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  1. lost password.

    the fee would be how much? I have not played for some time and have a few characters also have a guild , now that I have the internet back I would love to get back to my favourite game
  2. Book sale

    Books 6 Book of Potion of Summoning (500gc each) 5 Book of Potion of Manufacturing (500gc each)) 1 Book of Potion of Feasting (500gc each) 1 Book of Potion of Physique (500gc each) 3 Book of Troll Fighting (500gc each) 4 Book of Bear Fighting (500gc each) 2 Book of Orc Fighting (500gc each) 1 Book of Cyclops Fighting (500gc each) 3 Book of Gargoyles Summoning` (500gc each) 3 Book of Puma Summoning (500gc each) 1 Book of Bear Summoning (500gc each) 4 Portland Ring Building (500gc each) 3 VOTD Ring Building (500gc each) 2 WhiteStone Ring Building (500gc each) 2 Isla Prima Ring Building (500gc each) 2 Naralik Ring Building (500gc each) 2 Desert Pines Ring Building (500gc each) 2 Sun Medallion Building (500gc each) 2 Unicorn Medallion Building (500gc each) 1 Disengagement Ring Building (1000gc each) 1 Ring of Damage Building (1000gc each) 3 Book of Titanium Smelting (500gc each) 4 Steel Shield Construction (500gc each) 1 Head Armor Construction (500gc each) Please pm me in game if you want any of these books
  3. Announcing the birth...

    More poms to the party Hey dude Congrats that is awesome make sure you draw straws for who is getting up at 2am lol you guys rock
  4. pookies

    Bloody hell I go away for a couple of weeks and come back and you lot are still carrying on about the same crap Bottom line there is a warning about going into pk Unwritten thing about not attacking pvpers ( in saying that that is 90% of the outlaw posts) teh pr0s = goons who have leveled th game up enough and have become bullies because they can and are bored sexy = see above all the other crap you lot who are sooooo honourable call yourselves see above Leave the newbies alone they just want to get up to the level so they can continue this vicious circle heres an idea treat others as you would like to be treated and as for the schmucks like tristran , nubbs etc make their lives a living hell so that whereever they go it is hard for them My 2 cents
  5. Pre update test

    spent a fair while on there with a group of people and found nada..zip...nothing Sorry I couldnt have helped more
  6. Burns n00b time waster

    that is not the point thord this is a warning to others for when he actually gets good at scamming and also just for your information I have been given 37k and an entire storage contents when someone quit just by replying to a market add just like that....so its better to find out for sure
  7. Burns n00b time waster

    The short story Burns advertised an Ice serp for 1gc He then said he would give it to me He then held a comp and ran away from me Chance finally caught him and offered 6k for it I offered 10k about 15 mins later still trying to avoid it we all knew it wasnt true but ....you never know bottom line ban trades on this would be scammer with a harv level of 17 (only stats) so that he quits EL before he actually gets good at doing this kind of stuff
  8. reiki is a bag jumper

    it sucks when people pk unmatched opponents and I dont see reiki to have a bad name so I would say he prolly was an enemy As for bragging about killing your friend ...pretty lame if it was a no challenge but if it was an even fight good on him Bottom line he is not a bagjumper he is a pker
  9. Zoen57 of the guild "kos" is a hacker

    good point smooms I have seen on some sites a ratings value on passwords as they type them in It tells you if your password is "strong" "average" or "weak" Could be an idea to write in at a later date Then again changing your password once a week like myself is always a great way to keep them guessing to
  10. Options

    Unwritten rule : don't attack pvpers they are training so they can get to the point where they can challnge the "pr0s" at a fair fight Behind the written rule : 99% of people "had it done to them" and as Bharain said now I will do it to someone because I didnt like it soooooo much that I will now act like a complete ass and be the "ebul" "sexy" "pr0" so that I can feel better about myself CRAP total crap Treat others as you would like to be treated.....never happen in this game as most of you follow the behind written rule OMG it says don't go in as players can attack you wow thanks for pointing that out!!!! Outlaws is designed for posting warnings about people who pk pvpers, scammers, bagjumpers so let people post their warning and stop being schmucks As soon as someone posts that they have been attacked some crap posted and usually some idiot (in this case options....and lets not forget vwpro) who did the deed bragging and saying dont go in if you dont want to die We all know the fastest way to level is pvp and i would not be surprised if half of you posted things on outlaws crying about being pvped So is it worth the risk?.....In my case yes Is it a crappy thing to do attacking pvpers?........IMO Yes Will this change anything? Not a damn thing cos most of you "sexy ebul pr0s" have your head so far up your own butts to see if there is sunshine there that you can't see that you have just turned into what ya head is stuck in
  11. Bone_collector a new low for a total fr00b

    Errm maybe you should have edited it..... it was hard to find the relevant text...(or did you just want us to see your mother nature blessing? ). Correct editing is not a bad thing..we dont want to read peoples market adds.. game messages etc.. one other thing...if you did not edit the text how did this happen? And Why is the B in bone_collector lower case? thats not how it would have been in actual log... Just curious...nothing sinister...(I hope). Well seen shark but no not an edit from me My only guess is maybe he had logged and then relogged back in quickly not using a cap as for your comments on editing ...I have taken it on board and will endeavour to please you next time Edit: Apologies people I actually read this then replied then carried on I will test it on our gm and with a few pms see if it happens
  12. Zoen57 of the guild "kos" is a hacker

    LOL you gave your password....and a crap one at that Umm learn to read dude every now and then a message will come up saying dont give out your password....simple,clear,basic instruction which you couldnt follow thats not being hacked thats asking for trouble and for a bagjumper and stirrer that you have been over the past few weeks ....my opinion GOOD JOB PMSLROF
  13. Bone_collector a new low for a total fr00b

    nubbs again!!! man you have fast moved up on my pk list wondering if you are an alt
  14. Tristran and WoC guild

    nubbs = n00blet 2 added
  15. Bone_collector a new low for a total fr00b

    Just the last few pm' s as I put him on ignore #GM from Dragonstriker: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=25319 [PM from Bone_Collector: never take anything good to pk maps anyway but I do HELP ppl out by stealing their stuff when they die] [pm from bone_collector: taunt lol] This guy is ridiculous