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  1. eep

    Nice, I like the bit were he reverses it.
  2. lmao!

  3. Fav. Bands

    Lost prophets/Funeral for a friend/Fightstar/Billy Talent/System of a Down/Muse/Child of Bodom/Avenged Sevenfold... Proberly more but i forgot...
  4. Someone got real mad...

    Lmao... maybe Ant_Queen got angry with s/he.
  5. bad luck finding a place to hide

    Not too funny to make me laugh, but still quite funny.
  6. Might join another guild.

    Puna made EDF again about 2 months ago accept the short tag was something like Q.
  7. Might join another guild.

    What will you do with TiM bleeding?
  8. Artwork Updates

    Wow, nice armor and I agree the helm does rock! Nice going Roja!
  9. Eternal Lands commercial contest!

    Can we see the winning commercial?
  10. new avatar

    Nice, I like it.
  11. Forum Skin

    I like it, i was surpriced last time i logged on.
  12. THC contest on hold

    Has the qualifying taken place yet?
  13. Football: English Premiership 06/07

    I hope I get up the table more....
  14. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    Billy Talent - Red Flag
  15. Anagrams!

    Ok... If you don't know what an anagram is... An anagram is a word jumbled up and you have to guess what the word is. When you get one right, it's your go... Heres one: Muactoati Have fun!
  16. The Update

    What new stuff is there?
  17. Vote on what more spawns you need

    I've gone for Orcs for basicly the same reason as Labrat.
  18. Poprocks and Coke

    I was watching this program and they did this test on a Pig stomach, (Thats aparently like a Human's) they poured Poprocks and then Coke into the stomach and it Didn't explode! All it does it inflate like a balloon, Still i wouldn't try do it. Oh, and then they tried using Biocarbonate of soda and Coke together and it did explode. (And BTW the Program was Mythbusters)
  19. Poprocks and Coke

    *thinks.. Stick with diet coke the fizzyness rules!!!* It was just a thought...
  20. funny pics

    Lol, nice pics Form.
  21. Artwork Updates

    Nice work Roja!
  22. Which will you get in Nov?

    Defently Wii!
  23. Three word story

    The guy who
  24. I'm not a liar

    Woa, Lucky you!