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  1. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I will take 5 batches of gypsum . So 5 batches at 5k a batch x10gc =250k gc Myd1
  2. Stuck up MAD guild

    Its different when your there and if your not there and just reading this. we invited him to team, we told him how we spawn giants and he seemed fine with it. Sometime later in the casty he decided he was going to do things his own way. No he didn't get anyone killed but he almost did a few times. He was told to stand back and that we would spawn giants then he could come help after there spawned. We were on Skype so we knew where everyone was so no one was in danger of getting giants spawned on them. Its frustrating when your trying to get close to casty to spawn giants and you suddenly see arrows being shot at it. We had every intention of giving him a share until he started running his mouth. hes a punk kid who thinks he can do w/e he wants and not have any consequences. Sometimes people need to learn the hard way. Telling him then that hes not going to get a share only jepordizes our team even more, for him doing things on spite to try and get us killed. Learn how to be part of a team and work together instead of running your mouth thinking you know everything and almost getting us killed. Jr_ was on the team(hes not a mad member) he helped us just fine, worked as a teammate and guess what...... he GOT a share. And there are a lot of people not in MAD who help and work together with us just fine, they all got shares. If your gonna act like an asshole your going to get treated like one, plain and simple.
  3. Stuck up MAD guild

    And there were times we were trying to spawn the giants but had to wait cause desey was to close trying to shoot them himself. He was clearly given the rules on how we do casty. He agreed to them in one way or another, if he had stated he was doing things his way from the start he would not have been invited to help I assure you. He decided sometime in between spawns he was going to do things his way. There also were a few times that I was about to spawn them and I see arrows flying, so I ask on Skype if anyone was shooting and they reply no. Its fucking desey shooting the casty knowing or not knowing how close I am to it. Which is why we said we will spawn them. Him shooting the giants is not relevant, He didn't get a share cause of his wreckless ways of spawning the giants and putting TEAM at risk. We tried to explain to him not to do it and he would get attitude and say things like, "I don't need your opinions" or " I do things my way" , so after a few times of trying to explain to him cher just said " ok desey" you cant argue with STUPID. So he learned the hard way.And in my times of doing casty im 99.9% sure he was the only one we have never given a share too. Some people need to be burned before they stop playing with matches. And tbh im sure this incident wont stop the way he plays. Hes ignorant and retarded. I get along with most people on EL and for me to get pissed off at someone takes a lot. Cher did the right thing and if she hadn't done it I would have. ENJOY
  4. Stuck up MAD guild

    +1 MAD
  5. Newbie Helper

    I will help out the best I can. I can donate stuff, IP help, possibly more.
  6. Storage Sale

    If anyone buys even a single flower they will be brod tagged. Keep walking as if you never saw the above post.
  7. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I would like to change my order of 30k ogre toes to 100k coal. Price is 245k gc, thanks
  8. Change Instance Cooldowns

    Instances are not suppose to be farmed. If you remove the way to reduce the hours it solves the problems for all. I have been to each and every instance, and by far the 100-120 instance is the most profitable. 60-80 is more of an introduction to instances, you make a decent profit for your levels. When you reach the 100-120 level you will average around 45k gc per man, and possibly up to 75-80k gc on good drops, not bad for less then 90 mins of "fun" instance mobs. Theres a reason people go to it 4-6 times per day, using scales or tokens is well worth it for that range. However when you reach the 120+ not only does the gc drop DRAMATICALLY but so does the FUN. Theres also a reason people don't goto the pro instance even when they have the #ii for it. No one WANTS to fight the possibility of little blues on the first wave(shitty drops and pain in the ass mob) 2nd wave, use to be 45-65 naspas, now has the chance to be replaced by 1 big blue( 1 big blue does not even compare to the nasps in drops and FUN mob) I think a lot of people will agree when I say at these higher levels naspas are a very fun mob to fight. Wave 3 now has the chance to be 3 big blues instead of the previous black/ice. Wave 4 is the same with 3 jegos, and imo is not a bad choice, I will not complain about them at all. Wave 5 use to be 2 bula, now has the chance to be 1 MB, which isn't all that bad but eliminates the chance even though its a very small chance of a stone to drop. So all in all, little blues, big blue, big blues, is not a fun way to start off in a pro instance. There is ABSOLUTELY no fun in them. I may be wrong when I say this but I think the reason it was changed is so it cannot be done by just one person and I don't think it ever was. But in doing so it took all the fun out of it. Like I said its pretty bad when you don't wanna go to the instance even when you have the required #ii. That in itself should say a lot. I have always gone with 4-5 people and even before the changes the gc wasn't great, but at least it was a lot more fun. Now both the drops and fun are gone.
  9. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    30k Ogre Toes = 60k gc Myd1
  10. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Will take 5 batches of Blue Star flowers of 100k total= 50kgc Myd1
  11. KF Clash #4

    Myd1 says count me in
  12. weak wtf team

    108/107 a/d, 45 range, 60 ap, ER perk, max mule, full dragon set, approx 30 instances taken part of. Myd1 ftw
  13. Sponsored WTF

    If theres room i would like to try it, 107/106 a/d, i would have to pot in ofc, 45 range, 60 ap, ER perk, max mule, 64 magic
  14. Snails

    snapple facts