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  1. Thats what you get for upgrading to Win 10 in the first place... After everybodies complaints about it... LOL.....
  2. EL Lagging on Mint 17.1

    I have noticed the lagged in Playonlinux - wine - with 1.94 I have used wine as syncing the linux ver and the windows version problematic.. EL 1.93 ran very well using wine...actually better than windows... not so with 1.94.. Havent tried 1.94 linux.. Having problems setting data directory... I use PCLinuxOS.. EL 1.94 says data directory invalid... although I changed el.ini... no problems with 1.93...
  3. Good Point... then the teh God has quite a range... that would explain the drastic changes in rates.. at times... and if one was set the ratios in a manner to control this, there would be no need for the global release check.. Ok makes sense.... is just ur statement about Radu and the decrease rate that had me confused Enjoyed the discussion... now to play.... later..
  4. Thanks Raz..... As I stated.. there has to be balance in the game.... ie.. a general quota period..... "as you near the quota, the chances decrease" then by logic, if the quota is not being reached, the chances are increase... There are many smart people playing this game... and coders... playing for 7 years... I am sure many have deducted the approximate algorithm... "And they ain't telling".... I wouldn't either... They giggling as they read this right now..... Peace...enjoy the game.... help others if u can....
  5. low frame rate

    You can also lower the over fps to 30.... that is really all that is needed for EL... does help quite a bit.. Can be reduced to 25 if necessary.. I use on my small 11.5 laptop with PClinuxOS.. AMD 1.6 mhz dual core..turn off all shadows, poor man setting.. 25 fps.. Is very playable...
  6. I gotten EFE at 11000 and some at less then 5000... Many have stated getting no ELE for 8000 and then 4 ELE in 5000 mixes.. so there is a factor to be considered.. The reason for the global factor... there has to be a balance to keep the market stable.. to keep people playing n happy.. also radu does sell the items.. There has to be a rate of release of period... I have no idea what that maybe... a week, a month., two months.. or how the figure is assessed.. Ok, lets say just for example 20 EFE per month and the quota is behind..so algorithm increases the rate... this would explain sudden higher rate people have at times, especially when many people are performing the same action.. harvesting or mixing... and also the dry periods when u get nothing even with a good astro.. Just my observation... I am no expert at all... Did not make my living writing code... I have an understanding of the mechanics of it... I in my fifties... took some programming classes in the eighties... guess what language... for the geeks... "Fortran" haha.... Eternal Lands is the only MMORPG I have ever played... I cant type well... And I suck at this.. but been playing for three years...
  7. I have skeptic... I notice the luck factor when harvesting... Sometimes many random events occur.. I made adjustments due to my use of Harv Med... with skeptic I will remove the harvester med for 10 minutes and the cycle appears to change and I will use the Harv Med again.. when astro was in play, I would have to wait to the start of a new day to see any real change as not to destroy the Harv Med.. The idea that Enriched, Special items, harv stones is set globally makes sense.. So the more people harvesting or mixing the chance of you creating a enriched or special item should increase....
  8. EL crashes video driver.

    Alright... it may have given ur games a problem... but the point was does the computer stop crashing...??? __________________________________________________________ OK... I use to do the "got to have the latest driver" thing myself.... anyway, I personally had a problem with random crashes and after 10 months of frustration and anger, discovered that it was the new and updated nvidia drivers..... aaaghhhh... the new driver broke the power management... every driver update the crashes got worse..... and never fix it... yep...now the laptop still uses two year old driver... runs great still..... plays all games....never, never crashes........................ Good Luck .................... D
  9. EL crashes video driver.

    How did it work out.....? You said it crashes while watching videos... adobe flash maybe the problem... try playing without watching and see what happens... good luck, D..
  10. EL crashes video driver.

    laptop boards are very perculiar as to drivers.. especially nvidia, but also ati chipsets.. have u had problems with any other games.. the updates I checked.. there is not much game specific updates.. mostly Sli and 3D vision tweaks.. You can uninstall the latest and reinstall the Lenovo drivers from website easily... And if there is no effect go back to the latest drivers.. Thought that might help ... One important thing never let Microsoft update your drivers... Many, many people have had troubles with updates.. Install from Nvidia website.. Good Luck...
  11. EL crashes video driver.

    Go to your laptop manufacturer and get the nvidia drivers they have for that model.. The latest drivers from Nvidia can cause a problem at times especially with laptops.. Make sure you have "New Selection" checked under troubleshoot tab in the settings. In the video tab "limit fps" set to 30 as that is all EL really needs.. This will allow smoother game play under Win7. Good Luck, D
  12. Gaming laptop

    here is one, AMD machine... very good reviews and much cheaper than others... MSI GX60...
  13. DB picked up

    Alright... no claims.... Steel Plate Mail.... worth 80k gcs.... i give it 2 more days...
  14. DB picked up

    sorry malaki, did not find ur stuff... CoL, gather, js ... 130k stuff and u dont carry a rosto... 50k... It is worth the 50k the first time it saves ur equip
  15. DB picked up

    If u were training....... aaargh... died.... U lost some quality stuff, waited 40 min while I trained... what happen u fall asleep.... over reach urself, should have a rosto when using quality equipment!!!!!!!! any how, i got ur stuff tell me where and what u lost? I will get back to U.... PM... in game or leave a post .. Deckara....