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  1. Our little bundle of joy

    Congratz and GL.
  2. Chain Reaction

    (bombs) ite
  3. Chain Reaction

    (Note) Cluster
  4. Chain Reaction

    (Home) Tuition
  5. Chain Reaction

    ation (Plantation) ((I think its a word...))
  6. ~SX~ (Scorpions Xcess)

    GL with you guild Fabio!
  7. Artwork Updates

    Nice there are so cool.
  8. Chain Reaction

    But wouldn't that be louis St.? Because Acelon posted first...
  9. Chain Reaction

    ion (Once again )
  10. Best Death Message

    Thats basically my one...
  11. Chain Reaction

  12. I like that idea having events in counters thing, but I'm not sure what you meen with Quest Log...
  13. Joker

    I like the two ideas, but I think taking away s[he]'s CoL's is a bit harsh Knight.
  14. harvesting improved (or not? :P)

    I don't like the sound of this idea because wont you be like harvesting a few ore then: You started Harvesting... You Stopped Harvesting, from going on to bag to bag. So i don't get how it will make the game more fun, maybe more stressful...
  15. Chain Reaction

    ion (Addiction)
  16. Chain Reaction

  17. Chain Reaction

    Him ((If it is wrong just ignore this post...))
  18. Chain Reaction

    You still don't get it.
  19. Chain Reaction

    Sky ((I think moo didn't get it ))
  20. Chain Reaction

    Mine was sussoposed to go with Flinto's.
  21. Chain Reaction

    Boat EDIT: Life death? :s
  22. Chain Reaction

  23. Chain Reaction

    People Flinto beat me... About ((Not sure about this one))
  24. Football: English Premiership 06/07

    Morinhio just makes up excuses up in interviews after Chelsea loses. (Well atleast I atleast i think...)
  25. Chain Reaction

    Heals ((Toughie...))