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  1. EMP weapon

    I like the idea but i bet the people who vote no are mainly the high levels who dont like the idea of losing their items
  2. Quote of the week submissions

    I had to put this on here. Story behing it is i met him in the white stone summoning arena and we went back to storage because i wanted to give him some brown snake skins and meat then i tried to trade him some les and this happened
  3. Sali - bag jumper

    im sorry i forgot chatlog, here it is [18:26:58] Nixxy4Ever: sali please move [18:27:00] [PurpleGirl @ guild]: ok im loggin [18:27:09] [Hex @ guild]: cya pg [18:27:09] [shallson @ guild]: ok all im gonna log got 7k snaps [18:27:15] [Hex @ guild]: cya ss [18:27:18] [Nixxy4Ever @ guild]: dammit got bag jumped [18:27:19] PurpleGirl has logged off. [18:27:19] [shallson @ guild]: ill get on later [18:27:23] [Painfu @ guild]: cya [18:27:26] [PM to sali: please move] [18:27:29] iron_beard: falls on floor and starts lauging [18:27:31] [Hex @ guild]: -_- omg we have bad luck today [18:27:40] iron_beard: *luaghing [18:27:41] [shallson @ guild]: sali bag jumped nix [18:27:52] [cho_yun @ guild]: get a ss or something [18:27:58] [cho_yun @ guild]: and post in outlaw forum [18:27:59] [PM to Shallson: how many srs, hes and fos were in the bad?] [18:28:13] [PM from Shallson: 100 and 30] [18:28:34] [PM to sali: give me back my hes and srs or ill add you on the outlaw] [18:28:44] [shallson @ guild]: took 100 healths and 30 srs [18:28:53] [PM to Shallson: damn she took 50 healths and 15 srs] [18:28:53] [Hex @ guild]: tell sali if he doesn;t return the goods he will be banned from Addy [18:28:54] [shallson @ guild]: ok im gonna log now [18:29:03] Shallson has logged off. [18:29:08] [PM to sali: and you will be banned from adarah] [18:29:13] [Nixxy4Ever @ guild]: she wont give them back [18:29:27] [Hex @ guild]: did u PM him? [18:29:30] [Nixxy4Ever @ guild]: yup [18:29:36] [Hex @ guild]: did he respond? [18:29:50] [Nixxy4Ever @ guild]: nope [18:29:53] Pker0rz: scorpius [18:30:06] [cho_yun @ guild]: then outlaw it [18:30:15] [PM to sali: ok im posting you on outlaws]
  4. Sali - bag jumper

    Was in votd working on a guild project and Sali jumped our bag and stole hes and srs, just a warning to you all to be careful
  5. How old are you?

    couldnt decide what age to put because i have been told i have a physical age of 23 and a mental age of about 9 so i chose 23
  6. Plachtak

    Bag jumped myself and Velve at Mira costing us 300 feasting potions and refused to leave the bag then accidently moved off bag and we got it back, just be careful
  7. PK action

    yes hades *CO* is enemy to DIE! now. and i dont pk fluffys
  8. PK action

    PK rly seems to get more ppl again. nearly every evening (for me ~10pm) *CO* / =HC= / TLB / and some ppl from other guilds fight vs. \A/ & DIE! it's rly very much fun, every evening before i log off (11pm i log off) i go check KF and find many ppl to pk. here are some videos. Crus = pr0 ;p Pookies + Digital vs me just a test against f chim, i know im n44b Thanks guys for those great evenings, lets do this every evening plx, it rly rocks
  9. PK Contest adjustments

    no, i wont give numbers, dont want to give out tooms secret, but ask matess and he'll maybe tell u anyway that was offtopic. cyp, i dont care about the teams, maybe others do, ill participate. if others cry about teams, just shuffle them till u get a good mix EDIT: TempesT is my ingame name........
  10. PK Contest adjustments

    Negonora mabye, But Lorck does not belong on row 2 he is weak muf.. grear is strong, but lorck is stronger, ... and lorck has the same combat level as toom, he has lower a/d, but way more coord, so go get a clue before u talk, k thx. @cyp, idc if the teams are unbalanced, ill take part, didnt notice this topic before thats the reason i didnt tell i take part
  11. No rostogol stone day

    u wanted to give us 1 no rosto day every week, this last weekend there was nothin could we prolly get the day at the coming weekend? would be rly cool, thx.
  12. Hello - Server Problems

    dunno why but since 2 minutes i didnt grue anymore...
  13. Hello - Server Problems

    maybe liquid hax0riz3d server j/k well.. we cant do anything else then wait, just wanted to know if more ppl have the same problem, not only me
  14. Hello - Server Problems

    well, i keep getting disconnected.. plx no flame war but.. i guess its not only me, no?
  15. No rostogol stone day

    Yeaha! Pr0!