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  1. Musicians?

    Cool Thread!!! just saw it for the first time Ive been playing guitar for as long as i can remember, over 20 years... of course bass and toured as a drummer with a band called Mother McCrees Garden, and opened 15 or so shows for the first Horde Festival with Blues Traveler, Allmans, Black Crowes, etc some of my gear atm Mesa 2 12 dual rectifier (my baby) 1981 Japanese Stratocaster with a wicked smooth neck and Rio Grande pickups 2000 Les Paul raw pwer with seymour duncan Fred pickup in the bridge Ibanez S series with a really cool moonlike finish and an awesome setup with the trem Keith Roscoe custom bass Ampeg SVT from the late 70s an old Kustom cabinet with sparkly padding on the outside loaded with celestions from god knows when a small skull shaped water bong ok ill stfu up now.... cmon musicians POST!!!
  2. Fav. Bands

    its like choosing your favorite child... next to impossible but i find it interesting that the mostly common thread is metal only one mention of the Kings of Metal, Slayer? btw if youre a purist metalhead, check out the band 3 Inches of Blood they make me want to hug people
  3. beta = bag jumpers

    oh yeah... and beta loves DIE! (most anyway)
  4. beta = bag jumpers

    OOOOOOKKKK guess i need to make an "Official Response".... 1. This will be the last response to this idiocy... you have no proof, and youve obviously got too much time on your hands. You joined DIE! because you got tired of getting pwned, and choose to hide behind stronger more talented fighters than yourself. I couldnt agree more with Rikus ascertation that you indeed are "a dick", and i look forward to seeing you WITHOUT a DIE! guildtag, hopefully in the near future. Until that day arrives, you're safe from being attacked unless you continue acting like a dumbass. 2. If indeed you want to continue acting like a dumbass... then YOU AND YOU ALONE will be on a guildwide PK list... not your guildies, ALL OF WHOM are friendly and kind to the BeTa guild. Neither myself or any of the guildies here will stand and watch you make false accusations and spread your sour grapes, saying how much you "pwnzor us" and such ridiculous bullshit. LMFAO 3. The last offical word from BeTa is... stick it in your ass, noob. soad7777
  5. *co* member called crus attacks pvpers

    Ont... is that Kerry KIng or Dime? either way, PWNZOR avatar :D
  6. Mortos Race

    ill sign up for sunday 103/112/54/64
  7. Heres a few ideas for some new death messages... the current ones are great but hey, lets see some more xxx has made the news.... the obituaries!!! loooool xxx has donated his body to science. xxx will see you on the other side. xxx has gone by way of the Dodo bird. xxx has reservations at the Marriot Hades. xxx makes Keith Richards look healthy. Please direct all correspondence to xxx, C/O HELL lmfao! xxx shall be making "the walk of shame". xxx picked a bad time to not pay attention. Ashes to Ashes, xxx to dust. This death message sponsored by xxx. Death becomes xxx. any other ideas?
  8. Three word story

    Give porcupines the
  9. WoC_vault and tristran

    well, this is borderline multiplaying IMO... well, today he just bought a Serp of Magic, so i suspect he'll be trying to use it on much weaker players... so heres a message to everyone.... IF YOU SEE THIS GUY NEAR A PK AREA, PM ME there isnt many people ingame id rather either relieve of a rostogal, or take his newly gotten magic serp let the games begin :D:D PS this is a good time to make a reminder that a moratorium (a refusal to buy or sell goods) is a GREAT way to chase a buttplug like this outta EL so if you see him on market buying or selling, tell him *nicely of course* to go fornicate with himself
  10. Tristran and WoC guild

    Thank you Trojan_Knight and everyone else for your kind words and support, but i feel i must say that i DID offer to let it go as long as Tristran returned Xanters rostegal... i think thats more than fair, and i feel that hes getting off easy that way. But obviously hes not interested in ANY redemption of his honor whatsoever, so he and anyone else who chooses to accompany him in EL are on short notice SoAd7777
  11. Tristran and WoC guild

    well fearless leader Tristran??? do you at least have the honor to replace Xanters rostegal since you didnt have the guts to have him PKed legitamitely? somehow i think im wastin my breath, but you could redeem yourself just a little.......
  12. Tristran and WoC guild

    Tristan, if u read this........ 50k is peanuts to me if u man-up and pay it this will all go away. just do it, and respect your guildies and your premise of honor. who knows, i might even say keep your money........... maybe ill just say replace xanters rostegal.............. maybe...............
  13. Tristran and WoC guild

    foolishness lol......... whats foolish is after you gave your word to pay me, showed me the GC, and laughed while i did it....... you still dont have the honor to fulfill your debt. furthermore, ive been contacted in private by the leaders of at least 15 guilds ingame (i wont mention names) and all of them agree with me... you made a deal, you broke it, and now youll be branded as a liar and cheat henceforth. You and anyone who supports your dishonor will also find themselves on whats amounting to be a very large PK/Blacklist. You had such large words, throwing around threats, putting bountys on people... but when it boils down to the nitty gritty, youre exposed for exactly what you are.... and thats a nobody
  14. Tristran and WoC guild

    bleedingsoul... this is a guy whos willing to throw the rest of his guildies under the bus ) almost everything in this game can either be made or bought except honor, so i intend to make an example out of him
  15. Muppet's lotto returns

    MMMMM sounds scamalicious ill take three