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    if only i knew it ! ^^ Guild: Dawn
  1. hyperbag

    well, i never found one, and wouldn't have taken it anyway i think. and when i use some, i usually let a key in it, in case someone nice finds it accidentally and doesn't have the key to re-hype it. never know, it could work. ^_^
  2. IF i could

    No real idea. probably Pierre Desproges.
  3. Snowboarding, or Skiing?

    skiing, i prefer speed... stunts are usually not wanted by me, though
  4. Artificer broken?

    that's why i finally reseted : 7pp to have 2 lottery tickets instead of one was too much for meh... and daytime cursing about it on guildchan wasn't fun anymore after a few months. good ol'days, anyway.
  5. Guess the movie

    the 5th element ?
  6. Religion

    as we say here, "ni dieu, ni maitre". (rough translation : no god, nor master). i think i studied sciences too much to believe anything that can't be proven. i fully respect people's faith(s), i just don't understand why they do believe. i'm not sure the previous statement is clear : very basically, to me, believing in a god is like believing in ghosts and such... well, that's the idea. ^_^ i'm just not psychologically equiped to think "there's nothing i can do, god made it". and i keep thinking that religions brought more problems than solutions, over the ages (just think : how many wars were caused by religion... and how many weren't ? ). but in the same time, if someone's faith makes him/her happy, good for him/her, really. the only problem that may happen is when a believer starts trying to convince me that he's right with ready-made sentances and no hint of personnal thinking... then it starts to irk me. but well, you need everything to make a world.
  7. Best Death Message

    <name> : "I'll be back."
  8. Dawn's anniversary contest

    Explanations. All 3 ciphers used the same method : a text ciphered using a book as a key. Example : 1st paper. 1st thing you read is "134". this had to be read "one, three, four", and not "a hundred and thirty-four". first number is a page, second is a line in that page and third a letter in that line. so, when using the brown book in portland library as a key, first letter is "i". fully decyphered, the text was : "insideahalfsunkhouseinadangerousjungleasteeltwoedgedswordpointstoit". of course, with spaces and such : "Inside a half sunk house in a dangerous jungle, a steel two edged sword points to it". 2nd paper : Key : book in the small house next to the tavern, Morcraven Marsh. Deciphered text : "In front of Roja's statue, in the Elven Homeland". 3rd paper : Key : the brown book, in Graham's Village magic shop. Deciphered text : "In front of the Shapeshifting Temple's doors". Once again, gratz to all winners ! And big thanks to all the people involved (i personnally just set up the cyphering) : -Dawn guild as a whole. You (no, we ! ) all just rock ! -molime, who gave us a (big) hand by converting some raw ingredients into prizes. That was awesome (just sorry you didn't win). -Mods team (especially Marc who asked sooooo many questions and advertised our contest. Thanks again ). -The blank paper art's author. I looked for some on the web before thinking there was probably what i looked for ingame. -All contestants. We just hope you had as much fun as us. [edit] Yup. We took notes about the mistakes there were in that contest (was the first really big one we hosted). Not giving any hint was one, i reckon. Damn, Acelon beat meh on explaining ! [/edit]
  9. Dawn's anniversary contest

    gratz ! Well, contest is over, then. i'll post explanations soon.
  10. Dawn's anniversary contest

    gratz ! seems like people find the bags backwards... only the first one to go, then. happy hunting !
  11. Dawn's anniversary contest

    Of course it is a different key per cipher. ok, small additionnal hint : all the keys are on Seridia.
  12. Dawn's anniversary contest

    Next hint(s) : -You might want to learn a bit more about someone called Thomas Jefferson Beale... It'd probably put you on the right track about the ciphering method (side note : if you ever saw National Treasure (yes, the movie), there are ciphers too at some point...). -That's the only thing you'll need out of Eternal-Lands. Everything else is ingame (that's why we recommended a good exploring skill : to find the cipher's keys). Ralloszek : actually, the 3rd bag was in melinis. No, nothing about the ciphers themselves ingame (or i'm not aware of it). What i meant is that the material needed to de-cipher is ingame. I don't really understand what you mean here. I hope my previous comment helps, though.
  13. silly question, sorry... but does the fact that e-l isn't actually hosted in the us makes any difference ?
  14. Dawn's anniversary contest

    ok, next hint. or should i call it explanation ? these are cyphered texts. there's no way to crack them using mathematics (sorry if you tried), and each cypher has its own key (which are all to be found ingame). obviously, at least one person found how it worked, almost just by observing or so i heard. well, one more hint about it tomorrow (if there are still bags in place. a lot of people seem to be quite close) same time. [edit] a small clarification [/edit]
  15. Dawn's anniversary contest

    Small update in first post. Congratz Toddma ! (to other contestants : 3rd paper is just there to look nice, now : bag was found ) I was about to add that the missing space just before "785" was just a typo. No big deal, as it seems, but i saw it a bit too late. As i said i'll add an other hint in the first post this evening (sometime around 9pm gmt).