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  1. New invance rules discussion

    Perhaps make it that people must spend a certain amount of time in the invance, or they get no exp - e.g. at least 50%? Rules about not AFKing in the invance obviously still apply. There seem to be players constantly restocking - either they don't have enough EMU to make a decent contribution to the invance, or they are constantly dead. One could argue that both constitute not helping. On the restocking note, there's what I'd term "inappropriate restocking" - I get the feeling there are certain players who will "restock" after only a minute or two of fighting, which would suggest they are in fact doing... not a fat lot. I would suggest 50% attendance in an invance, appropriate preparation for the invance (teleport methods in case of death or restock) should mean that players can achieve this, and if not, they are not ready to invance. So, what constitutes "help"? * Rangers slinging at least their minimum contribution of arrows. * Summoning. * Healing players, harming monsters with magic. * Any hand-to-hand combat with monsters. * A player to stand at the gate. I'm quite sure I have not covered all points, so tried to think of a more loose definition of help - "that which benefits the team". Clearly excessive restocking etc do not come under this. I occassionally see players standing round in a moment of "There. I killed it.", which is a normal reaction, but I think people have to bear in mind that time is of the essence. Even "that which benefits the team" is not a good enough definition, though. There needs to be a clearly defined armour/weaponry requirement for fighters, not just a minimum ranging requirement (300 arrows, AP for certain invance, level 20+). It is unfair to expect rangers to blow 10k+ on arrows, while fighters bring a few essences/SRs and get almost exactly the same reward (I know someone will pick me up and mention deaths/breakages). I would be all for getting rid of drops, to be honest. Particularly in 40-60, there was a certain player (I shall name no names ) who hoovered the floor of every bone, piece of meat and bloodstained panther fur that there was to be had. I'm sure this player had a great time in invances, but it's plain to see his/her actions were purely self-interested and not "that which benefits the team".
  2. Selling 5k HEs

    Selling 5k HEs at 9gc each. Ideal buyer would be on at UK times.
  3. private channels

    I think this would be useful, but I don't see the need for private channels - the point has already been made about there being many thousands of channels to choose from. I think you can PM those you trust and tell them the channel - in your guild or otherwise. If one of these people then informs someone untrustworthy and tells them the channel number, well, a password would not change that (they would presumably tell them the password anyway).
  4. Umlauts!

    This is a very minor thing: Players like myself, typing in German with an English keyboard (and presumably this applies to all players typing in any language using special characters with an English keyboard), can't type them the conventional way. What I mean is... ALT + 148 = ö ALT + 129 = ü ALT + 132 = ä ALT + 134 = å ALT + 0248 = ø ALT + 0230 = æ Don't work. The list is endless really, but basically, you can't type them like this in game, short of using Character Map to copy and paste every one.
  5. Privacy

    Where exactly have I discussed moderation? I don't actually think I have questioned the rules. They are the way they are and I'm not trying to have that changed. If the mods had no problem whatsoever, they would probably do it themselves.
  6. Privacy

    I think people who are in 40-60 and get lured are still newbs, since it is relatively easy to get to those levels. It's not as if it is solely people with NMTs and full dragon armour who are getting lured.
  7. Privacy

    Ok: I know luring is not technically against game rules, but shouldn't privacy settings be opt out (i.e. stats are hidden by default), rather than opt in? I wonder if this would make it more difficult for scammers to look up newbies' stats and take their stuff.
  8. Puntise/woodenfire

    Thanks! I'll just try to avoid trading, in future
  9. Puntise/woodenfire

    Edit: should be resolved.
  10. Puntise/woodenfire

    Edit: should be solved.
  11. Puntise/woodenfire

    Edit: should be resolved now.