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  1. We need more players here

    Just put a little bit of a imagination,and pk server can be very fun
  2. Guilds

    So lets see.. I asume that the only way to survive for the longest periode of time is to join a guild..So guild shoud be much cheaper. Afcorse there will be a huge amount of guilds in the begining but after a few month from a 100 of guilds there will be mabe 3 or 2 most strongest guilds fighting for there place in the world. And like noobies,bagjumpers,scamers,there will be a new name , campies . If the cities are made non-pkable then guilds make take them as there own! Put a gurds in front of the gates and make sure no-one enteres That woud be pretty fun.. It woud be interesting to put that guilds can take cities,houses and that kind a stuff for them own.. But That woud be a problem if there is a huge number of guilds
  3. Perks

    I woud put that for negative perks you need to pay much more gold. That way people woudnt be able to take them on the begining.
  4. fighting tournaments

    Mabe just one special arena...Like this. Noone cant enter there antil the chalange begin. Its looks like this: Someone chelnge someone for a battle. Chelenger chose what kind of battle woud it be (no weapons,only swords,etc) then they set the time and a message goes throw the etrnal-land thet there is gona be a tournament. BUT message goes only for realy high lvl players (no one woud go to watch noobs fight). ANd then players go to arena and place there bets on a some of the players. Afcorse there is a reworde for a winer and other you can imagine
  5. teh_mita

    No im not Mita! Im his friend and i know thet he is not a scamer! He coud scam me 10000 times and he never did it! And i know thet you are just trying to worn people but now they all are spiting on his name! This game turned all of you in something else...I just see thet people here are just see them self and scamers evrywhere (ok thet is not farawey from the truth but the point is... I just see thet hes felow Serbian turned him back...like you all did a 1000 times to me.....
  6. teh_mita

    Do you know what is the strangest thing? When he needed help you all turned him back...Noone even talked to him...And now you all attack him??? Thets bed...and all of you dont have any right to talk thet he is a scamer when he didnt scamed anyone!!!
  7. teh_mita

    No. Mita is not a scammer. I know him. And all of you shoud be ashamed! Crus,grear...You call your self a people of honor? hah! I shamed thet i ever talk to you people! When your friend needs help...You all turn him back and spit on him! shame on you, not him!
  8. Can't connect to server. [CLOSED]

    [16:28:52] Error: Can't open file "quest.log" hmm....What about this??? He sed thet this was written the first time...Mabe its a problem with thet I have no idea just saying
  9. World event

    HAHAHAHHAHA! Gielan you are crazy ! LOL! O i gona die from laugh! Gialen if you a girl i woud kiss you!
  10. World event

    This gived me an idea! Thet you sed but to put capture the flag! Something like Batllefield 1942. Two nations,players chooes on witch side they shoud be (now goes all thet trollson sed) BUT! We put thet players can conqure citys and vilages! Thet thet two nations have war against the places and players on each nation can attack only each other,they cant attack neutral players. What do you think about this>?
  11. World event

    Damn...youl right ok il get something betther soon
  12. World event

    No,no,no! You all get wrong! The ONE is chosen!!! And others helps him but only he can do the quest! Like in movies! Like he have only 4 days to do it! And others do not get slaugthered! Big event! Chaos evrywhere! World is on the brink of the distruction and his fate is in hands of one player... Get it now?! Something thet will get EL diferent from other MMORPGS..They are all the same...And even EL is geting to them and becaming alitle boring...This woud make him diferent! Like the players are making the new history of EL! Like they changing the world!
  13. World event

    hm...I thought thet is a good idea to put world events. Something like invasions but much stronger! Like Entropy choose one of the players,and tell him thet he is the choosen one to save te Eternal Lands. Now He say him some big quest to do to save the world,and thet player must do thet with his friends in roll play. BUT! All world is in war! Gods are in war,elf,dwarfs! Evryone! To stop the chaos in world he must do the quest... Exaple:"Morots wona destroy a world and he send invasions on evry plays in earth! Now thet player must find 4 magic stones and put them in Aluwens castle to summon it to the earth...Bla.bla..bla."..Something like thet. And then if he maneg to do thet they Put him in EL history on a website...and if he not...Hm...I dont know You give a idea
  14. Someone got real mad...

    Finaly you can say thet he forgot his head at home
  15. Wanted list

    yea...I agree with you. And maybe bad boys make the world spin but too many bad boys make it sunk...I mean it will not bee funny because bagjumped people useuly became begjumpers....