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  1. Okay, was wondering why I was misreading some stuff. Thanks.
  2. Did this new eye feature happen to tack on 2 extra bytes to the ADD_NEW_ENHANCED_ACTOR packet by any chance?
  3. Update customs with problem

    Try adding this alternate address on a new line under the www2.gm.fh-koeln.de in your custom_mirrors.lst file: custom.el-services.net
  4. Expiring bots, April of 2014

    Vooten is now paid. Transaction ID: 82173905B8816400V
  5. Quoting in forum

    Thank you. Shift refesh without using grease monkey and it should look better. Based on what I saw in the system default, the more proper place was actually ips_common.css Yeah, I thought of ips_comman first, actually, but didn't spend a whole lot of time comparing the two to see where the natural fit was. Was kind of leaning more toward 'git-r-dun' mode. Anyway, thanks, Learner, looks great now.
  6. Quoting in forum

    Nobody has access to the style sheets or templates?? Just add: .ipsBlockquote { background-color: #D9C696; border-bottom: 2px solid #7A6550; border-left: 2px solid #7A6550; border-right: 2px solid #7A6550; border-radius: 0 0 5px 5px; padding: 5px; } to [root]/forum/public/style_css/css_13/ipb_styles.css and nobody has to 'monkey' it up.
  7. Expiring bots, November 2013

    Vooten padi. Transaction ID: 02R48369C9673662K
  8. Epic Events ranger/mage event

    If anybody wants it, here's Maxine's map converted to a 1024x1024 DDS format: http://www.lorcguild.com/misc/guildmap_epicevents.dds
  9. Latest Android client (14/10/2013)

    Thanks, I did not know about long pressing 'Home'. Works like a charm!
  10. Latest Android client (14/10/2013)

    When using the 'Home' button and go do anything else on the phone, how do I get back in properly? If I try to re-click the app, it shows the login prompts again and (I assume) because I'm still logged in, it freezes for a bit, then stops responding and shows the popup to force close the app. Is there another way to get back into a connected client after pressing 'Home' and not logging out?

    Just FYI, the item_info.txt has Book of Humans Fighting listed twice with two different itemIDs: 272 | 24 | 2 | Book of Humans Fighting 273 | 24 | 2 | Book of Humans Fighting
  12. Possible new chat command

    I created a User Menu for that very thing. http://www.eternal-l...showtopic=49650 Here an example of one I've got set up: Quick Chat Dual Hello||#gm Howdy All! ||@@1234Hiya! Dual Mornin||#gm Mornin ||@@1234Mornin Dual AFK||#gm AFK...||@@1234AFK... Dual AFK w/info||#gm AFK <Info>||@@1234AFK <Info> Dual Back||#gm Back ||@@1234Back || 1234 AFK||@@1234AFK a min... brb #gm AFK||#gmAFK for a min or so... The first 5 come under a category heading of "Quick Chat" while the bottom two are un-categorized menu items. One click on the "Dual Hello" command in my User Menu and I say hi in #gm and @@1234 Click on "Dual AFK w/info" and it prompts me for info (reason) before posting my AFK msg in #gm and @@1234 EDIT: Forgot this link - http://www.el-wiki.n...face#User_menus
  13. Android client

    I think it looks great so far. Can't wait to try it out!
  14. Merry Christmas, you're out of the guild!

    Now THAT's pfunny! lol Thx, Paul
  15. Eternal lands CRASHING

    @Deckara: Well, looks like reinstalling the OEM driver from my motherboard's site did the trick. 50+ hours with full sounds and full graphics and seems to be running better than ever.