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  1. demin_1 is banned for ever

    well i said i was a mod i dont know y i said it and i lie to a mod to get me off pk on my other guy i never said i was same guy and he tought i was lieing thats it
  2. demin_1 is banned for ever

    plz some one unbann me or talk to rouge for me plz i know what i did was worn gi wana nother chance ill be good from now on
  3. demin_1 is banned for ever

    they know what i did any way i just want back on thats all
  4. demin_1 is banned for ever

    ok iam sorry for that so iam i aloud back on yes or no
  5. demin_1 is banned for ever

    plz just give me nother chance plz ill be good ill never do anything bad again thx
  6. demin_1 is banned for ever

    ya i know the rules i know why iam bann plz just let me back on ill be good from now on give me notther chance thx
  7. demin_1 is banned for ever

    ok here are the rules: Eternal Lands Game Rules. General 1. Use Appropriate language. Do not use language which is sexually explicit, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise offensive.This includes both clear and implied language, images, or links to websites with such content. This includes purposeful variances upon the spelling of such content for the purpose of bypassing the filters. 2. No Harassment. Harassment is not limited to the type of language used; it encompasses the intent. This includes both clear and implied language or actions that are systematically and/or continually unwanted and annoying. This further includes the distribution, release or discussion of any real-life, personal, or private information about other players, moderators or volunteers of Eternal Lands. Repeatedly targeting a specific player or persons with harassment will result in severe consequences. 3. Respect Others. You must respect the rights of others and their rights to enjoy this game. In order to show proper respect, you may not defraud, harass, threaten, insult, name call, or cause distress and/or unwanted attention to other members, moderators, volunteers, or developers. Do not advocate, start or participate in any discussions that are racist, sexist, anti-religious, anti-ethnic, anti-gay or other hatemongering philosophies, or anything that is sexually explicit in public. Do not organize nor be a part of any guilds or groups within Eternal Lands or their forums that do so. Do not patronize, mislead, or take advantage of people as they become acquainted with the environment and make beginner's mistakes. 4. Do Not Give Out Your Password. Once you give your password out to anyone, even for the purpose of character sharing, you relinquish all rights to that character. Eternal Lands is not responsible for the return of your character or account, or for the actions of your character once you have disclosed your password. 5. Do not cheat. Cheating in the game means AFK fighting(AFK=Away From Keyboard), AFK leveling in any skill, AFK harvesting, illegal bots, creating illegal clients, macroing, automating, exploiting bugs, muling, or any other form of illegal multi-playing*. To use a bot, it must be registered and approved; it must adhere to the rules of the client's lisence and all your code must be open source. If you find a bug in the game, you must tell the owners of Eternal Lands immediately. *Illegal multi-playing includes but is not limited to: muling, deathbag sitting, pvp training, luring people to pk maps with a newbie chararacter while lying in wait with another. Also note that it is very difficult to be able to define each and every form of illegal multi-playing or cheating, so these matters will be reveiwed and punishments decided upon on a case by case basis. 6. Use Appropriate Names. Please do not create a name that is obscene, vulgar, profane, offensive, is utterly senseless and stupid (e.g. dfjritq47fa), or is made with the intent of impersonation. Names must be pronouncable words, not abbreviations, initials, or random letters; with or without numbers attached. Amount of non-alphabetic characters can never exceed the amount of letters, and is limited to 2 maximum. Take into consideration that the name you choose does affect the atmosphere of the game. Inappropriate names can and will be locked no matter how much time you have spent in the game. 7. No Impersonations. Do not impersonate any Eternal Lands owners, developers, moderators, players, bots, npc's, or guild. This includes creating similar variances upon names in order to deceive, misrepresent or post false information to others. Also do not pretend to be a bot. 8. No Character Creation Spamming. Do not attempt to spam character creation by creating numerous characters with similar names (i.e. Player1, Player2, Player3…) or by creating numerous characters in a short period of time. 9. No Linking To Inappropriate Websites. Do not post URLs to sexually explicit, obscene, or vulgar sites. These would be considered "X rated". If the site contains questionable material, something that would be considered "R rated", then you must give a warning before posting it. Do not post or discuss links to cheats, illegal clients, hacks, or malicious viruses or programs, or any sites that would themselves be illegal or promote illegal activites. 10. Sell And Trade At Your Own Risk. Eternal Lands will not be held responsible for any transactions dealing with real monetary currency/items or in game money/items. No selling of character accounts or guilds, or advertising of them, is to be made in any in game public chat or channels. You take full responsibilty for your actions and their consequences. Eternal Lands will assume none of that responsibility. 11. Stay On Topic In Named Channels. Conversations may stray a little from the general purpose of the channel, but should not do so to the extent that such conversations derail the purpose of the channel. Such limitations and extents are at the discretion of the moderator in the channel. 12. No Improper Advertising. Do not market, promote, advertise or solicit within the Eternal Lands any non-Eternal Lands related businesses, organizations or websites. 13. No Spamming. Spamming is excessively communicating the same post, phrase, similar phrases, or posting purposefully irrelevant messages. This also applies to excessive personal conversations (in any language) in highly populated places* that derail these locations' purpose and create spam. *Highly populated places can include, but are not limited to, beam, storages, and channels including the unmoderated ones such as the language channels. 14. Multilingualism English is the official language in EL. We do support and embrace the other languages, which is why we are working on translations as well. However, we do require that you speak English at beam* and also in channels 1, 3, and 4*, since those are highly populated places where multiple languages derail their purpose and create spam. *A simple one line greeting in another language is acceptable. 15. No Bag Spamming. Do not drop large numbers of bags for any purpose as this may lead to the bags of others to disappear and cause people to lose the items they’ve temporarily placed at their feet. 16. No Summoning Near Populated Areas. Do not attempt to summon or bring your previously summoned creatures with you near populated areas (i.e. storages, Wraith, “beamâ€). In addition do not summon high level monsters (i.e. Fluffy) on Isla Prima. 17. Do Not Block Resources. Resources include, but are not limited to, ships, doors, bridges, and archways. If you are asked to move, please let people pass. 18. No Hacking. Do not attempt to interfere with or hack into any transmissions to or from the servers. Do not attempt to hack into someone else's account or convince them to give you or others their passwords. 19. No Exploiting Bugs. Do not exploit any bug in Eternal Lands and do not communicate the existence of any such exploitable bug (bugs that grant the user unnatural or unintended benefits) either directly or through public posting. This information should be immediately communicated to the Eternal Lands' owners privately. 20. No Illegal Clients. When modifying the Eternal Lands client you must abide to the license given, and may not distribute copies of illegally made clients. All patches or unofficial clients must first be approved by an Eternal Lands owner (namely Entropy) before use. 21. No Macroing or Automation. Do not use illegal automated programs, scripts or computers. The use of any illegal automated program or system, devices, computers or scripts will result in an immediate ban from the game. 22. Bots must be declared. To use a bot in Eternal Lands, the bot must be registered, approved, and obey the rules. You can register your bot and read the rules here: http://el.tfm.ro/bots/ If you do not declare your bot it may be banned from the game. 23. Obey Contest Rules. The moderators may create and enforce rules and consequences for contests and other events, which you agree to abide and be bound by through the act of participating and/or attending. 24. No Skirting Punishments. Do not attempt to create additional accounts if you have been banned or suspended. Seeking loopholes to any punishment can result in permanent bans from both the Eternal Lands Forums and game. 25. Don’t be a troublemaker. Don't cause problems on purpose that require the attentions of the moderators. Moderation 26. Moderation is never a topic for public discussion. Issues and questions regarding in game policies and procedures should be addressed to the game administrators (namely Aislinn) or the specific moderator via private message. Issues and problems concerning other game moderators should also be addressed privately with Aislinn. All private messages will remain classified unless otherwise agreed upon. --
  8. demin_1 is banned for ever

    yes i do know the rules do i have say them all or something or what i know i spelled his name worng so what
  9. demin_1 is banned for ever

    lol so what i spelled it worng i wish i was unbanned ill be good boy from now on
  10. demin_1 is banned for ever

    ya i just need rouge to look at see what he said ill try gernal chat
  11. demin_1 is banned for ever

    ok thx ill try that
  12. demin_1 is banned for ever

    hmm ok where do i post a public appology and what do i say to get back on? thx
  13. demin_1 made pkable for a week

    come on some one read what i said plz iam sorry
  14. demin_1 made pkable for a week

    hey iam sorry i wasint lieing i was on coolguy78 and i was talking to rouge i said can demin come off pk i ment to say i was demin iam sorry can u un lock all my guys and take demin off bann and pk cuz i servrd my time 161 hours game time plz ill be good ill never say iam a mod again or anything eles thx and iam vry sorry thx demin and iam sorry about all my chars as well
  15. Update Info

    hey cant watie to try this new el hope its cool thx to everyone that help demin_1
  16. puting pic in forums

    hey can any one tell me how i put pic in forums i have trouble with it
  17. puting pic in forums

    thx for doing that its not big like yours tought
  18. puting pic in forums

    it doesint matter i dont care i want my pic from el on there
  19. Free levels.

    hello on demin_1 my magic green line is at 13- and i dunno y that is thx
  20. Protolif got banned for hax0ring

    omg lucky i didint get hacked i seen that guy around before i think what a jerk haha hes banned and police will get him lol :angry2:
  21. apology

    hey learner i have read the rules ill read them from now on ill never do it again thx
  22. apology

    hey learner i have read the rules ill read them from now on ill never do it again thx