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  1. Rabbitman's Weekly Improvement Ideas for EL

    This is something I have thought about myself. The special swords have a very minimal bonus. I believe the damage should be increased for most mobs/players (some extra damage for iron swords, more for iron broad swords, etc.) but with differences like those below: It seems to me that fire swords should have an even higher damage bonus on mobs like ice dragons, yeti and frost trolls, with ice swords giving no extra damage to these mobs. Likewise, ice swords should give a much higher damage bonus to mobs like the red dragon and maybe legionnaire orcs, while fire swords have no extra damage. Possibly magic swords could increase the rationality of the bearer. Not so sure about that one, but they should have an effect that is comparable to the fire and ice swords.
  2. Global Quest FAQ

    More Special Days!!! :[ I thought that one had been done away with. Please tell me that at least the formula for the days has been changed.
  3. Global Quest FAQ

    Unfortunately, the bot can't go to Hyutan. We need to haul the gypsum from the bot to Hyutan. But thanks for all the gypsum mining and hauling to sto. Wow - I never realized that. We should have just kept it in our own storages then so that we could haul it to Hyutan. How do we get it out of the bot to haul it?
  4. Global Quest FAQ

    AlddrA, Nyst, Kinreth, and myself harved about 8k of gypsum the other night. The next morning AlddrA put it on the global_bot. I believe the gypsum is taken care of as soon as someone takes the bot to Hyutan.
  5. Sale: Some harvestables and other stuff

    I will buy all of the flowers in the 1.6 lot (minus the cotton that is marked out). If I added right, that comes to 49,093 (always possible i inverted 2 numbers or something, so let me know if it's off). Kyndor
  6. Selling storage

    I will buy the silver ore - 56k. pm me, or mercator a message if i'm not on. In game name - Kyndor
  7. Rule #5, multiplaying

    Those of us who don't usually listen to @6 would be interested in hearing Radu's thoughts about the change. If he doesn't have time, maybe someone could paste a chat log. Thanks.
  8. Server Crash?

    Me too. Grued and cannot reconnect.
  9. Server Crash?

    I did not grue, but the bot near me in MM, Elbay, did . . .
  10. Crash?

    Me too. Came back up briefly, then went down again. Can't reconnect now for at least 5 minutes.
  11. Just a caveat before I say this - I am nowhere near finishing the manu tutorial - only up to emerald claymore. However, even if I someday get far enough along to complete it, I probably won't. I spend countless hours harving CF flowers on the days that I have red astro for harvesting events. Without that red astro, and the ability to (more or less) safely use a harvester medallion, I can't imagine potioning . . . You should earn something special for the completion of any tutorial quest - in the skill area related to the tutorial. For the manu tutorial the elimination of the red astro in the make rare/fail category makes perfect sense. I wonder however why completion of a manufacturing tutorial should have any effect at all on harvesting . . .
  12. I am posting this for a DizzleX, a guildie whose account hasn't been validated yet. Any questions please pm him, not me. Note that he is in the Pacific time zone - (UTC -8). Artificial Removal Stone: Starting bid - 990k Bids in increments of 10k, or purchase it now for 1,200,000 gc. Bids can be posted here, or pm'd/Mercatored in game to DizzleX. The auction will end on 02/23/14 at 5:00 pm UTC -8.
  13. The Circle Guild ~O~ - 7th Anniversary

    Congratulations Marack, Ashi, Johnelf, and all of ~O~. Looking forward to the next 7 years
  14. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Kyndor - 10k gold ore - (30k) And thank you. . . This is such a great service:)
  15. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Kyndor - 10k Silver Ore - 25,000 gc Thank you.