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  1. What was your first guild?

    hah! my forum membership still works! ~SV~ was my first guild, me, Molime, Vanyel, Clephtahre, Logania, Cernunnos... that was about it. Give me a shout if anyones still around. I cant believe how far EL has come, i just hope it'll work on this mac
  2. Muppet's lotto returns

    You gunna tell me adarah is gone aswell now i guess? tragedy
  3. Muppet's lotto returns

    omg!! evalin yeah! Is this enough to get me playing again!? hmmmmm
  4. forum game

    14.484096 kilometer = 9 miles.....honest
  5. Anti+Wolfie

    Erm the last pic called "The Ices".....what the hell happened to that elf on the right?
  6. Video error on picking up a new bag

    Yeah this is a known bug thats 'hard' to fix i was told. I dubbed it the DISCO boogie bug a while ago, i guess thats appropriate. I also got the change of colour if my inventory was open and i switched back and forth from console repeatedly.
  7. Where's wald... err... Evalin

    rofl Ev Im gunna win me some rabbit furs...
  8. sdl problem ? [SOLVED]

    ack who are you lol
  9. Anti+Wolfie

    awwwwwwww gratz wish i could have been there
  10. More Spawns

    well if spawn points themselves are stopped/made to random areas, then there would have to be more animals/monsters anyway. Otherwise hunting/training would become everones worst nightmare. Not to mention how much longer it would take
  11. forum game

    lol this is turning into the other game....
  12. This intrests me....

    The hunt is ON!
  13. Changes to the PK system. Yes or no?

    The first sentence yes. The second (im assuming you meant 'say' instead of 'way'): The 3~second segment of time is only associated with the initial click that a player makes to attack something/someone. Once the time is up combat starts, or it gets cut off and starts immediately if the other player clicks attack. So its both a combat window, and a segment of time
  14. Changes to the PK system. Yes or no?

    ummm no, i mean that combat does not start for 3~ seconds unless one player has chosen to attack, then it starts. The combat window would open at the moment a player clicks to 'attack' something(player/animal, which means that you can heal/diss/flee/summon/pot in that small window of time before exchanging blows, but the combat window would remain open throughout. So combat does not start for 3~ seconds unless one player has chosen to attack, which means the other player has to exchange blows, but can still use all those options
  15. Changes to the PK system. Yes or no?

    opsy I got blabbering and tried to find solutions for everything people are complaining will be wrong with the suggested system I think this only works out if you read it all. Well if the system changes this way, why not lose the turn system, but have 1 turn for combat initiation(sizing up the oponent), so a small(all in one)combat window would open with spells, rings, pots, summon etc attack and FLEE, but you have to decide within 2-3 seconds. If the other player has clicked 'fight' then combat will start after this time wether or not you have decided. Flee could be a button in the window aswell as the Home key or clicking to move? (the window could list ALL the players attacking you so that could open up options for specific targetting?) -if your attacking an animal then you wouldnt have to wait for the initiation seconds to pass -dissring would dissengage ALL oponents -combat window eliminates the need for inventory and spell window open at once, and to keep it small it would probably need tabs. Inv/Magic/Summon (maybe it could be shaped like _| so it would fit inside the client without blocking our view) -We should keep the attack lock ("you are being attacked + cant move") part of combat because it makes chasing animals/monsters possible without going mad with frustration As for the actual mechanics of the system, it would be fine if being fled from meant the player left standing was able re-lock on the fleeing target easily(maybe skip the first turn initiating combat pause of 2-3 seconds this time) Then actually fleeing again for the other player would still be possible but now would result in EXTRA consequences e.g. serious amounts of damage. The penalty for initial fleeing should just be a critical hit? Then, if you are caught immediately after you run, the new flee penalty could be 2-3 critical hits. Id say if you left it for over 3~ seconds before attacking the fleeing player again then you shouldnt get the extra critical hit bonuses against them. So 3~ seconds representing time for the fleeing player to gather their senses. (meaning ppl training would want to wait that 2 seconds) -This means that dissrings = safe fleeing and no damage -For single combat it would mean smaller players still get crushed -Multicombat = only the players that get re-attacked will get the extra punishment for their cowardice In order to make mobbing a single high level player possible, then multicombat penalties should be increased, seen as fighting 5 people with swords at once has got to be seriously difficult. But it should not be increased beyond the point where the high level player has no chance against lots of smaller players. (it would be fun to see one high leveller destroy an entire guild) So in theory: a group of lower chars attack a well sized player, they initiate combat, (all get the window and a choice of actions) the well sized player decides to just attack before the initial turn time finishes, and they exchange a few hits, the mobbers flee and hope the critical penalty doesnt kill them, then heal and hope they are not the one being chased and initiated within 3~ seconds. (fleeing would have to mean that you just disengage but dont move tiles or the player getting multied wouldnt be able to get to you - needs to be thought about) If this happens, then people will start planning group/guild invasions of pk maps, so then whats the problem for you high level pkers? There isnt one because there will be more for you to kill! Fresh meat! BTW, any game will be hard for players with slower connections etc, thats how it works isnt it? I dont think this will make it any more difficult.