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  1. el-wiki.net ?

    If it comes online again I would like to try to take a snaphot of a current version and put it on a hosting page for personal download. I hope I will soon get the chance for it!
  2. Global Quest FAQ

    I am trying to make a special potion. I need 10000 Gypsum of which I have 2775, 1200 Amber and I have 103, 50 Refined Vegetal Mixture of which I already have 6, and finally, 7 Grapes of which I already have 1.
  3. Invance Helping and Gear Poll

    OK. Thank you! I took back my "no" on second question because plate mail was reduced to augs. - So thank you for looking at it! Although I could not make myself to vote "yes" there so far because my impression is that the strict rules in 4060 may hinder players to get to know 4060 and invances in general. - So for 4060 I would agree with And I have nothing against steel plate mail as a recommendation - because it surely will help! (If you are able to keep it). I would like to state that the biggest problems in the beginning invances is not AFKing... ! Biggest problem in 4060/6080 is team building and bagjumping! - Bagjumping of course - because it tears a team apart. If bagjumping continues even - invances may stop for some weeks! That is the real problem in the beginning invances. - And all restrictions (well meant) just make it harder to build up a team. - That's why I did not vote "yes" on the second question. Ofc - other big issue in 4060 at most is that players didnt optimize their stats for it. In my own case I just can say that I learned it only while doing 4060. It is possible that I would have left the invance-thing aside at all without being able to come in cheap armor - and try it out… I think I found out in that invances what has to be made better with my armour and stats - and so I stayed a bit longer to fix these things. I died a lot in the first invances… I leveled up to 6080 only after I became at least an able hitter. It was fixed - because I got to know that invances can be fun. And for that I needed to try them. So - I would like to propose two possibilities. One is - Well. Make recommendations. Say "If you want to win … wear:" (ofc everyone want to win! - so one would like to try to wear these things…) Different possibility - ok - if you really need minimums - just make exceptions. - I would propose something like "5x with less gear than minimum" (per player – not per char). I would like to add that -pan- is an able weapon for beginners with human nexus 2 but great crits. I remember doing my first Fluff in a group fight with pan - and I think I made the last stroke there. In your first invances its great - and I would like to promote it.
  4. Invance Helping and Gear Poll

    I don't think it is a good idea to have a Steel chainmail required in 4060... I will just scare away participants and make team building harder. In the lower invances you still learn how to survive. And at that stage you want nothing more than good armour! But if you die it may just get lost. If it happens twice (lot's of work in between... ... ...) you maybe never will want to take part in an invance for let's say ... a very long time... I don't think it is wise to put everything in hard coded rules. - Most cases are already covered by the "you must help your team" rule. First timers/new characters can even help the team by getting to know how it works and to come back more powerful in a next invance. Sadly it is not possible to vote separately for different invances. I think there may be elder players who think of higher invances and also vote for lower invances they maybe never visited.
  5. invance afker solution(s)

    Just a small remark... There are probably some fighting tactics that enhance this game - but the players do less attacks. The following situations come to my mind: Scout Healer Guard I would just like to make a note that reducing such possibilities could reduce the fun in the game.
  6. Suggestion for Leonard

    I think a Lenny PMing people is a funny idea! ;D I think it would be cool if Lenny would tell such secrets not on request - but instead pm random players who are currently online after a (random) kill... xD - Might enhance interaction.... I think... ? XD
  7. Auction is closed now! Thank you very much all participants! - Congratulations to Mufossa for winning!
  8. - Auction is closed - Thank you to everyone who took part in the contest! Hi! I would like to start an auction on an Artificial Nexus Removal Stone. because I have interest at this price I start at 810k. Start 810k Increment 5k Buy it now for 1mio End of auction on Monday 20th of august 4 pm GMT (if not sold for Buy-it-now price). Hope that one of you will get stronger out of this auction!! …And that you will enjoy the bidding! Have fun!