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  1. Changes To Combat

    Firstly my suggestion was not so much related to pk but just a change in the way we fight everything. I wanted to point out that it was impossible to fight as a mage or ranger and that you had to use melee in some form. It would add a different aspect to the game which is not all based on a/d. Also its true that games suchas runescape use this concept and it seems to work quite well. "impossible for ppl who haven't played this game for at least two years" Do you even know who i am because i didn't quit 2 years ago and i am not the person who i sold powerwarrior too. I am the Origional Powerwarrior who has played many many characters. So don't make such comments in a topic i have made if you don't know who i am.
  2. Changes To Combat

    Currently people only use melee to fight and its near to impossible to fight with range and magic on its own. I feel that you should use the concept used in other games whereby each type of combat can defeat the other. For example a magic attack should be powerful against someone wearing armor wereas it should be poor against someone wearing mage clothing. So i suggest you introduce "Mage Staffs" which automaticly cast harm instead of melee fighting(Essenses Still Required). The staff should be very powerful on people who wear plate armor as the armor would help the attack. This in combat would cause the enemy to change armor to stop the attack by changing into leather which would neither help the attack or reduce the attack or they could wear mage clothing which reduces the damage by a huge amount. You could then create npcs which use magic instead of melee fighting which would be great. Rangers on the hand should be able to destroy anybody in mage clothing/leather very easily because its unable to stop the arrows. They should have trouble fighting plated people but they should still be able to attack them with range even when attacked. Currently the arrow breaks or the bow breaks which is quite unfair for a ranger because i feel they should be able to use there attack on melee fighters but it just should be weaker. Melee fighters hit hard on both rangers and mages but they can easily die before they even get the chance to attack which is there major vulnerability. The main point of this is to make people use all three types of fighting and add some more fighting techniques instead of the current technique.
  3. micah9 was scammed

    Micah9 I am guessing you will not receive the 200usd that your "friend" is saying he will pay. Next time when doing real life trades don't allow anyone to test your character. When doing a real life trade ask the person to send you the money first via a secure method (Not Paypal) and then give them the password once the money is secure. If you trust the person then ask them to send the money first via Paypal and then give the password. Its the method of trading all players use in EL when selling a character. Also you could have allowed your "friend" to test your character on the test server instead of the real server. (Set Different Password To Main).
  4. best pk drop ever

    Full Titanium Set - Got broded the next day and it partly got destroyed. (No red cape at the time unluckily)
  5. micah9 was scammed

    I have a strange feeling that this "room mate" does not exist philbert13. If your going to share your character you are responsible for everything the character does anyways. I think you got greedy and tried to take your friends account without paying however you chickened out in the process of stealing the account because you realized you had been posted in disputes. But thats only what i think, I am sure the other members of this forum shall give you the benefit of the doubt.
  6. A Idea For A Bot

    Like i said ^^, You can't abuse it as it takes collateral before it gives you the gc. Anyways thanks for the comments as i can see some major flaws in the idea now. So forget it ^^
  7. A Idea For A Bot

    Many people make profit from production i think but they are always the quiet ones lol. The target audience is people who sometimes dont feel like making money and would rather do something else. For example someone wants to pk but they dont have essences/rings/cloak ect so they take out a loan for the short term so that they can go kill there arch enemy in KF. Another example would be someone who wants to make health essences but doesnt have the GC to buy silver ore. Everyone has one of those days when you can no money and you need to buy something. Normally you go harvest to make money but this offers a temporary alternative. For Example: Plaxer X Invests 100k In The Bank Bot (The Interest Rate Is 1%/Day) Player X Collects His Money + Interest 7 Days Later Of 107k Meanwhile Player Y Takes A Loan Of 100k (Interest Rate = 2%/Day) Player Y Pays Back 114k 7 Days Later 114k-107k = 7kgc Profit I doubt anyone would keep the interest rates like that however so the profit will most likely be more.
  8. A Idea For A Bot

    Hey, I had a idea for a bot a while ago and decided to post it if any programmers are looking for a good bot to make. General Description: A bot which acts as a bank allowing people to borrow and deposit money in a safe manner for the bot owner. Money Deposits: Players would be able to deposit money and earn a daily interest on there money however there would be a daily withdraw limit to stop cash flow to be disrupted. Lending Out Money: Lending money to other players is risky business but with a collateral system it can be 100% safe with no risk. Here is a example to show you how it would work: Player X Needs 30k to purchase Health Essences and potions so that he/she can train. Player X Borrows the 30kgc from the bank however he hands over his Crown Of Life(He Only Uses It For PK) to the bot to hold as collateral. Player X Needs To Pay That Money Back Within 3 Days/1 Week/3 Weeks He Must Pay Interest On Top Of What He Has Borrowed If Player X Pays On Time Or Early His Credit Rating Improves And He Gets A Larger Loan For His Collateral Next Time(E.G 75% of the value of his collateral). If Player X Fails To Pay On Time He Is Sent A Warning To Pay The Money Within X Days Or His Collateral Will Be Sold And He/She Will Be Blacklisted Or Given A Lower Loan For The Level Of Collateral Next Time. The bot owners profit = Lending Interest Rate - Deposit Interest Rate This could be a very interesting and profitable bot if implented properly with a Credit Rating system. What do you think of this bot idea?. Feel free to use this idea if you like it .
  9. By the statement you quoted i meant that less people will be selling high priced items which is good because the price of that item will go up and people will be able to make more of a profit. I am not talking about breakrates or anything related to that. You also say it made the other game less fun but i think it made people work a lot harder to make there character better and it made it more fun as not everything revolved around money.
  10. All items have there own unique ID number do they not?. Could you not just add a extra parametre that states if that specific item can be traded or not?.
  11. Binding Upon Equip/Pickup/Creation - I would like to point out that this is already implented in another popular game but I think it would work well in Eternal Lands so i am suggesting it. Binding Upon Equip - The effect this will have is a decrease in supply as people will be unable to sell high priced items that have already been used. The effect this will have is a increase in price which is good for Manufacturers who would benefit. Many of you will think that Manufacturers will benefit too much from this but it evens it self out if you look at my other ideas also. Binding Upon Pickup/Creation - I think this is a great idea because it allows you to introduce so many things. It will encourage people to go out and kill monsters for themselves as if a item is Bind On Pickup as they cant wait until a guildy gets the item. They would be forced to do something without other peoples help which is useful as you can encourage players to level things that they normally wouldnt level. You could make things harder to create because of the Bind On Pickup/Creation. For example high level items would require 1 type of Binding item which means it becomes slightly harder to create that item. I think this improves the current system as a person currently is able to buy all the ingredients, produce the item and then sell it off for profit. So with this system it would be harder to create a item. Also you could encourage people to develop a skill they normally wouldnt. For example a Enriched Essence could become Bind Upon Creation which would encourage more people to do Alchemy. I think some armors and weapons also should be bind upon creation too as manufacturers should be able to benefit in combat because they have spent time leveling that skill. The same should happen with other professions as people should be rewarded for leveling a certain skill. With this you could also create Quest Items which makes Quests more valued as it becomes the only way to get a item. Level Dependant Item Drop - Would it be possible for the drop rates for item to vary depending on someones level?. For example someone who has the a/d of 40/40 should have a better chance of getting a good drop from killing a fluffy white rabbit. This would encourage people to fight and waste there Rings/Potions/Essences fighting strong things to take advantage of the great rewards.
  12. PK server the future is here.

    Should have posted in general chat since its a advertisement.
  13. Swearing in forum and game

    You wish to ban me from the forums because i made a statement that said swearing is ok but certain people on this forum should show professionalism?. Also i dont know why you keep talking about shareholders ect since Eternal Lands is not a limited company and is just a SoleTrader / Partnership business. I was just giving a opinion and i did not expect to be treated so rudely. But as people say its your game and if you want to be a dictator then you can. Edit: Also you want to allow a bit of swearing now but what will come next? Allowing racism? Oh wait thats already allowed on the pk server. (Swearing is ok on pk server since people were aware it was allowed when they bought there character but they did not expect racism to be allowed)
  14. Swearing in forum and game

    I am not going to argue with you as i was just making a valid point about how game mods/admins should act professionaly. Why you begin to judge people because they make spelling mistakes is your problem. It just proved my point anyways of unprofessionalism as you decide to insult me because my grammer is not up to scratch.
  15. Swearing in forum and game

    As long as your not insulting someone swearing it is ok but some parents do not want there children swearing or reading such content. This forum i think is for people above the age of 13 but still some people do not want to view swearing. This is because teenagers especially pick up new words and begin to use them after seeing them used on TV/Games and other forms of media. I think it is ok to swear on the forums but i think the game admins and moderators should use some professionalism and try not to swear as much since it can encourage other members of this forum to start to swear.