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  1. Benhe Bagjumper

    You would have to ask a mod why he was made PK'able. I am not sure if he was made PK'able soley on his admitted actions. He generally logs in as Benhe to purposely annoy and cause problems. His history and actions allow the mods to make the decisions on the punishment he receives as we all do.
  2. Benhe Bagjumper

    Its this type of attitude and actions that will cause serious players from NOT wanting to play. Making people not wanting to play a game being created for that purpose, goes against any developers intentions.
  3. Benhe Bagjumper

    not really, especially from the languauge and comments he posted. They speak for themselves.
  4. Benhe Bagjumper

    It was new equipment, never used it before so I was screwing aournd. I understand its my loss no big deal, had the stuff replaced by the time I finished writing the post. As for the gold coins, 1200 isn't that much to me anyomre, it was a collection of goblin/goragoyle drops and fruit sales, didn't think that much of it until it was goen Just wanted to post for those unaware, and not to make my mistake. I had actually stood up for Benhe at one time when we were in a guild together, which is part of the reason I assumed he wouldn't do this. I actually stopped playing for a couple of days just from being annoyed at the fact that I allowed it to happen, and that he wasn't man enough to just say he took it. All in all I thank you for the post, and the offer. I will see you in the meep soon I am sure. TW
  5. Benhe Bagjumper

    Well Benhe still up to his old tricks. He stood next to me while fighting a armed female gob which i was training on without sword in Nordcarn South cave. This one actually took me out and I died. I immediately pm'ed him to watch my bag, since he was one step away. I should have known he was just waiting for me to get pwnd so he could take my stuff. He responded with "i died by a bear" which was no where near, and I was in the underworld remember, he was not. Then he said oh I died (a second time?) by the same gob that killed you, which is unlikely as I seen him pwn them prior to this event. He took cuisses, tit long, moon med, iron helmet, mirror cape, bp cloak 1200gc or so. The db left had all the other stuff I dropped minus that equipment and gold. I will post the chat log below, how he claims he died twice while i was sitting in the underworld where he would have shown up. And this from a leader of a guild, shame. He made a good score though, but made lots of enemies in doing so. ThunderWalker has become better at dying. [PM to benhe: please watch my stuff] [PM from benhe: the bear killed me quick get my stuff] eMiNEM2004: :> EternalRaem: i had a magic iron sword died and lost it lol [PM to benhe: i was in the underworld and you were not?] [PM from benhe: the female goblin killed me after it killed u] [PM from benhe: quick get my stuff please] [PM to benhe: please return my stuff] [PM from benhe: i don't have did u get my stuff?] .. [PM to benhe: you coming to get your bag] [PM from benhe: i must go] [PM from benhe: will u please save it for me] [PM to benhe: you will be posted in outlaws] [PM to benhe: again] I know when I die I go to get my db. But when he died he would rather log off and forget about it. Its a good lie and not the first time he or anyone else in the game has done. He has been added to 3 more guilds PK list. Save yourself the aggravation of this experience when he is around. TW
  6. Testing server

    Thank you. I did make this change, and all is well. The download was suppose to work without the edit, which is why I did not initially make it, or look, so my fault. I was just trying to help. Please do not get irritated.
  7. Testing server

    I did not manually change any settings, as I was under the impression the server defaulted to test server. When i entered into the game under the server option in the settings window the server was defaulted to 2000. I changed it to 2002 in this window and received those results, as i was aware that i was suppose to be on port 2002. partial paste of el.ini from the download, unedited: Only directives that start with a # are taken in consideration Anything else is treated as a comment For the directives that accept a boolean value (on/off), 0 is off, 1 is on !!!WARNING!!! Make a backup of this file, before messing with it. In case it gets corrupted, the game might not start at all, etc. Login settings: #server_address = eternal-lands.solexine.fr #server_port = 2000 Having a Username and Password defined can be a security problem. Use if you are comfortable in people that can get to you machine knowing this information #username="" #password="" I will change server port to 2002 in the el.ini and report back. ty Update: changed el.ini to port 2002 and all appears to be working for what i had reported, sorry and thanks for the assistance. TW
  8. Test server bugs

    In Ruins of Tirnym around 33,111 there is a staircase up into a mountian side, with statue and doorway. When entering into this area character disappears. Door is also not accessible. I am sure this is a work in progress, just reporting it. will update more as I find things Thanks TW
  9. Testing server

    after an hour of play a few things i noticed. 1-text is all white both GM and general chat(not sure why) 2-within nordcarn map and nordcarn storage you can hear sound of rain on and off 3- within nordcarn storage the zoom in and out with the scroll mouse button did not appear to work 4-when entering nordcarn tavern. 7 "too many sounds" messages and no sound. 5-inventory drop/pickup numbers are listed as: "1,20,5000,100,250,400" in that order 6-when trying to drop items into a bag only the exact number will drop. example, i had 126 vegetables in my inventory, i tried to drop 200 so that all would drop. This did not work, i had to select 100 then 20, then 5, then 1. 7-cannot enter Whitestone diamond mine, message states you are not close enough, even from inside the entrance (update): i was finally able to get in after frantically clicking around the entrance only one spot allowed entrance and it was not near the top as most were. will update this post with anything else i find, or let me know where to post and i will move it there, thanks, looks good to me
  10. Gryflet should be banned

    If this was remotely true, why was a PM to lord_lu not sent as a friend to ask if they had died and you would hold their stuff if they could identify it. Second if this person was your "friend" why have you now recently reported this "friend" as a scammer and trying to sell you a character.
  11. TheBigT is a bag stealer...

    TheBigT also bagjumped me in Naralik catacombs. I had returned to retrieve my armor and medallion and had taken my deathbag. Nothing irreplaceable but still annoying. Do not die around him.
  12. Protolif got banned for hax0ring

    I am sorry for everyone's loss. I am also grateful for those who were able to locate and stop the culprit. I am not sure of the law off hand, but I believe that hacking into a server and doing damage of any kind is a crime. I will be watching the news for hopefully an arrest and worldwide attention of EL.
  13. sir_andrew

    Andrew, your text in guild and actions speak for themselves.
  14. Quarth and Dronequarth2

    I have run into these two inseperable characters, who are always mining, harvesting and combining materials together at all times. If the name itself doesn't bring the question his statement relating to his "drone" not being online when i asked him should. He does not use the simple mule routine, but two seperate characters simultaneously to carry loads to storage so one may profit from the selling of alch items created. Please do not buy from him if you believe he is cheating the system most of us have enjoyed working so long to do on our own. Thanks