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  1. what's this

    s2pid paladin shut up and learner look I want to say you somethink IM ZeD and kadlub me and every 1 hacking cracter I( newer stop to do this and look translate this to turkish senin anneni babani we bütün sülaleni sikiyim orospu cocugu sen bir picsin we senin amina koyiyim and I will learn a think and I will do my best to hack this server I have knighr_Paladin's veiks101's and belali's and now I will learn every1's u will see and look if uw ant to learn 1 think I stop to this game playing and look look look u must learn the true's I dont do anythink wrong I say the true's and look grom did not me trust me because I dont have to lost somethink I will fu....c every mod's here ok eat turkish yarragi and learner if u have got a msn give and I will show u internet cafe and turkish penis maybe I think u can like it very much radu fuckkkk uuuu
  2. what's this

    u think all of TUrkey IP's are baneed so look at this grom hell scream is playing this game now and I now IM paladin writing this post now and look paladin so how Im banned what I do and I want to fu..k gromhellscream now he is playing IM baneed we have same IP again whats this
  3. what's this

    if I send u chat log? pls but I dont know why no1 can play in TURKEY what's this guys is gromhellscream a scammer and he scammed some whoes problem is this I called sisteMa and he cant join to and ekatis and lots of other this 1 is personel trust me if some 1 did is too I will kick his a..... pls I want last chance and I dont know but grom have sik brain lol he try to scamm 1300 health person?1 chance pls :shame:
  4. what's this

    LOL guys guys guys what about this give me some mod a MSN and I will open my web cam and u can saw the internet cafe and paladin(old user)newer say's like he and his best friend who is playing in internet cafe are too far cousen he said real paladin sometimes playing(every1 can understand this he is peacefull other 1 a bit atting player's)this is my home PC and I have a IP changer and look do you think paladin is s2pid to say some1 write #suicide who have 1300 health only some noob can do this and this 1 is GROMHELLSCREAM not him grom is his friend and he is idoit.....if some1 said write suicide(I read in chat log) is it rule to bun IP or somethink else lol guys every1 know how to change IP lol...PALADİN=GOODGUY and grom=needsome leader armor maybe;D
  5. what's this

    guy's Im playing with this IP and this is an internet cafe.my friend(who is paladin's best friend in game)know his password he gave him and when he playing there is a person name is Bugra in game nick gromhellscream try to do scamm than paladin(he dont need anythink)banned his IP like all about 20PC's IP and whats this is this game rule or scamming isnt legal or is there somethink else my user's(in internetcafe)or lots of person coming and paying this game here so what can I said to them who can give me my money from them I want to un banned IP now.......
  6. new motor

    which topic for this?
  7. new motor

    hi all.I want to say I really bored of walk on EL.I want to run and I want stamina like diablo what do you think?İsnt it good?and I want a horse maybe like a game sacred I can send abit monster(I drawed) and maybe I can help about the walk what do you think?
  8. p2p'S

    Hi guys I pay money for my p2p cracter but I really bored his face and I want to change it's type with another p2p cracter(draegon).Or I want to make it and elf and change its name to DarkElf can I do it free?Because IM allready pay for p2p.Pls guys help me about it.İf I can do it I want my cracter long white hair and all cloat's are black.....