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  1. AFK Messages

    "i'm away. if you have something interesting to say, leave a message. if not, leave one anyway, i may answer later if i've nothing better to do".
  2. Guess the movie

    nope, the 3rd one. tokyo drift or whatever the complete title is. (edit) complete title : The Fast and the Furious : Tokyo Drift next one :
  3. Guess the movie

    yup, that was it.
  4. Guess the movie

    my turn, then.
  5. why am i banned?

    seeing this, couldn't it be an other dynamic ip / banned ip range conflict ? (of course, i have no way to know if that's it or his ip banned... errr... not because of bad luck. if so, i'm sorry, and please forget/delete my message).
  6. Guess the movie

    Tears of the Sun
  7. post crap music!

    hehe ! guess what ? it's a french song from the 60's, when it was cool for a singer to use an anglo-saxon sounding name. just for fun, here it is. (edit : typo)
  8. post crap music!

    no comment .
  9. Guess the player name!

    apple_pie ?
  10. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    at the moment : within temptation - in perfect harmony, and angels
  11. Talk about the contest here

    hehe ! kinda made sense, no ? closca is the vialseller in game, but both the other two are smiths (ingame as well ). and only horea was "really" a martyr, that's why my guess went to the blacksmith shop in ida. to be honest i already knew (a very very little bit : i didn't recall their names before looking in wiki. there are some other romanian historic figures ingame, though ) about this story before. i studied that period of time a bit (lots of revolts in europe... of course the one i know the most is the french one). so, the idea wasn't that bad, but : i fear i'm not really good for metaphores in foreign languages. and i don't have enough keys left to scan large areas, nor the money to buy more (saving for... a good reason ). so, unless i understand all instantly for no reason... no more ideas for now, so no regrets for the lack of keys. edit : a few typos... it's kinda late here.
  12. Tattoos and Piercings

    and it's supposed to be better ? *is kinda scared of both*
  13. Talk about the contest here

    well... before the last two hints, i scanned all inside idaloran and emerald valley blacksmith shops (because of this story.. check the smiths' names, i think you'll see what i mean ). to be honest, i was kinda proud of this theory. then inside the tower in kf ("is not a forge", "martyrs"... made sense to me, no idea why ), since so far, it was never needed to go threw a pk map to get a bag. i thought it might be the first one (9th one, it was kinda time). i kinda burnt more than 150 keys for that. and now, it's finally in a pk area/map... so with my last gc's, i bought keys again and scanned the nk cathacombs' pk area (cathacombs/martyrs, hot place like a forge. made sense a little too)... nothing there either. 100 more keys gone. so, i'm officially and totally broke and have to give up. no more choice. good luck !
  14. A big problem [SOLVED]

    alors en gros, tu as l'air d'être chez aol, qui donne des ip dynamiques (ton adresse ip change a chaque fois que tu déconnectes/reconnectes). une partie des ces adresses ip a été bannie dans le passé (à priori à cause de quelqu'un qui a pas respecté les règles, justement. rien a voir avec toi), et manque de bol, il se peut que tu aies une de ces ip à la connection. en gros, quand ça arrive, déconnecte internet, reconnecte et réessaie. et tiens les au courant si ça continue (ou empire), dans ce cas, ils te mettront surement sur la whitelist, mais comme c'est du taffe et que ça prend du temps, essaie comme ça avant. et hésite pas à m'envoyer un pm si besoin bonne chance !
  15. Tattoos and Piercings

    i have several scarrs/bumps from various "accidents" (rugby, bike, knife, that sort of things), but no tatoos or piercings (i'm affraid with pointy things ^_^ ). maybe a tattoo one day, but that's far from being a priority right now.
  16. Guild pruening

    there's (was ?) a problem for deleted chars/namechanges : there's a "ghost" in #list_guild that can't be removed.
  17. Talk about the contest here

    counting its roof ? i climbed on it and tried around that sort of hole-chimney.
  18. Guild Policies on war commands

    Guild name : Dawn of the Phoenix Guild short name : Dawn Declared Policy : To be decided. We're a democracy, so we'll vote on a case to case basis (we're mainly allrounders, though. I doubt we'll do guild wars, but who knows how voting can end). Reason : We're a neutral democratic guild.
  19. storage cleanout all must go

    i was about to ask i should be online a bit later, see ya there !
  20. storage cleanout all must go

    i'll take these for 2,2k (if i made an error while making additions, feel free to correct me : i'm a bit sleepy). (edit : typos, calc, and stuff. )
  21. Music

    Voted metal. Rhapsody NightWish (waiting to see how it goes without Tarja ) Symphony X Stratovarius Dream Theatre HammerFall Manowar Sonata Arctica Iron Maiden Helloween Anthrax Metallica Europe Avantasia Within Temptation Keltgar And some other things... Rammstein, Pixies, Nirvana, U2, Queen, Noir Desir, Berurier Noir, Indochine, Dire Straits, Guns 'n Roses, Pixies, Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, Ram Jam, Offspring, Muse, Placebo, Radiohead, AC\DC, VRP, Rolling Stones, Mozart, Smetana, Paganini, Vivaldi, Bach, Liszt, Beethoven, Tchaïkovski, Chumbawumba, Eagles, Janis Joplin, INXS, Benny Goodman, Louis Armstrong... And probably much more. In fact, i like almost everything but rap (gangsta-thing and that stuff, mainly... noisy pure show-off, imo ) and techno-trance-electronic-boom-thing.
  22. Guess the player name!

    there's a "desdemona" ingame as well
  23. PV Lilac Teleport Bug

    it happened to me too. i just kept harvesting 'til an other telenexus made me out. ^^
  24. Selling

    hehe ! better luck next time, then.