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  1. coolethan

    Well I don't know about the 2 week thing,since about 5 days ago he pm'd asking if I wanted to join *SP* guild.We talked a bit then I politely declined.The next day I returned his db in carmien.Looter and Kailomonkey were there and I gave it to Kailomonkey to return as that's what coolethan asked me to do in pms.Coolethan seemed like a nice guy to me. When it comes to spawns,I find politeness pays off.I've walked into spawns and killed something before I realize someone is there.I say sorry and leave.Quite often they pm me and offer to share or say I can take over.I decline their offer,thank them and go somewhere else.(it's a big game).Niceness seems to work for me.Come to think of it,it works in real life too. Happy gaming all.
  2. New Death Messages

    I hear rumours of lightning being enabled.Perhaps we'll see Playername was struck by lightning and is now a crispy critter.
  3. Regarding water essences

    I always assumed that the difficulty of water essence slowed gem polishing somewhat.The game is awash with craft stuff as it is. As to air essence not being used in game.Ive sold about 10k air essence in the last couple of months.
  4. Today's "Little" Invasion

    I thought it was fantastic.The chat on 6 was great to see as players of all levels were involved.Well spaced and I had no lag.It started on c2 and since I was harvesting in m marsh I thought I'd give it a pass but the large spiders nibbling on me at Judith when the fighting spilled over into c1 changed my mind.All around good fun.Two thumbs up from me. Message to Mortos:Dark...erm summons will not avail you! I begin sharpening my trusty axe AnkleBiter in preparation for the next Yeti I meet. Gratz and thanks to those who made the event so much fun.
  5. Whats up with fire essences?

    I decided to make my usual batch of 5k fe before commenting.With 85 alch lvl my results were as follows.40 fails (12 of which were ingredients loss),1 EFE made (artificer perk) and since exp increase an extra 5k alch exp.I consider this a good trade off.The time to make it was'nt that much greater,my costs are nil since I harv/sell veg and buy cooked meat to do it.I fail at other ess so it's no big deal.The market prices are going up.When I started in EL I sold my first EFE for 5k so it's good to see prices reflecting the work that goes into making stuff. No skill in the game is meant to be easy so I don't see the change as unfair to new people.Just as easy to say mom nature wreaking havoc on new flower harvesters is harsh.Instead they learn to stop harvesting before dieing.The new prices mean they'll eventually have gc to buy the stuff being made.I think the economy is on the up swing but it takes awhile.Hopefully the true value of things will begin to show in the market(eg tit longs). As the game develops it just means I think of new strategies.I can adapt to this one too.
  6. Today's "Little" Invasion

    I was on c2 when it started but got to forest of the fall in time.Stuff seemed more spread out so there was less lag.I think invasions of different areas with varying level monsters is good.Players can decide where to go according to their skill levels.An example would be low stuff at one map,medium another map and high level monsters on another. For people who are new to invasions,have a few tele and diss rings ready to go where the action is.Assume you are going to die so wear something cheap or nothing.Leave you full plate spider fighting armor in storage. Re: bag jumpers.Every field of battle has it's ghoulish corpse robbers.I merely take note of those who do it and make no effort to help when I see them asking after their dbs in channel.Don't become emotionally attatched to a few pixels of imaginary items. I got to Wsc in time to enact my favourite part.My glorious death when I decided to attack a Yeti.Lots of fun,I may have even put a dent in him.I found the event quite enjoyable.Thanks to those who organised it. I would also like to thank the El medics who take time to heal people at beam.
  7. Thanks

    Hi.I just thought I'd take time to thank all involved in making/developing/programming/moderating this great game site.It's a fantastic experience playing and watching the game evolve.The fact that it is not a mindless leveling hack and slash but an ever changing concept with strategic play is what keeps me playing.Since the last update I've been the eternal tourist,exploring these fantastic lands. Again,thanks to all those involved in creating a truly unique gaming experience.
  8. Giant

    Lol after seeing that giant I feel totally puny.The only way I might kil one would be if it died from laughter when I attacked it.Great pic btw.
  9. Disposable armor

    A couple of leather armor + an iron bar.You make a studded leather armor. It would be a good use for the leather torsos I'm too lazy to haul to Trik.
  10. The hydrogenium

    H2S Hydrogen Sulphide Gas.colourless,sweet taste,the smell of rotten eggs.Interferes with the bodie's ability to absorb oxygen.Acts a lot like Hydrogen cyanide.Desensitizes nasal passages so you don't realize you are poisoned/dieing.Confined spaces sometimes has caused explosions.
  11. Flowers, anyone?

    I harvest lupine myself.Not for cash but as ingredients for potions.This is probably what's actually going on here.
  12. Titanium armor

    Looks like the army of the ebul Mortos himself.Totally awesome.Gratz on another fantastic job Roja.The wonders never cease in this game.
  13. Should there be a Player Ranking for GC?

    As for me,my virtual life is imitating my real life e.g no sooner do I acquire money than I spend it. Iwould guess that the ants will be the poorest. Btw,I don't see begging as a problem here compared to some sites i've visited. I judge relative worth by the number of people I see wearing crowns. Just my 1 and 1/2 gc worth since I'm broke again.
  14. Fixing some of the economy

    I see the NPCS buying an infinite number of items as a good item sink for the game.The fact that Npcs sell an infinite number of items I don't see as a good idea,even though it's a money sink.If I need lots of essence and can't find it on market or from bots I can get all I need at magic shops(no actual work involved).If the Npc was sold out of that item you need to buy at market,from bots or harvest and make it yourself.If the magic shop were empty of a particular item,production would adjust to meet demand.Magic shops buying enriched essence may help.The market and bot price would adjust to get these items as people would have the sell to shop option as a way for new people to get gc for those EFEs.If the shop/npc had an item invo cap,any excess sold is gone from the game. Trik is set to buy certain items.If he sold a fixed amount eg iron swords,this may help summoners according to new formulas(money sink),but when his invo for that item is zero only someone selling that item makes it available for sale again. I see the EL economy as actually 3 economies(market/bots/npcs).The market and bots keep items and gc flowing around the game.The Npcs add gc to the game and to a certain extent are item sinks.As stated by many people,it's not an easy fix but I don't believe increasing production times will help.As I've observed many people spend more time fighting than they used to.Adding a cool down to tools would curtail production,since it would mean even more time consuming game play.In my opinion the result would be even more people doing only fighting as a skill.I personally spend more time hunting animals for meat,so I can make FP to reduce costs.
  15. What's wrong with this pic?

    Perhaps those radon pouches are having mutating affects.Learner as big as a giant cyclops and Tanyia the size of a small ant.*Puts on protective lead coated armor*.