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  1. Today's invasion Pics

    Just capitalize it when you log in =P
  2. Top Reasons to NOT Hit on Females in EL

    http://xkcd.com/322/ need any more be said?
  3. Your personal moment of glory

    Making 2 EFEs in a row. edit: either that or my siggy, which i got a day or so after they were introduced. Sold it for 200 USD
  4. mercury extraction

    Only problem with that assumption is that cinnabar prices probably would rise, as emu of a harvestable affects the price.
  5. you mean like a help me section? http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showforum=3
  6. Kill the post above

    Thats nothing for Houdini!
  7. Kill the post above

    gas mask ftw!
  8. Reset, PP management, and Removal

    your oa level starts at 5, so its not really 5 "free" oa levels per se
  9. Buying lots of iron ore

    nevermind, found a seller
  10. Max04

    do you mean max14 or max12? max14 hasnt been on in half a year.
  11. Newcomers, guilds and such..

    Some guildmates and I were talking about this, and possible solutions to newbs being in guilds without the GM caring about the newbs. One possible solution is changing the guild creation requirement level to 70 and make it cost 100k. The guilds would not be able to be transferred to someone who does not have the required level. Also, on the side of recruitment, it would cost 1k per acceptance of new player, with the exception if that guild was the last guild the person was in (i.e. to leave guild to go train, but not to guild hop). This would keep it easy to recruit new players, but make it so guilds cant except people who wont ever play ever again just to boost their guild number. #edit: for some reason it submitted before I was done typing
  12. PKing

    As I understand what ent suggested was that some pker can say on the forums at a certain time there will be a "brawl" per se at a certain place. people could reply saying that they will be there, and everyone would know that there would be people who want to pk at a certain place at a certain time. It would be completely community-based, and no updates to the game added.