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  1. exadion and xerocool

    "Note: Illegal multiplay cases will not be allowed to have the illegal mules/alts unlocked and back ingame, ONLY the main character." Alright, I know i am posting another excess time to find out, but i would really want a response on what is going on, if possible. Its been quite some time and i am really sorry about what I (exadion) have done. Me and my brother are requesting unbanning, as quoted above the bot shoulden't be. Could it be possible to at least get a solid answer as to what will happen with the characters?
  2. exadion and xerocool

    i believe the time on the ban is up, and has been uver for a while. I have been without internet because we have just moved.
  3. exadion and xerocool

    I admit to the trading, just i expected you ment recently, never figured you were talking by past logs. Im not saying I forgot, just figured it was about something that happend today. Just putting that out there.
  4. exadion and xerocool

    Ok so me and xerocool got banne, because we were trading item between an "alt" mountaindew, the alt was to be set up a bot (legally of course) but we were trading the item to us to help complete a project, however, the idea we were going to make a fair trade to the bot, with a fair share of the profit. Illegal multitradeing or something(i forget). Really the total would have been some k's of snapps and maybe roses, i never believed this would be illegal considering we were still making it even with payment, just as if the bot was another player (well we were going to after completion). Anyway there was no "get rich quick" sceame used here, i had a massive number of flowers already but they were mostly harved by me of xerocool. There isn't much more to say, lots of investing time into alot of it. I promise we will never do this again if let off, it wasn't done intentionally anyway. Im sorry for the behavior and the time it took to do this... thanks for your time.
  5. backpack

    LOL, well i dont remember how long since i blamed canada...HEHE But its just a suggestion i threw together real quick, also its a little incomplete, there probably more stuff that would need to be addressed. Anyway it may be used for something.
  6. I thought I would suggest this, I had the idea that we should be able to buy a backpack tha would be equipable. The backpack would take place like it was a cape, and you couldent wear a cape with it therefor. Why did not suggest this earlier, I don't really know, i guess it because i couldent decide how to deal with n equiping the BP, i decided that what i wouuld do is make the BP give extra slots in your inv, and those slots could be treated as having their own emu. The slots (and there emu) must be empty before the cape may be un equipped. (This way prevents glitches created when people would unequip with too much in their inv). I also realize that item break in a fight, you wouldent go training with this (it would probably decrease you accuracy alot because of the weight). However realize you cant wear a MM cape with it, if the backpack breaks, all the items would be dropped on the ground (also, dropping some items like bow may break them). I hope at least someone has time to consider this, thanks from Exadion!
  7. Modified clients

    Ok i have read everything posted as of now, this is what i want to know. I am useing a WindowsXP os and i have the regular el client installed (off of www.eternal-lands.com) what i want to know is if we are allowed to use this type of client, BUT have all the map's .bmp files installed into c:\program files\eternal lands\maps so that it shows a map for the extra places (like caves)
  8. Update Info

    Thanks every one who helped with this update. I wish there was something i could help with but other that the map I have "That ill submitt as a test map soon" i can't do much to help.