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  1. my new keyboard

    Lol nice one, I like how you've put EL on the screen aswell.
  2. AFK Messages

    I use: I'm currently not here at the moment, leave a message after the quack, *QUACK*! And... ididn'teatmyspacebar
  3. making things for money

    Sorry if someone has mentioned this but I good way to make money is get your manu level up to you can make leather pants and sell them to Trik and so on...
  4. B-Day Party!

    Any screenies of the party?
  5. B-Day Party!

    Happy B-Day BS, I can't come but I'll give you a present ingame.
  6. my new keyboard

  7. my new keyboard

    Nice, need one of them
  8. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    Detonation - Trivium
  9. Looking For A Guild

    A/d= 52/57 Oa= 69 PM me ingame or on the forum if you want to know anymore stats or any more info about me! EDIT: I'm looking for a not fully PK guild.
  10. Looking For A Guild

    I'm in a guild now, Thanks for all the offers.
  11. EL.exe error

    I'm really getting sick of it now theres no sign of lag and EL.exe error comes up, can anyone help? It happens loads...
  12. EL.exe error

    Ok, I'll see who I can find... -Edit: I don't really know anyone thats good on computers that can solve this problem...
  13. Happy anniversary

    2 Years and a few months then?
  14. Happy anniversary

    I'm not sure when mine is but I know I've been playing for about 2 years.
  15. Founding Lands

    It's basically the same as guild-maps accept It's owned by the guild.
  16. EL.exe error

    Oh, sorry I'm not that good with computers and knowing what stuff it has... My problem is: I'm just on EL then it randomly freezes then a box comes up saying EL.exe and then something like windows will have to shut down the program.
  17. -EF- is back!

    WB -EF- I hope you build up.
  18. Looking For A Guild

    Thanks for the offers, I'll talk to you ingame Tico.
  19. EL.exe error

    I'm still having problems wih this, but I forgot about the thread. >.<
  20. Siggys

    Doesn't really on Imageshack.
  21. Very good! Good screenshots aswell.
  22. Encyclopedia - Summoning section

    I like it!
  23. Siggys

    Try uploading them with Imageshack you can change the size you want on it.
  24. Curse of the Snake Statue

    I may aswell give it a go.
  25. lmao!

    Lol the other one is extra funny.