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  1. Book of Potion of Crafting

    Well sorry about that ... the previous book was only 2600 long, so I thought 21000 was excessively long. I guess it makes it excessively interesting. Thank you anyway for your answers !
  2. Book of Potion of Crafting

    As the title says, I have what I hope to be a bug when reading the Book of Potion of Crafting. While it is supposed to take 2100 minutes to read, the progression bar says : x / 21000 !! I couldn't find anything about this bug on version 1.4 (downloaded and installed today june the 10th 2007, after patch_2). Please let me know if this a normal (but huge) reading time or if there is anyway for me to correct this (uninstall/reinstall for example). Thank you ! Edit: sorry for typo in description ... mibnues means minutes in my buggy world :-)
  3. Tip to receive free SMSs

    Radu was talking about implementing SMS notification for special days in EL. This being a pay to use service, I posted my nice-tip-for-free and here it goes : My mobile phone operator (Orange France) provides me with an e-mail address like "phonenumber@orange.fr" that can notify me when I receive e-mails, according to my rules. I am sent the first 20 characters of the subject and I call a free number to get a synthetic voice reading the mail received. For example I set the following rules : - Notify me when I receive a mail from mywife@mywife.com - Notify me when I receive a mail from clientorder@mycompany.com - Notify me when I receive a mail with a subject ending with "( From Eternal Lands Official Forums )" Thus my wife can send me an e-mail saying "Don't forget the bread", my e-business server tells me "Order from Mr XYZ" and EL forums tell me "You have a new personnal message" ... well actually it only says : "You have a new perso ..." from chaos_rift@yahoo.com ... but that's good enough. Note: Orange France notifies you instantly with the subject of the message while SFR only sends notifications 4 times a day, only saying that you got mail and it's not a free service as far as I know. So let me know if you are using Orange France and want to know more about it. And let us all know if you are using a different operator with similar functions.
  4. SMS notification!

    Certainly works with Orange France, but paying for this service takes me out of it. Tips for free e-mail=>SMS with Orange France : the e-mail address they provide (phonenumber@orange.fr) allows you to receive SMS containing the subject of e-mail received, for free and according to your rules (mail from Radu, subject beginning with EL, etc). That is, if you send me a mail to "myaddress@orange.fr" I will instantly receive a SMS with the first 20 letters of the subject of your e-mail. Completely free (well ... you have to be a Orange France user of course) and can be usefull :-) Thought some of you could find an interest in this. I used to have my server let me know instantly when a client had made an order on our website. Now I use it to know when someone leaves a message on my xDSL phone at home (my ISP sends an e-mail to a chosen address when I receive messages). That is cool ... Question : Where should I post that kind of tips ? Edit: Posted this in Off Topic / Science and Tech
  5. Guess the player name!

    Well ... this is Chicago's Skyline ... Is anyone called C-Chicago ? lol or may be C-Bulls, lol Don't know
  6. My Heritage - Face Recognition

    Hello all again, For those who don't want to create an account : login : abcdef@abcdef.com pass : abcdef You might want to change your profile info like age and sex, althought I'm not sure it has a direct impact on the analysis. Plus don't consider you have a direct resemblance, better think : MrY could be your father/brother/son and MrsX your mother/sister/daughter Enjoy PS: sh00t ... became a skunk, lol
  7. My Heritage - Face Recognition

    ... 3 tries with 3 different pictures ... The first test says 78% Val Kilmer . The n°1 and n°2 only have Karolina Kurkova in common And among other strange comparisons, the third test says : 70% Richard Gere and 70% Usher, lol !!! I'm gonna try with my wife's picture, to find nice things to tell her tonight : "you know, you have that special something ... you so lool like George W Bush at a 70% level", lol ... Edit: Holy Moly ... my wife has a 60% resemblance with ... The ROCK !!! lol. And 67% with Mira Sorvino. Edit2: the male human character found on this page http://www.eternal-lands.com/page/races.php is supposed to have a 61% resemblance with US Public Ennemy n°1, as well as with Madonna. The gnome is 60% Billy Idol, lol ... and the dark elf is between Dennis Weaver (??) and Nicole Kidman. The Dwarf is 68% Lionel Richie, lol Edit3: I really feel stupid playing with this ... but the female Elf is 83% Adriana Karembeu !!! Finally Orchans are not recognized, and the male draegoni is supposed to look like Tia Carrere, lol, or more likely Oded Fehr /
  8. A fan art gallery

    Great idea, and nice work ! I was about to ask whether my photos would fit ... but I'm not sure now. Their only relationship with EL is the fact that EL inspired me to take/mod them. An example would be : Let me know !
  9. The newbiest thing you ever saw

    1. The first time I met with the Joker, he was about to give me a Titanium bar, the most valuable item I would have ever had. Only I didn't realized that my inventory was already full. As a consequence I lost the item ... 2. I was having dinner, watching my char resting under the star covered sky of WS, near lakeside. Then I remember thinking : "Wow, that guy has a real cool P2P gargoyle-like char !"... a bite later I was in hell. A chance I did'nt lose anything valuable. Certainly many others ...
  10. New idea

    I was about to suggest that Good people could have a lower chance of losing their equipment when they die. This could counter-balance the attack adv of Evil people without using a purely symetric system. Also I'm curious to see the effect of this idea on guild's organization : if they can split their members into 2 groups, they can take a double advantage out of it, turning this into a strong power catalyzer. And as usual my silly idea : a Schizophrenic (positive or negative ?) perk where you have chances of changing from Good to Evil every day, but you don't know it in adance of course. Or else a day/night change, as Doctor JEKYLL and Mister HYDE ... but might be too easy to turn into an advantage. Good idea anyway : can't wait to see the proportion of Good/Neutral/Evil
  11. Global advantages

    I think it was clear enough in your first post when you said : People just can't believe it means what they read. Anyway ... I was about to suggest the idea of paying for storage. Clmates was faster. Taxes on boat travels sounds good too. And remember that in the middle-ages you had to pay to enter big cities or walk through a bridge. Maybe that will occur in your "player made cities". Agree with the global advantage (although my char is quite poor) and progressive invasion suggestions. Can't wait to have more time (that is even a minute) to get back to play !!
  12. Poser 5 for free!

    They extended the offer until the 8th ...
  13. Pluto : no longer a planet

    Anyway ... scientists are just trying to make things fit in a box. But the result sounds odd. I think Eternal Lands is much more realistic :-)
  14. Guess the player name!

    That would be : plutoh21 Plut for Plutonium OH for Ohio and if the "<3" is part of the trick, then 2 and 1 are both <3 So ??? Edit : or does "I <3 Rocks !" mean "I love Rocks !" ?
  15. Pluto : no longer a planet

    You care obviously ! And since I don't read/talk/undesrtand Finnish, you might have to translate that for me and a 'few' others, so that we can all laugh together !