagrams!

    \o/ this one still waits for an answer dental-larsen
  12. funny pics

  13. Brain Teaser

    dutchman's correct.
  14. Brain Teaser

  15. Brain Teaser

    i guess it's my turn, then. i'm your father and mother's child, but i'm not your brother nor sister. what am i ? (translated from an other language, that's the only one i managed to translate and still makes sense after ).
  16. Brain Teaser

    a house ?
  17. Brain Teaser

    raise ? fold ? guessing, since i'm not a specialist in some of these things... and even less in english.
  18. Anagrams!

    conservation ? or conversation ? ^^ -edit- just in case i had it right (well, it is right, maybe not what you were thinking about, but i'm too lazy to search longer), here's an easy one : dental-larsen
  19. What's your favorite fantasy book series?

    an other one... david eddings books (the belgariad ? no idea about the serie's title in english... even if e read most of these in this language ^^).
  20. Funny YouTubes ;)

    this one is really good too (imo ^^) : minuscule
  21. just a thought... maybe at some point the game is just not designed for training ? monsters you'll have to kill for challenge/drops and not exp ? or somehow an obligation to pvp.
  22. *Halloween*

    "theorically" no halloween here. we have other things. but basically, mcdonald's brought it there about 10 years ago for marketing reasons. <_< so, we're invaded, and no one knows what it's about here, except making money, mass producing silly orange and black things and... nothing else, in fact. ^_^
  23. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    Rhapsody - rain of a thousand flames
  24. yep, and no idea why, but silk would be perfect to manu some (new ?) cloaks. just not to flood the market with already existing ones... or the ones that the npc sells in white stone city. ^^
  25. Life Stone

    maybe making restore only your guildies in that area ? would add teamwork to pk ? ^^