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  1. extreme lag?

    get a new drivers card
  2. count me in el name is demin1 forum name is ricky and im a male i whould like 2 see results plz ty
  3. help

    when i try 2 use the test sever it says im ip banned there i never been ip banned on test sever i never even been on the test sever i been ip banned on main el tought mabey thats y?
  4. help

    im not banned no main el no more i was wondering could un banned me on test sever so i can try or do i have wait?
  5. im really srry

    hey 2 all the mods u might not rember me but i had char named demin_1 i casused alot in el i lerned my lisein and im sryy i like 2 start 2 play el all over again from fresh if u give me nother chance ill be good from now on if u un bann my ip i miss playin el good old times i know wut i did in the past was bad and im really sorry for hurtin some of mods and im really srorry from demin_1
  6. iam sorry

    this is demin_1 i got kiked cuz i was talking about sex it was offtopic chanhel i know its bad 2 talk about that i should know better and am sorry it will never happend again
  7. iam sorry

    why u kik me i did nothing all i was doing was taling 2 u now i get re baned again?
  8. iam sorry

    yes i know but this is the last time i know i say sorry all the time but this time just give me nother chance i will not let u down i love this game so much and there is no other game i can play entropy said one more time i be bad in el iam gone
  9. iam sorry

    yes i know i havei should of said that word i dont know what i was thinking but just give me nother chance this will be last time i know keep saying that and u guys dont trust me but for real this is the failey last time thx.and yes i said i keep my promise 2 be good this time i will
  10. iam sorry

    yes i know i been bad i should know better and the white list thing i was trying 2 get on the white list i tought it was for bad pepole but this is the last time u ever have bann me i get 1 more chance and thats it then iam banned forever i will not let anyof u mods down ever again thx demin
  11. iam sorry

    come on plz un bann my ip i know entropy said one more time and iam bannd for ever just un banned me it will never happn again iam srry
  12. white list

    i liked 2 be put on the white list my name is demin_1 i like 2 play again ill be good from now on
  13. iam sorry

    ok well iam sorry i said that it will never happen again
  14. iam sorry

    it was oh i didint know imust typed the worng chanel iam sorry plz un banned me
  15. i need help plz

    hey can any one help me on el u know when u go on boat and it loads well its slow for me and iam trying to fix it i downloaded drivers and it didint work does any have the same video card as me it is NVIDA GeForce2 G T S / GeForce2 pro thx
  16. i need help plz

    nope i dont get low fps but if any one can help me thx demin
  17. un bann me

    hey this Demin1 i been bann for along time now. Entropy told me to post here i know what i did was worng but i want to be able to play again i leraned that not say that again ill be good from now on thx demin ps. i said i was a mod i dunno y i said it ill never say anything like that again
  18. un bann me

    plz some one unbann me or talk to me about what i can do to get back on
  19. demin_1 is banned for ever

    i know iam banned forever but plz give me a nother chance ill do anything to get unbann plz! god help me ill never be bad again i swear and rouge iam rellay sorry i lied to u ill say sorry to again thx demin
  20. demin_1 is banned for ever

    ya i know i just want back on then ill stop there takeing so long i wishthey hurry up by now i bet iam banned forever i hope now well bye
  21. demin_1 is banned for ever

    it wasint my falut it was my little bro that said it mabey i should said that before iam sorry just give me nother chance will not let u guys down ever again plz just let me be happy again i will not let my bro on here again if he does ill kill him ok thx
  22. demin_1 is banned for ever

    plz come on i want back on i know what my bro was worng but why should i get in trouble for it plz un banne me thx demin
  23. demin_1 is banned for ever

    hey i know i should stop spamming and posting so much but theres got be away to get back on i know i did was bad i know what rule it is too i know it wasint me it was my bro i never knew till he told me that little brat so plz some un bann me ill do anything i swear to god thx
  24. demin_1 is banned for ever

    plz any mod unabann me ill be good from now on i know what i did was worng ijust miss playing el thats all i want to be happy again well thx demin