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  1. SDL 2.0

    Looks like it is stable now, it is also in release candidate modus, with prebuild binraries. Would be nice if someone can help getting it into place for el, since than a full el client for android is not far away.
  2. Next version of EL

    Thanks for the feedback Burn, I will try to commit some fixes for that this week
  3. Next version of EL

    Ok, the OpenMP should now behave when disabled and some other small fixes.
  4. 2 Questions about the coming client

    Thanks Burn, that is exactly what I meant. Sorry for my bad explanation, all the current maps will work without changes, but for the new features, like the 3d terrain etc. there is no automatic conversion.
  5. Next version of EL

    Yes, all the GOMP/omp stuff comes from OpenMP. Ok, will look at that today and hope to fix it
  6. Next version of EL

    Sorry for my late reply, was too busy with RL. Hopefully the segfaults are fixed now, will look into the other problems these days.
  7. 2 Questions about the coming client

    Since the new 3d terrain works totally different, there is no automated conversion from 2d tile based ground to 3d. The new 3d terrain is also not a simple height map for displacing, it is a vector displacement, so overhangs are possible. The maps must all be hand converted because of that, since many small objects are no longer needed. The sources are freely aviable, for binary builds for windows it's best to ask Sir_Odie, since I am busy enough with the coding The old maps all work/can be loaded. The new map format has support for multiple tile levels etc. and there is automatic conversion implemented, so old maps work without problem.
  8. Next version of EL

    Thanks for all the testing. The new IP is only for testing, the walk map is not working, so strange walking stuff has to be expected. The animation of the tree is not final and has some side effects I think I found and fixed the multi threading bug. I still don't know why always OpenMP is used
  9. Sounds interesting, will have a look at it soon. Perhaps it's easier to port to OpenGL 2.x/3.x and OpenGL ES 2.x/3.x
  10. SDL 2.0

    As far as I can see, there is no problem using SDL_net with SDL 2.0
  11. SDL 2.0

    Is here anyone interested in making el compile with SDL 2.0? The main advantage of SDL 2.0 is better OpenGL support (OpenGL 3.0, OpenGL ES, debug context etc.).
  12. Android client

    Would be nice to see the el code able to compile with SDL 2.0 and SDL 1.2
  13. Android client

    Porting from OpenGL to OpenGL ES is not trivial. First, you need different function for context creation. Second, only using OpenGL ES 2.0 or newer is a wise move for el, because the similarities between OpenGL 2.x/3.x and OpenGL ES 2/3 are big enough to make the game look similar. The problem is, OpenGL ES 2.0 does not support any fixed function stuff, so all old OpenGL 1.x stuff needs to go. For the el2 client, this is done for nearly all 3d parts, only the sky is not ported, but will be done hopefully soon The GUI and the font rendering need a total rewrite to work for OpenGL 3.1+ core profiles or OpenGL ES 2.x and this is some work, but I don't know when I have time for that. So, it is unlikely that there will be an el client for OpenGL ES this year
  14. android client?

    yes, thinking on it. I hope to get the el 2 client working for android, but first I need to finish it. Than I can check it's compatibility for OpenGL ES 2.0 (should be no problem) and than I can look at the android specific parts.
  15. zlib problems with compiling EL (patch)

    Hopefully I found a working fix for everyone, is in sources now for current el client and the new opengl 2 one