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  1. Kicken

    Okay the months is over please unban me
  2. Kicken

    Okay I have to thank you very much! Is the unbanning autmotically or do I have to post agian?
  3. Kicken

    I have to say thank you to all members of FD who tried to help me and I am really happy that I could have played in such a nice guild. I know that this is all my fault but I never had contact to Nils/Raptor and I didn't notice that he tries to log into kicken if it is true. I just can say sorry because I explained everything which has to do with the process/trading against the rules and now I only can hope that the ban is not to long so that I could play EL again in this amazing guild.
  4. Kicken

    I could not have played Raptor because I don't know his password (and i wouldn't to it)! And I have really no idea who the hell Nils is! I never heard this name before and I do not now why he should try to log into kicken... What could I do to make you believe me? I just can say sorry for breaking the rules while trading with Aspberry but i did nothing else it was just Raptor Aspberry and kicken involved! No one else from my side I don't know who is raptor or if he makes anything against the rules after I gave him Aspberry because I didn't log into Aspberry after this. I didn't trade with him and I didn't write with him.
  5. Kicken

    Oh sorry i missed a word it should be i didn't break a rule before either on kicken nor on aspberry. What do you mean with he has been on me IP and all? I just no him because we were in same guild. After i gave Raptor Aspberry I never played Aspberry again and I don't know what Raptor did with him. You can check the IP adresses if you have doubts.
  6. Kicken

    I don't know what Raptor did after I gave him aspberry but I never any of that chars except from Kommerzgandalf because he is the founder of {FD} but I never talked to him. Sorry but I can't help you with this! I just wan't to play again with kicken I don't know what raptor did. While I played with aspberry I didn't break any rule and I had no contact to this people.
  7. Kicken

    Now after the registration is done I can finally explain what really happened. Raptor has asked whether we can level him up or improve him otherwise, I offered him to play my Alt aspberry. Then I just looked what is still in the sto of aspberry and unfortunately forgot the rule of 4 and 5 and told him to trade some things to kicken (gc alembic and a stone i think). I've broken this rule, as I was told later in the {FD} Forum and I'm really sorry! I do not know in the situation that I was going tobreak the rules. Otherwise I would have never done anything like this. In conclusion, I may, I would like to apologize for it. Finally, I want to apologize for that and I would be really happy if I could soon play EL again. Greetings kicken