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  1. Facts About Chuck Norris

    I'm glad Chuck Norris jokes haven't come into Canada yet.. This is the first I've ever heard of them. Why do you think they're funny? Really dumb, in my opinion. Worse than "YO MAMA" jokes even. =\
  2. What we're working on

    Awesome. So many cool things going on here.. thinking of coming back.
  3. I can't afford PhotoSHOP, so I've got the wannabe, free, similar program called PhotoPLUS 6.0 The brushes aren't saved seperately in a folder like Photoshop, they are saved as one file. :angry2: You need to have a picture on the drawing pad thing in Photoplus, Select it, and make that your brush, which is saved. So basically, I can't download and use brushes like in Photoshop. Could someone please post a bunch of pictures of single black and white brush slaps so I can copy them, paste them in, select them, and make them a brush? ..Or get me a link for something like that? Or if I'm wrong and someone knows how, could you tell me how to download brushes in Photoplus? Also, if you want to see what I mean, just download it, it takes like 5 minutes or so, then you can probably help more. Merci.
  4. What Irks you

    1) Stereotypical bullcrap. People saying, "if you like this music, you must wear this, this and this. You have to look like this, talk like that, act like them." Shouldn't it be about the music? 2) People not listening to your side of the story/argument 3) Rap, Ska, Pop 4) People giving up what they believe in to be cool. 5) ..People. Most of them, anyway. 6) Kids snorting tylenol and saying their drug test came up with E, Meth and more.. 7) Loud people. 8) Getting looked at/attention. 9) Shallow people. 10) Being in a large group of people. 11) Meeting new people. 12) Hipocrits. (Spelling?) 13) When asking a Christian what their proof is, they say, "It's in the Bible" 14) Being forced to go to church until I moved out. 15) Family gatherings. 16) People arguing with you, you prove them wrong/you right, and they say, "So?" Then continue to argue. 17) Wasting your money on a payphone because the answering machine comes up early and you don't have time to push that diamond button. 18) Sacrificing everything for someone just to watch them fall apart. 19) Those "How many -BLANK- does it take to screw in a lightbulb?" jokes. 20) People overdoing the words "Like" and "Random" 21) "Same difference", instead of, oh, I dunno, "Same thing?!" 22) People chewing with their mouth open/talking with it full. 23) Bad oral care/hygiene altogether. 24) Getting carpal tunnel from these long lists. 25) When you say something stupid, mean or inappropriate and feel embarassed. Like, "That chick looks like a mannequin." Then the girl next to you says, "That's my sister." 26) Immaturity. 27) People flipping out for no reason. 28) Saying something to someone, then have them argue with you about it for ages without you replying back. They get so angry and walk away. I said one sentence! 29) People judging me based on appearance or.. siblings. 30) I'll finish this tomorrow, goodnight.
  5. Just a small suggestion

    You know, I thought the same thing.
  6. Joker

    When I first started, and saw, "So and so found joker" I imagined him as a court jester.. I was very dissapointed when I found him.
  7. Voting @ www.mpogd.com

    I just voted, and we're at 1337 votes. Yes, that's right, leet. =P I'm at a library, should I go onto each one and vote? Or would that look strange.. ah back to that yeti game hitting the penguin. Or.. whatever,
  8. Of Magic Swords and Monsters

    ...Is the contest cancelled?
  9. Voting @ www.mpogd.com

    Hi guys, good job. Before my vote we were tied for first at 806, now we're up by one.
  10. Voting @ www.mpogd.com

    I say Entropy should give like 100 gc a day to people who vote. It's not much, it won't "ruin" the economy, but I bet it will still get people doing it. It can't hurt him, it's not coming out of his pocket, right?
  11. Helpz0rz

    Those suggestions are probably *too* serious. <.<
  12. Cycloonx's Store

    Look at the limits on the items. The cheaper items have a bigger limit, more expensive have a smaller limit. Use common sense. <_<
  13. Legend of the Warriors Line

    I really like it, I think that's the only story on here I've ever read all of.. I like it, write more.
  14. Canadians and Canadiens

    I live in Durham, in Bowmanville.. Beside Courtice and Newcastle... Courtice is beside Oshawa.. yeah. We're like 30 minutes away from eachother.
  15. making a trade bot

    It costs $100 US for a trade bot......