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  1. Polska - Poland

    <<< lepszy niż GMka i MP razem wzięci
  2. Crazy :D

    back to the topic anyone noticed that banner under the animation?
  3. Soccer WORLD CUP 2006..........

    Brazil will own
  4. scarr's sig/av corner

    that is a pro one - i wonder how long does it take for you to make such sig/avatar? and of course i would like to have an avatar :] my scorpion one has been here for much too long
  5. What FF character are you?

    hey why am i sephirot? i am always good and nice to everyone i even chosen to call an ambulance
  6. scarr's sig/av corner

    can you do one for me or is the name too long?
  7. [patch] Kill Counter

    I agree with Cycloonx
  8. [patch] Kill Counter

    After i installed your client i can't find console button :s edit: i have just found the history button
  9. Anthropologist

    he had this Avatar long before the movie i guess it's from Alan's Moore comic
  10. Linkin PArk!

    you mean "hardstyle" (a.k.a. hardstyle gabba shit ) LP is as to metal as Britney Spears is to classical music LP sux
  11. 2006 poland/czech/slovak meeting

    offtopic:Istiah why you changed your avatar? the last one was cool (Stanley Kubrik rlz)
  12. 2006 poland/czech/slovak meeting

    I cant wait to see Listicka Krakow is ok for me, im from very north of Poland (Gdynia) It will be great phun XD :
  13. 2006 poland/czech/slovak meeting

    Gdynia or Gdańsk
  14. Polska - Poland

    a pro pos posiłków: Chuck Noriss wcina łabedzie w Toruniu
  15. Polska - Poland

    Nitager- polska odpowiedź na Chucka Norrisa
  16. Polska - Poland

    "Haos" przez CH sie pisze
  17. Funny Pic's

  18. nonsense flash movie

    looked and sounded very similiar to mario twins:/ maybe the same author
  19. portrait of me

    my mate was bored in shool so he stared to drawning me, it looks cool and preety similiar to me :
  20. Funny game

    if you didnt noticed my score is fake, i have just used Merricks screen and i have never played that game lol
  21. Funny game

    who is the boss?
  22. Russians

    случилось к ранее русской теме?, оно был очень популярен
  23. Polska - Poland

    hehe chodźcie do realu ;] to was z AK dziabne
  24. Polska - Poland

    100 lat
  25. O....K....

    woman with a tail isnt sexy