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  1. EFE's giveaway

  2. Its an interesting idea. I dunno if I'd like the ttr one but this could be something interesting to do with portals spell/ maybe something like this idea. Perhaps make a new spell for this effect like portals but with slightly more ess or mana use?
  3. Paste Causes Client Crash

    Evidently pasting null data or incorrect data (e.g. if you copied a file in windows, copied bitmap data , or cleared the clipboard) causes the client to violently dump to desktop. Confirmed in both windows and macos clients. Report Submitted.
  4. why would that increase rosto use? gc isnt droppable... just thought Id say that.
  5. Android client [New version, 29th of November]

    Yeah mine showed nothing but a black screen and the power level% and other indicators at the top where they normally were. back button home button and holding power button didnt work for some reason. Everything was fine after manual restart and I was able to exit the app successfully if I did not lock the screen.
  6. Android client [New version, 29th of November]

    Installs clean no problem. Attempting to run I get this error: SDL Error An error occured while trying to start the application. Please try again and/or reinstall. Error: dlopen failed: "/data/app-lib/com.el.elc-2/libmain.so" has unexpected e_machine: 40 System is AT7-C8 Toshiba. Attempting on my phone next. Installed on phone and worked however two main issues I had were: I couldnt figure out how to turn the camera. Zooming and stuff perfect np tho and: when I accidentally locked the phone screen the game screen went black when I tried to unlock it. Could not reset with power button. Was forced to manually power down by removing battery. Graphics look awesome, fps was good (20 even on this crap phone in dp cc) and quick to install. Very nice! Oh yeah and phone is LG L15G touchscreen Trakfone
  7. Crafting update?

    I'm in favor of adjusting the npc prices slightly and also of making ring of hydro a "special mix", as Brusu said. Currently mixers have almost no way to reach the hydro, if we could randomly mix that ring maybe Stivy's stranglehold on that area would be broken. Or at least not as overkill as it is now.
  8. bmoc55 : A scamming alt

    She borrowed 50k and I bought cutty for 40k. Was expecting 70k back for the 50k. She told me she wanted cutty back and I said that will be an additional 40k. So I am scammer for wanting my money back. (the 70k) I wouldnt been happy with even 50k, but instead I get nothing. I certainly wouldn't take a loss to my own gold reserves because of someone else's idiocy.. (losing their CoL) That makes no sense. And Yes, I still have the cutty.
  9. bmoc55 : A scamming alt

    "[PM from bmoc55: this is the last time i talk to you. you said heres 50k loan here is 40k for cutty pay me back 70k for it all since you lost col ill take a 20k los]" What? I wouldn't do that. Recently I had recruited a player called "bmoc55" She needed help training and stuff and to get her equipment, I loaned her 50k gold and bought her cutlass from her for 40k. I was expecting to get back 70k for the 50k loan. However she wished to rebuy the cutty. When I told her that if she wanted to rebuy the cutty it would change the total to 110k. I was accused of scamming by her. (not in forums) I later found out her alt is "kilo55" another player who is listed in here as a scamming person. I just want to warn everyone about her and to not lend her gear or gold, If your expecting to be repaid.