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    Roll playing my ass away... till i die :P
  1. Forgotten Password

    I am a returning character too and have forgotten my password. But it has been 3 years and time flys by. I can defently prove that it is me by my email cause i wouldnt have gottne back here and seen that my character was still here THANk you THANK You THANK YOU> Now im ready to play again . can someone help me please. my email is the same ) ladytazz1999@yahoo.com please help me i want to get back on the game bad!! can you help me Entropy@
  2. How old are you?

    I'm 25 ^_^ and looking for an in game bf. No pansey r mean guys. speaks english and has a decent character helps. must like long walks on the beach jk message me on the game or on the forum. ps: i know this is offtopic but there is not find a guy/girl forum page that i know of.
  3. Missing letters in username and password

    Well I've always had the number lock on before and it has never given me a problem, and I have the same keybord. However I will delete it if I have to. I thought I would just have to download the update. Well i thought that would work but never tryed it. Thanks for the suggestions. I will try them all. see u on the game soon
  4. ok so i try to log on and for some strange reason it won't let me put my username and password in. I know there have been update since ive been on. Can someone please help me?? :angry2:
  5. Hurrican KATrina is heading my way :shock:

    well it will be quite a few weeks before i get to go home My neibores tree fell in my front yard and pulled the wires out of my house I can't play eterlands for a while <_< Yes the city is destoryed but they will rebuild. \ hope to play the game soon and see u guys again. Bethany I live on the westbank, (on the other side of neworleans) 10 min away. my house did not flood so don't worry, just pray for all those people family who did not make it.
  6. Jk kat :0) When it hit's it will will be going 143 mph with wind gust of 172 It will be a Catagory 4 as in (1-5). Needless to say we r leaving for quite a few days. I live only two blocks from the mighty mississippi. Have fun and be good!!!
  7. Scaming the Scamers

    I got it let make a map for all the scammers it will be an island just for them so they can scam each other sort of a jail. it would be there punishment. i already made the map want to see! It will have only places to pick food and sleep!!!! ONCE A SCAMMER ALWAYS A SCAMMER
  8. Looking For A Map Maker

    Im a map maker i have a few i made just for fun i can seen them to u if u want to see my skill. mess me on the bord if u don't see me
  9. Flame_knight banned

    My Reply: The one to declare multiple characters on the same IP. This rule of one chart per ip address is silly cause u can not inforce everyone from not making more then one charter. insting i have two charct only use one tryed to kill first one off but can think is cause she is a newbi not sure afraid to get on as her to get rid of her because i could get ban. If u r going to make it were only one player per ip then make it so cause otherwise i can belive there r more then one charter per ip address. There is no sure fire way to make sure eveyone is not cheating cause there r way to may people u just need to watch the ip address closer. u make the rules so watch CLOSER cause i know there r others with more then one char per ip i have no proof but i am sure of this. as for them lying i don't think they r considering i have spokent to all of them and it does not apper to me that they r the same person. In fact the dad leads this group. Q:And let me ask you this: How easy do you think it is to rule or warn or try to ask them whats up when they either ignore you or log off when you ask them something or rule them? And then jump on another character to do the same things? A: ip address r an amazing thing but in the hands of the wrong person could lead to somone breaking into even my computer. If someone logs off one char ip and the same ip address comes up on another chart then u can safely say u caught them cause if they did not announce more then one chart then they r cheathing and braking the rules so it is clear that if somone avoids u then they must be doing something wrong that is when u the mod have all the rights to temp ban them. If they won't talk to u r answer ur questions the obvousily they r up to somthing.Supousous active like juming from one chart to another is a reasonable ban There r ways to make it were only one person per ip address can make a chart but i am not a game prog so and exper would be a better help for this. It is possable cause i have played games were i could only have one person per ip. Big Mouth Bethany Stricks Again!!!!!! Can't we alll just get along. Thank u for ur time.
  10. Flame_knight banned

    well i am sad by all this, Iron_Knight and his family all use the same ip address, yes it was stupid that they let a few friends make some characters and it was the friends tha abused this system. So why ban all of them for ones mistake i ask u? im sure they have learn there lesson and will not do it again but banning all of them insted of just the characters who did it was a little over the top. I have read were u have put a temp ban on others but not on there ip and they went ahead and made a few other charaters just to get on the game. So i am asking please lift the ban on there ip and just punish those who were named in all this. After all the ones not involved can't play and that does not seem fair. And by the way i thought u gave warnings. Exp: someone was talking dirty to me in front of a kid and all yall did was give him a warning. But u banned them without even asking them what was up. In other words those friends r gone and they r back to normal. (TO EVERYONE ELES) Please go on the formal and announce more then one person using you computer and ip address. other wise u will get banned with out a question. Ever if u r just a bunch of kids that r all using the same computer. To the Mod: u need a better system on banning and Warnings!!!!!!! otherwise some people might take it to heart getting ban even if it is just temp. And please ask the other people what is going on u do this when someone is doing wrong and is on so do it everyone. BIG MOUTH BETHANY!!!!!!!
  11. Can't join guild Bug

    ok i went to join a guild and got off the game about 2 min later now everytime i try to join it tells me they all do not exist which we all know is not true. Sooo i can't join a guild. Just wanted to know if i could get some help.