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  1. lol tiger she lost icey set 4 times wow i rember she was upset about it some sorta bug from kf or w.e ya Aislinn your right just wait t ill it hapens 2 your star u will feel same way i did

  2. yes goot i whounld call it scam its really called lureing and yes its rude hes done it maney times 2 pepole if he dosint smartin up hes going get banned thats gona be his falut and no one but him

  3. he only gave 2 things back hes not planing on giveing rest back he said he wants evryone 2 stop hateing him cuz of what he has done in past but i dont think they will stop hateing on him just cuz hes trying 2 get pepole 2 stop hateing it dont work that way

  4. Hi i want to warn everyone about Alchemic who is a scammer. Earlier today, when i was in zirak's castel he asked me to help him kill ogres and lead me through a door. I did not see any Server messages about this new room beeing a pk map, and as soon as i was safly inside Alchemic attacked me. I lost a few things also my mm cloak, later when we talked about his price for returning stuff, he wanted me to go to Bethel. All knowing that Bethel is dangerous for someone my level that does not have a mm cloak.



    Chatlog server log of alchemic asking you for help


    you die



    [PM from Alchemic: man ill sell u 3.5k cheaper if u help me real no]

    [PM from Alchemic: in bethel]

    [PM from Alchemic: look in encyklopedia.. bethel isnt pk]

    [PM from Alchemic: so i cant scam u]