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  1. Polska - Poland

    Ale rze o co hodzi?
  2. New engine test (terrain)

    Smooth and fast. FPS 60 (limited by v-sync). nVidia GF9600M GT P8600
  3. Need a opinion

    It's kinda easy to post large pictures via thumbinals while using photobucket.com hosting. uploading file there gives you a link to the photo, but also a thumbinal. Just by adding 'th_' to the file name you'll get thumbinal link without resizing, creating, uploading and linking any extra files... kinda convienient imo.
  4. Want to have a guild map?

    Start: el.exe test or edit the EL shortcut properties and add 'test' at the end of the 'target' field (after the quotation mark ") There's no 'web address'. And this is not a place for such a questions. Ask in the proper subforum or use 'search' ffs.
  5. Translation ... or not!

    I agree. I'm responsible for the Polish Ency only, and I left english names in there. As a matter of fact, there are 2 names under each item (ok, not everyone but I'm still working on it ;P): one, main name in English, then below, Polish name in brackets: Yup. Since EL is based on english, ppl should learn english names. To avoid later communication problems Some of the names I left in PL ency, untranslated or with translations added in brackets: NPC names Spell names Item names Nexus names Ingredients names Perks names Attributes names
  6. EL Polls

    Not till u sell votes for $$, u r ebul vote farmer!
  7. EL Polls

    Poll poll poll poll pooooooll poll poll poll... ! Damn, Im Polish, and a I'd like a poll with poll, poll, poll, poll, poll, eggs, bean, stupid questions, poll, poll, poll, poll, stupid answers and poll. ty
  8. Gold membership

    oh bai bai? o/ Like making an paypal account would take forever... Even such a polish jerk as myself could open a PP account And you dont have to pay. Its obligatory voluntary. I have nothing against radu making profit from EL. It's just the way things are. You work, you earn. I just hope it wont spoil the fun. And I'm willing to risk it. If the 'gold account' idea become be a dud, well, then I will simply stop paying for it. And there's always a sandbox, a perfect place to play "other games". heh, we are aksuly trying to get rid of such situations... not to motivate ppl to farm gc in exchange for IRL $$.
  9. Gold membership

    I'd buy it. Sign me in.
  10. Black dragon armor...

    Good luck selling one It's hard to find anyone willing to take it for free I'm trying for over a week, nobody is interested (to buy! ).
  11. TS effect

    oh my... you're fast... >.< Even if you dont have the latest ency shot... the TS effect was changed like uhm... 2 months ago? Revision: 276 Author: theryndan Date: 15:52:53, 31 January 2009 Message: Removed the side-effect for TS potions ---- Modified : /dev_release/languages/en/Encyclopedia/Potions.xml
  12. Storage Wipeout

    Okey. Sold Sold too Pleas find me ingame (be there somwhere around 18 GMT+1)
  13. Storage Wipeout

    Small update. Dung added to the offer.
  14. Storage Wipeout

    No, thanks. Sure, catch me ingame please. But I got other offers via ingame PM earlier, sorry :/
  15. Storage Wipeout

    Brown rabbit fur - 3gc/ea all the other items were already sold.