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  1. japanese?

    I can understand it if spoken to me, but i still can't speak it very well or write it
  2. One Stormy Night

    One Stormy Night Preveiw Seeing as most of you probably cant read Japanesse, I'll try to outline the story a bit without ruining anything. Two animals, a goat and a wolf, run into a dark barn durning a storm. While they can't see, or smell each other, it doesn't stop them from talking. They talk through the night and quickly become friends. They then decide to meet the next day for lunch, using the code "One Stormy Night", since neither has seen the other. When they meet, they are shocked to find one is a wolf and the other is a goat. Friendship over-rules instinct, and they stay close friends. They meet and go on long walks together. Eventually, their secret gets out... It honestly (in my opinion)is a movie that hasn't gotten the recognition it deserves. (I believe there is a subtitled version available, though I am yet to find it)
  3. WoW Southpark

    That movie is funnier if you accually play WoW . Probably the best part is the aftermath of everyone asking where to get the "Swrod of 1000 Truths" over the games general chats for around 48 hours without rest. I give the video a 10/10
  4. Da Vinci Code

    http://www.liquidgeneration.com/content/sh...t.aspx?cid=2020 My friend had sent this to me a few days ago, tell me what you guys think about it Edit: Also, dont watch this late at night, or if you are easily startled
  5. I gotta stop playing so late

    I love snakes
  6. The impossible

    Heres a few i pulled from the top of my head. 1) What is neither inside the house, outside the house, but no house is complete without it? 2) Born at the same time as the world, destined to live as long as the world, and yet never five weeks old. What is it? 3) What animal in its life walks on 4 legs, then 2, then 3? 4) 1 door closes, 9 open. When 9 close, 1 door opens. What is it? (Unsolved)
  7. Crazy :D

    That one was clever, but it didn't scare me. I just had a face that looked like this
  8. Developed using DEV-C++ IDE - Crashes...

    Im also having this problem, ive disabled the music and sound with no results, and ideas how to fix this?
  9. Cheney Shooting Caught On Tape

    Ripped-off the movie "Wedding Crashers". That...was completely lame.
  10. nonsense flash movie

    I nearly barfed from laughing at this one....Its the Deer!
  11. Facts About Chuck Norris

    Chuck Norris desided to sell his urine as a canned beverage. This is now known as "Red Bull".
  12. i agree only because of this artical: Omfg.....
  13. Facts About Chuck Norris

    If any of you play Guild Wars or World of Warcraft, this Chuck Norris stuff is getting way out of hand.... (after the 134th joke, it gets old)
  14. Already found. They relised something on the science channel a year back. A small type of raptor had apparently grown wings (could fly), and some guy stubled upon the fossil. (Show was called "Rise of the Feathered Dragons")
  15. hmmm this is weird

    This is mostly just some people getting together to try to prove a falsity. For the the hole in the pentagon: a Boeing 747 did hit the building, but, it was not a direct hit. the plane slamed into the ground yards from the pentagon, and slid into it. Thus why the hole was small. After entering, the plane started hitting the building's support columns. Because of how they were aranged, the plane was reduced to shards and powder. As for the "Undamaged" outside, the plane had not exploded untill it was inside the building, and well into the inner layers of the structure. Now, with the 11 thing, thats just a bunch of bored people looking for some stupid link between facts, if true or not. <Edit> Grammer/Spelling