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  1. What a forerunner our master truly is. I've started with work from our predecessors. Continued with Stephen Hawking, Continued with Penrose and Kip Thorne and Lawrence Krauss. Goin on along with String Theorys Brian Greene and Edward Witten. Listening alot lately to Arkani Hamed. But when i got upon Erik Verlinde and hes probably fearful venture into Gravity as an Entropic force i found excellent citations like these: If everything in the universe is affected by Entropy then the energy in vacuum must also be. Since the only way to effectively dilute that energy is to spread it over a larger area then that is why the universe is expanding and 'dark energy' is just a name for what's happening. So before his time. I truly belive Entropy is holding the key to ToE. Please comment. Here's a laugh for everyone. Odd theory of the day. If everything in the universe is affected by entropy then the energy in vacuum must also be. Since the only way to effectively dilute that energy is to spread it over a larger area then that is why the universe is expanding and 'dark energy' is just a name for what's happening. Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2013-01-dark-energy-symmetrons.html#jCp
  2. Consumers vs. Manuers?

    Perhaps a solution to this problems could be to increase the amount of non rare materials needed to make the great swords? (and other rare products?) Cutlass example: 2 serp stones and 1 binding but approx 250 steel bars * 8 = 2000 iron ore and small amount of tit ore. But do you get 1 binding stone for every 2k iron ore. No far from it. So should more raw materials be needed? What do you think? Im not sure if this has been suggested before and the conclusion was its a crap idea. If so just ignore me then lol
  3. Hmm strange. But someone else was also present in that transaction somehow. Cant remember his name tho
  4. Ingame name: Gastion This is the last from error_log.log: might be related or not, i dont know. [21:30:50] Bad light (number 1) when loading './maps/cont2map18.elm'; co-ords [-0.764134 91.490128 6.899997] colour [1.000000 1.000000 2.999999] Last message repeated 4 times [00:40:48] el_open_custom(): EXTENDED EXCEPTION(1:file_not_found): Can't find file ./tiles/tile192.bmp in el_file at io/elfile.cpp (line 179) [03:27:44] Client closed
  5. Awards system

    Radus idea sounds wonderful. (Most of responses just got out of discussion so I mostly ignore them.)
  6. WTF!!! Someone did edit my mess... What i said first: "I played this game for a very long and very seldpm made any bug reports so ofdcourse i rouled oit all of that possibilities you counted up.. This was indeed somethinge else happened." I played this game for a very long time as Graviton(ingame name) and this is one of the first bugreports i ever did. But indeed it was something else that happened besides from what LabRat suggested.
  7. when I move thing from my storage to my inventory it just disappears. Just now i watned to move 8 iron ore from my inventory my storage with 10 silver ore that went fine but my iron ore it went wrong (perhaps he thoughtend he would move 10 but since i only had 8 in storage som confligt arrouces.). If this bug would happen with some much more valable it woould be very sad fpr thoose involved. So please look att this. Thanks for your time /Alexaander
  8. phys and coord removal stones

    both stones for 20k gc?
  9. phys and coord removal stones

    selling physique and coordination stones looking for offers
  10. Win 98

    EL.EXE is linked to export, SHELL32.DLL:SHGetFolderPathA that does not exist. Why have "poor man" run configuration when not even Windows 98 is supported?
  11. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    Found human nexus removal in dp cotton.
  12. Human Removal stone

    Ok Duszka, please pm me ingame. My ingame name is Gravit. Thanks.
  13. Human Removal stone

    I want to sell Human Removal stone. The highest bid here in a day or a few can buy it no matter how low it is Thanks.
  14. Pre update test

    On the test server the cave between Nordcarn and Tarsengard is PK.. But perhaps it is supposed to be again like it was a couple of months ago? Also the fence around Idaloran Cemetary is harvestable but i cant find it in the harvestable.lst file. (I cant harvest the fence but the harvest icon appears). (Just found out this is also the case on the main server with CVS client) The banner in south-west Kusamura says; "please walk closer to the sign." I dont know witch banner it is, its one of the new, with a dragon above a red roses field
  15. Missiles

    Very interesting thread. I think it could be done working great without adding a z high factor that i think _alias is talking about.