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  1. Auctioning Animal Removal Stone

    Sold to Koizu for 920k. Auction closed.
  2. Auctioning Animal Removal Stone

    Starting Bid: 870k Minimum increments by 10kgc only Auction will end Next Tuesday : Tuesday 7th of May. same time.
  3. Selling Human Removal Stone

    Please specify the time and UTC for meeting me in game.
  4. Selling Human Removal Stone

    Entris, you are the highest bidder.If you want the stone contact me with in 12 hours or reply to this topic a time when you can meet me in game.
  5. Selling Human Removal Stone

    Thank you all for your replies. The Auction will end in 24 hours from now
  6. Selling Human Removal Stone

    Sold to Entris.