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  1. Newhope - Invance

    Nobody is disputing that he gave a share. The problem seems to be that it wasn't an EQUAL share.If he gave each of the other 6 participants a 12k share of the 128k,that adds up to 72k,meaning HIS share came to 56k,plus he kept the stone.And that's if he gave 12k to ALL 6 others,which isn't really clear. I can see why some if not all the other participants would be a bit upset,if not about the math,then about the attitude.
  2. What Additions Should Be Made To The Magic Skill?

    A thought on the fireball spell, if it is implemented...it would probably end up using an EFE and couldn't be cast while in combat. You currently can't mix in combat. There are other things that you can/can't do in combat. I think the addition of spells that you can't cast in combat is not too far fetched of an idea. Likewise, you can't shoot something with a bow that is too far or too close. Heh...and if you cast fireball on something right in front of you, you must want to be fried. lol ___________________________________ Using an EFE for ANY spell would be rediculously expensive.And why wouldn't you want to cast it while in combat?Isn't that the point of an offensive spell?Of course you should be able to also initiate combat with it,similar to ranging,but i see no reason why you wouldn't be able to use any elemental spell in combat,just like any other current spell.Not sure what mixing in or out of combat has to do with anything. Just as with current spells,any new spell should require a combination of sigils and essences to 'cast'.No need to fix something if it isn't broke,and this method has always worked fine with spells. My whole point about elemental spells is basically to give some much needed love to the magic skill.Since melee fighters can wield weapons with elemental damage,and rangers can shoot arrows/bolts with elemental damage,it makes sense to me to give mages the same opportunity with elemental spells,using essences(the 4 elemental essies as a base)the same way.It might create a bit more diversity in the type of character specialization the game currently lacks.
  3. What Additions Should Be Made To The Magic Skill?

    Some instant elemental spells would be cool.Put those elemental essences to good use. For fire essies something like 'Fireball' is a no brainer. For air,maybe an 'electrify' or 'lightning bolt'. Earth could be 'Rockslide' or 'Earthquake' or hurl a 'Boulder'. Water could 'Freeze' for like 4 or 5 seconds, or 'Icicle' or 'Tsunami'..lots of naming options,with the jist mainly being elemental damage of one of the 4 types of elemental essies. ______________ Also like the idea of some kind of daily quest involving casting spells to fix something,solve a riddle or mystery or whatever.Good stuff.
  4. the irony

    And man,once I made three fire essences in a row, and none of those was enriched!!lol and then I made fourth, and, wouldn't you believe it, that one wasn't enriched,either rofl and that went on for like ten thousands more essences lol so this one time in Nord i was heading to DP and didn't feel like walking ALL the way thru Nord then VoTD to catch the boat to DP,and looked at the big map of Seridia,and...oooh! lookit,i can cut through this South Kilaran place and get to DP lickety split! So i hit the flag to SK,and POW! this behemoth with one monstrous eye bashes me with a tree trunk...Ko'ed..so when i finally climb out of hell's pit i head back to get my db so i can proceed to DP,and whadya know? the behemoth is standing there waiting for me to zone in,smacking his tree into his hand and tapping his foot patiently....Ko'ed again....so i drag myself out of hell to go get my 2 db's and proceed on my way to DP,and....well,you get the idea,lol.
  5. Amulets instead of MM perk/cloak?

    I like the idea.But if you are going to eliminate the capes/perks totally and replace with the amulets there should definately be some trade/compensation for the capes and thosethe perk should get their pickpoints restored to re-use.That aside I think its a great idea and can lead to other accessory implementation in future.
  6. The Eternal Race

    Thorgard shall participate if possible.
  7. Lady_Tanja

    Thing is the forum isnt a game-it's merely a place to discuss the game. Take a peek at my stats.I may not be challenging anyone for #1 in any skill category but rest assuered I'm no newb.As if this has anything to do with the posted topic.....
  8. Lady_Tanja

    I had some items in a bag for a newb was sitting on it waiting for him to meet me,got eaten by a grue,logged back in immediately and theres Lady_Tanja running off with it(nobody else was around).Followed and asked for return-she logged.PMedher when she logged back in-no reply.Another n00b gone bad.Dont leave any bags when she's near or they'll be gone.
  9. Death Bag issue the 1001

    I agree in principal to this suggestion.I personally think 90% of DB's get looted in the first couple of minutes after someone dies so if there was a owner timer of say 5 minutes where nobody but the owner could take or stand on the bag it would resolve almost all of the issues piled on mods relating to taken DB's. If someone in that 5 minutes tried to take or stand on the bag they would get a system message saying'you may not open this bag at this time'.after 5 minutes the regular dropped bag timer and accessabitlity options would resume and if the owner didnt get there he could still possibly lose his items.this I think would still leave the bag available to looters but give the owner to return in a timely fashion for his things.If they dont hurry back then they still face losing their items and gives good and bad players alike no excuses.